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Muhyiddin knew about his sacking as Deputy Prime Minister an hour before the world when Prime Minister Najib just nodded in reply.

Muhyiddin knew about his sacking as Deputy Prime Minister an hour before the world when Prime Minister Najib just nodded in reply.

KUALA LUMPUR: Sacked Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, also Umno Deputy President, knew that he would no longer be in the Cabinet after a reshuffle, just an hour before the rest of the world.

Speaking at a media conference in his house at Bukit Damansara on Wednesday, Muhyiddin said the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) called him at 11.30am on Tuesday. “I was on my way to Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan when I received the phone call,” said Muhyiddin. “I went to meet Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at 12 in the afternoon.”

“I asked him ‘do you have anything to say to me?’ He (Najib) kept quiet. I asked him again: ‘Is it about the Cabinet reshuffle, and he nodded.”

Muhyiddin said he asked him again: “Am I not in the list of the new Cabinet?”

“He nodded again.”

Muhyiddin said: “Thank you”.

Najib then held a press conference at the PMO at 1.30pm and revealed a new Cabinet line-up minus Muhyiddin.

Muhyiddin who was Deputy Prime Minister was apparently sacked from his position after he made a speech last Sunday during an Umno Cheras event calling on the Prime Minister to tell the public the truth about the controversial 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

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Kenyataan UMNO Johor mengenai pemecatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri oleh Najib Razak

Kenyataan UMNO Johor mengenai pemecatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri oleh Najib Razak.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

[#najibiscrackingup and your apple polishers must read this! ] ... Nur Jazlan May Want Your Underwe@r

[#najibiscrackingup and your apple polishers must read this! ] ... Nur Jazlan May Want Your Underwe@r

Well, scapegoats are being identified.  First the news :

  • New Straits Times – Thu, Jul 23, 2015
  • (PAC) said (1MDB) top executives, directors, auditors blamed for muddled state
  • Nur Jazlan said their weak corporate governance ..national scandal
  • Jazlan said management, board and auditors should shoulder major blame
  • “I wish auditors had played their part to flag issues earlier for corrective action
Nur Jazlan was also quoted as saying that the people have a reason to worry that more public money would need to be committed to solve the corporation’s financial situation.
  • 1MDB under public scrutiny because RM42 billion debt within six years 
It was also reported that the firm had not been able to generate enough earnings to service its debt and it raised public concerns over some of its debts papers that were issued with letter of support from the government.
  • So far arrested managing director of a company which handles corporate social responsibility programmes and a director of several construction and development companies who was once on 1MDB’s payroll.
My comments :  There is great danger here folks. Another RM27 BILLION of our taxpayers'  funds or more are at stake here. 

First of all it is quite lame to blame the management and the BOD. This is a gomen owned company where the PM was the founder, advisor and the moving force.  

How come there is no mention of the huge role played by the advisor ie the PM? 

The BOD, the management etc are just macais who will do as they are told. 

Must be fair lah Nur Jazlan.

Herein lies a lesson for all these gomen appointed BODs - you may never know when you will be made a scapegoat. 

But...but...but...since you have made your bed now its time to lie in it as well.  

Folks, now the shocker. Do take note of these two very, very scary statements:

"Nur Jazlan was also quoted as saying that the people have a reason to worry that more public money would need to be committed to solve the corporation’s financial situation"

To me this is the crux of Nur Jazlan's statement. More taxpayers money is going to be needed from us (the taxpayers) to solve the thievery at 1MDB.

Why?  Here is the New Straits Times again :
It was also reported that the firm had not been able to generate enough earnings to service its debt and it raised public concerns over some of its debts papers that were issued with letter of support from the government.

The firm had not been able to generate enough earnings to service its debt !!

This is the crux of the matter. 

