Tuesday, 2 September 2014


  1. We need to add a question for Zahid as a home minister to answer. Will you take any action to withdraw the license for the star as it continuously inciting and provoking hatred to Umno?
    • Mengimbau sejarah:

      Kertas Putih Ops Lalang
      “74. Justeru itu, akhbar juga boleh juga terlibat dalam mewujudkan suasana dan keadaan yang menjejaskan keselamatan dan ketenteraman awam. Dalam hubungan ini, akhbar-akhbar The Star dan The Sunday Star, Watan dan Sin Chew Jit Poh begitu ghairah memuat dan menonjolkan berita-berita, pendapat-pendapat dan rencana-rencana yang menyemarakkan perasaan perkauman dan melaga-lagakan pemimpin-pemimpin satu kaum atau pertubuhan dengan pemimpin-pemimpin kaum atau pertubuhan lain. Kesemua akhbar-akhbar ini sengaja menonjolkan isu-isu sensitif termasuk isu pelajaran, isu bahasa, isu agama, isu hak masing-masing kaum dan sebagainya untuk menegakkan kepentingan politik masing-masing yang memiliki atau mengurus akhbar-akhbar itu dan memperjuangkan kaum masing-masing tanpa menghirau kesannya ke atas keharmonian kaum, ketenteraman awam dan keselamatan negara.”
      The ‘Subversive’ Star telah digantung lesennya oleh KDN pada 1987.
      “media arus perdana di negara ini dipunyai oleh pembangkang” – Ku Seman Ku Hussain, pengarang Utusan, 26 Mei 2013
  2. It is the right time for the government to rethink the existence of sekolah jenis kebangsaan as it is against federal constitution and it causes racial disharmony.
    It has been a fact that those who claim to be Malaysian citizens could not speak Malay. I was very surprise that a Myanmar girl buying her needs at pasar malam could speak very fluent Malay. We can also see that Banglas can speak better malay than those Malaysian indian and chinese.
    • It seems obviously in the true interests of everyone that all our children should attend a mainstream Sekolah Kebangsaan which gives leeway yet integrates the Chinese and Tamil linguistic communities.
      Vastly improving the standard of English in this country would put Malaysia in a better stead in this day and age of international communications. Also, delegate the management of a section of such schools to those Chinese or Indian committees who are capable and wish to take charge.
      • The Federal gomen already tried doing that by introducing the Sekolah Wawasan concept, where the SK and SJK schools share facilities in one big compound but with different school administrations. The main idea would be to share better facilities and promote integration between the pupils of the respective schools. It would also help SJKT a lot, which normally due to low number of pupils and locations, suffer from lack of proper facilities.
        HOWEVER, some people vehemently refused as always and started to accuse the gomen of so many things. They want special treatment for their education preference to the point of teachers who cannot speak one particular language, should not be allowed to work at their schools (funded by the gomen, even though the schools’ status is questionable under the Federal Constitution).
        They even want the gomen to recognise their own academic qualifications. Cannot discuss this issue otherwise there will be massive demonstrations and some people will start crying being treated as “second class citizens”.
        So how?
  3. Disokong dan PM must do something with these people who are trying to destroy our beautiful country. Dia dok make dono buat bodoh je, hoping it will go away with time but it’s getting worse.
    They are not going to stop until they get what they want.
    • Yas, they won’t stop until they see some blood shed.
      These peoples are cancerous in our beloved country [deleted]
    • “PM must do something with these people who are trying to destroy our beautiful country” ”
      But what if the PM is himself the destroyer of our beloved nation thru’ his weak and poor leadership?
      What if the PM himself dismantle and destroyed all the right provisions of law to preserve our nation.
      What if the PM himself is glamour seeking and loves to be surrounded by people who wave “I LOVE PM” “flaglets”
      What if the PM himself conveniently forgot who his power base consists of and pander to those who hate the PM’s race but show “great support” when PM comes avisiting.
      What if the PM got ALL his priorities wrong?????
      Would it be better the the current PM be replaced?
    • source : helen ang's blog

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