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A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE ! ... Alvin: M’sians deserve the Umno gomen they get

A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE ! ... Alvin: M’sians deserve the Umno gomen they get

A must-read for everyone! - The Malaysian Insider‘s interview with Alvin Tan conducted by Jennifer Gomez. ‘Sex blogger Alvin Tan says not a coward, but smart to seek asylum‘ (TMI, 27 Sept 2014)
First off, I must say Alvin is indeed an astute young man. He is quick to suss out that the Pakatan leaders are really “heartless mercenaries” and correctly identified that Anwar and Guan Eng had been posturing when they called for him to be jailed “just so that they did not lose the Muslim vote“.
Alvin at 26 years old can see the PKR and DAP’s true colours but DAP fan boys some of whom are more than 50 still can’t.
BELOW: Alvin’s message to Umno

Apa lagi Vivian mahu?

Ms Gomez’s Soalan Cepu Emas: “What about Vivian, are you concerned about her having to face the charges alone now?”
Alvin’s answer:
“I already applied to the court to get our passports released using my personal funds, at no expense to her. What more does she want? What I did not do was to fund her escape, because, why should I? We are both independent adults who are supposed to be able to take care of ourselves.
“She has a lot of growing up to do if she believes that it is my responsibility to take her along. I mean, hello, she is the university graduate here, not me. She should be more than capable – much more than me – to take care of herself.”
Pandai-pandai lah jaga diri ya, girl

Alvin: Too early to say if any regrets over the Ramadan greeting

As to why Alvin’s interview is mandatory reading … well, it cuts to the heart of our current national debate.
Alvin was asked by TMI whether he had any regrets over the Bak Kut Teh controversy. Please take note of his reply.
Do recall that Alvin and Vivian had “apologized”.
And the Yahudi Yeohs were loudly arguing that the fuss generated was merely a storm in a teacup which the racists-extremists-bigots blew all out of proportion, especially since Alvivi duo had already said sorry.
HypocriteHannah         HypocriteHannah         HypocriteHannah
Ms Gomez’s question: “On hindsight, do you have any regrets over your Ramadan greeting …?”
Alvin responded: “This is too early to say. If my asylum claim succeeds, I am on track to become a US citizen in five years, an awesome dream come true.”
So there. Do you take it that he regretted the whole provocative BKT business or not?
BELOW: Alvin’s book titled ‘Sex, Pork, and Persecution’
alvin tan book

Pork & Provocation

In the TMI e-mail interview, Alvin admits that his “Ramadan pork photograph was political satire, nothing more”.
Okay, this has clarified matters. From the horse’s mouth, he confirms that it was P-O-R-K.
porkee friesSo that you can be sure of this, please observe that he mentions the word at least twice – “inviting Muslims to break fast with pork during Ramadan”. There is no mistaking this time what meat it was.
The Yahudi Yeohs who have been insisting most vehemently that it was halal chicken or vegetarian Bak Kut Teh are … nothing more than Yahudis and hypocritical Yeohs. Now you know what kind of people they are.

We’re true Malaysians because we love Nasi Lemak

Secondly, Alvin further clarified that it was a “political satire”.
Earlier, the YY had been adamant that the BKT Ramadan greeting was a friendly, harmless invitation to build bridges and promote inter-faith harmony during a religious holy month.
(We mustn’t be “divisive”, ya know — that’s so racisssst! And racism is so yesterday. We must all reject racism, visit each other’s home and eat Nasi Lemak together.)
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Hannah nasi lemak ayam goreng

Tudung is a Chinese cultural identity

Now that it’s sorted that the Alvivi BKT is pork and not halal chicken and not vegetarian, what do you make of this other following claim by the Yahudi Yeohs?
I’m talking specifically about their claim that the DAP evangelista politicians are wearing tudung because they are only following a Chinese tradition. The YY are insistent in their claim that, historically, Chinese women in Malaya used to cover their head too.
Their Chinese forefathers – or in this case foremothers – in the 1900s were immigrants looked like this (photos below):
penoreh getah
The above old photo shows women ‘washing’ tin in a stream in Ipoh.
One has to concede that scarves pictured, at least the one on the rubber tapper if not on the tin dulang washers, do look rather like the tudung fashion we’re familiar with.
So. Can you agree with the claim by the Yahudi Yeohs that Chinese here have an equal right to the tudung identity? And that it is perfectly kosher and above board for the DAP evangelista politicians to descend upon the Selangor mosques appropriately covered in tudung as per “Chinese custom” ?

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