  • The kway teow seller has bought hundred million Ringgit apartments in New York, Singapore and has bought paintings for tens of millions of Ringgit. 
  • They have used stolen money to launch Wall Street movies.  
  • They have put at least RM2.6 Billion into personal accounts.
  • They have paid off Arab co-conspirators hundreds of millions of our money
  • And we dont know what else they have bought with the stolen money.
So the money is gone.

And the power plants, the desalination plants crap (has anyone seen those plants) they have bought are not generating enough cash to even pay the interest on the RM42 billion debt.  

Kalau interest pun tak boleh bayar how are they going to repay the RM42 billion principal amount? 

Let me ask again :   Kalau interest pun tak boleh bayar how are they going to repay the RM42 billion principal amount? 

Here is the answer from Nur Jazlan :  

"Nur Jazlan was also quoted as saying that the people have a reason to worry that more public money would need to be committed to solve the corporation’s financial situation"

"...more public money would need to be committed to solve the corporation's financial situation.."

Woi banyak cantik.  

They took our money by the billions, they put money into their own personal accounts, they bought houses, apartments and partied with Paris Hilton at our expense and now we have to fork out even more money to cover up the hole they created ??
This reminds me of my younger days when I was a confused deviant  and attended religious talks at the mosques.  

One speaker went on and on about jihad in the Sudan. Finally he said,  'brothers we need your contributions for this jihad, please open your wallets generously, give us whatever you can".  He wanted our money.

Another time, a Kashmiri fellow  went on and on about the jihad in Kashmir. Finally he said,  "brothers we need your contributions for this jihad, please open your wallets generously, give us whatever you can, give us your watches' (! ! !)

So one fellow gave his watch and they started auctioning his watch. Someone else bought the watch.

So this is what Nur Jazan is saying. We must all jihad. We may even lose our underwear to keep 1MDB afloat. 

Be prepared folks.   These folks are super morons.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

[#najibiscrackingup conspiracy?] ... CONSPIRACY - chedet

[#najibiscrackingup conspiracy?] ... CONSPIRACY - chedet

1. There has been much talk by certain people of a conspiracy to overthrow Dato Sri Najib as Prime Minister.

2. Is there a conspiracy? Is there someone or some group conspiring i.e moving in secret in the underground to overthrow Najib. There could have been before but apart from people complaining privately about their dissatisfaction with Najib’s administration, no one was planning his overthrow. That is not to say that they did welcome the idea of his resigning or vacating his post. But active underground planning and action there was none.

3. What we do know now is that I had openly called for his stepping down. No conspiracy. Just open declaration to the whole nation that I would like to see Najib cease to be Prime Minister
4 So if any investigation is to be made, there is no need for detectives or special agents. That there is a move or push for Dato Sri Najib to step down is known to everyone.

5. So again where is the conspiracy!! It is all in the open. There is no need to conspire. There is open campaigning for his ceasing to be Prime Minister.

6. Lately we are seeing many funny statements. The Utusan loudly proclaimed that the Prime Minister had taken action against the Wall Street Journal.

7. Actually it was not legal action or suing for defamation. Just politely asking the Wall Street Journal why do they publish the article.

8. Is there a need to ask that silly question? Isn’t it obvious that as a newspaper the information obtained by Wall Street Journal was sensational. Any newspaper, convinced of the authenticity of the information would have printed it. Of course the local mainstream papers will not for obvious reasons.

9. To ingratiate themselves with the Prime Minister they would rather mislead people. The sub-editors are good at writing misleading headlines. For example when a statement is made to let the task force of four do their work this is headlined as support for the Prime Minister.

10. Then there was a minister who, after saying that the interim report shows nothing wrong with 1MDB, then went on to advise people not to say anything about 1MDB until the report is out. But he himself had made a premature statement.

11. To all comments made against 1MDB, the standard answer is to deny, to say “No it is not true.” It is like somebody upon being asked whether he had stolen the money as alleged, simply denies that he had stolen, expecting the judge to acquit him simply because he denied.

12. There is no denial that money was deposited in the private account. The explanation to UMNO is that it was for the elections. UMNO seems satisfied. Don’t they know that Government money cannot be used to help a political party to win elections? But the money was from donation. Who donated 2 billion Ringgit? No answer.

13. But what about BR1M? Isn’t it Government money, all 7 billion Ringgit and more. That was clever. It is not for elections but given before any election, with the promise of more if the party wins, isn’t it about using Government money to win elections?

14. Truly cash is king!!

15. Then there is this insistence that since Najib was elected, no one has any right to demand he should step down.

16. How short is their memory. Don’t they remember Abdullah who was also elected being asked by Najib to step down. And he did.

17. And I myself, also an elected PM, did step down in 2003.

18. All over the world elected Presidents and Prime Ministers have been asked or forced to step down and they all did. In fact in some countries, if something untoward happens, Ministers, Prime Ministers step down.

19. So don’t be silly and demand that since Najib was elected, no one has a right to ask him to step down. Abdullah won more seats in 2008 than Najib in 2013. If Abdullah was prepared to step down, Najib after his poor performance in the general election should not even offer to be the PM. He should resign from being President of UMNO and head of BN and let somebody else lead and become PM.

20. There is this suggestion that the amendment to the election rules in UMNO was meant to make it more democratic. Very many more members would vote in the UMNO elections than the 2,000 or so delegates to the UMNO General Assembly.

21. Actually the intention is to limit the number of entities involved in the election. The winners would be those getting the biggest number of divisions voting for. Effectively this means the real electors have been reduced from 2,000 to about 190 UMNO divisions. The number of members voting for a candidate is nullified. Far from making UMNO elections more democratic, Najib has actually restricted the right to vote from ordinary members to just the divisions. And Najib has a strangle-hold over most of the division heads.

22. So much for more democracy in UMNO.


1. Terdapat banyak perbicaraan oleh orang-orang tertentu tentang konspirasi untuk menggulingkan Dato Sri Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri.

2. Adakah terdapat konspirasi? Adakah terdapat seseorang atau beberapa kumpulan bersubahat, iaitu bergerak secara rahsia di bawah tanah untuk menggulingkan Najib? Mungkin terdapat sebelum ini, tetapi selain daripada orang-orang yang mengadu secara peribadi tentang rasa tidak puas hati mereka dengan pentadbiran Najib, tidak ada orang yang merancang menjatuhkan beliau. Itu bukan menyatakan bahawa mereka sebenarnya mengalu-alukan idea beliau meletakkan jawatan atau mengosongkan jawatannya. Tetapi perancangan bawah tanah yang aktif dan tindakan tidak ada.

3. Apa yang kita tahu sekarang adalah bahawa saya telah secara terbuka menggesa beliau meletak jawatan. Tiada konspirasi. Hanya pengakuan terbuka kepada seluruh negara bahawa saya ingin melihat Najib terhenti menjadi Perdana Menteri.

4 Oleh itu, jika ada apa-apa penyiasatan mahu dibuat, tidak ada keperluan untuk detektif atau ejen khas. Ujudnya langkah atau desakan untuk Dato Sri Najib berundur diri diketahui semua orang.

5. Jadi sekali lagi, di mana konspirasinya!! Ini adalah semua terbuka. Tidak ada keperluan untuk bersubahat. Terdapat kempen terbuka untuk beliau berhenti daripada menjadi Perdana Menteri.

6. Akhir-akhir ini kita melihat banyak kenyataan yang melucukan. Utusan dengan lantang menyatakan bahawa Perdana Menteri telah mengambil tindakan terhadap Wall Street Journal.

7. Sebenarnya ini bukan tindakan undang-undang atau saman malu. Ianya hanya tertanya dengan sopan kepada Wall Street Journal mengapa mereka menerbitkan artikel itu.

8. Adakah keperluan untuk menanyakan soalan yang bodoh itu? Bukankah ianya jelas bahawa sebagai akhbar maklumat yang diperoleh oleh Wall Street Journal adalah sensasi. Mana-mana akhbar yang yakin dengan kesahihan maklumat itu pasti mencetaknya. Sudah tentu akbar-akbar utama tempatan tidak akan berbuat demikian atas alasan-alasan yang jelas.

9. Untuk mendamping diri dengan Perdana Menteri mereka lebih sanggup menyesatkan orang. Sub-editor pandai menulis tajuk utama yang mengelirukan. Sebagai contoh, apabila kenyataan dibuat untuk membiarkan pasukan petugas empat orang melakukan kerja mereka, ini ditajuk utamakan sebagai sokongan kepada Perdana Menteri.

10. Kemudian ada pula seorang menteri yang selepas mengatakan bahawa laporan interim menunjukkan tidak sebarang yang salah dengan 1MDB, kemudiannya menasihatkan orang ramai supaya jangan berkata sebarangan mengenai 1MDB sehingga laporan itu disiarkan. Tetapi dia sendiri telah membuat kenyataan terlebih awal.

11. Bagi semua komen yang dibuat terhadap 1MDB, jawapan standard ialah menafikannya, mengatakan “Bukan, ia tidak benar.” Ia ibarat seseorang apabila ditanya sama ada dia telah mencuri wang seperti yang didakwa, hanya menafikan bahawa dia telah mencuri, mengharapkan hakim akan membebaskannya kerana ia menafikan.

12. Tidak ada penafian bahawa wang telah didepositkan ke dalam akaun peribadi. Penjelasan kepada UMNO adalah bahawa ia adalah untuk pilihan raya. UMNO nampaknya berpuas hati. Tidakkah mereka tahu bahawa wang Kerajaan tidak boleh digunakan untuk membantu parti politik memenangi pilihan raya? Tetapi wang ini adalah dari sumbangan, Siapa yang menyumbangkan 2 bilion Ringgit? Tiada jawapan.

13. Bagaimana pula dengan BR1M? Bukankah is wang Kerajaan, semua 7 bilion Ringgit itu dan banyak lagi. Itu bijak. Ianya bukan untuk pilihan raya tetapi diberikan sebelum mana-mana pilihan raya, dengan janji lebih jika parti menang, bukankah ini hal menggunakan wang kerajaan untuk memenangi pilihan raya?

14. Sesungguhnya tunai adalah raja !!

15. Kemudian terdapat desakan bahawa oleh sebab Najib dipilih, tiada siapa pun mempunyai sebarang hak untuk menuntut beliau berundur.

16. Betapa pendek ingatan mereka. Tidakkah mereka ingat Abdullah yang juga telah dipilih diminta oleh Najib untuk berundur. Dan dia lakukannya.

17. Dan saya sendiri, juga seorang PM yang dipilih, berundur pada tahun 2003.

18. Di seluruh dunia Presiden yang dipilih dan Perdana Menteri telah diminta atau terpaksa berundur dan mereka semua melakukannya. Malah di sesetengah negara, jika sesuatu yang tidak diingini berlaku, Menteri-menteri, Perdana-Perdana Menteri akan meletak jawatan.

19. Janganlah jadi bodoh dan menuntut bahawa oleh sebab Najib dipilih, tiada siapa yang mempunyai hak untuk meminta beliau untuk berundur. Abdullah memenangi lebih banyak kerusi pada tahun 2008 daripada Najib pada tahun 2013. Jika Abdullah bersedia untuk meletak jawatan, Najib selepas prestasi buruk dalam pilihan raya umum sepatutnya tidak menawarkan diri untuk menjadi PM. Dia harus meletakkan jawatan daripada menjadi Presiden UMNO dan ketua BN dan biarkan orang lain memimpin dan menjadi PM.

20. Terdapat pandangan ini bahawa pindaan kepada peraturan pilihan raya dalam UMNO adalah bertujuan untuk menjadikannya lebih demokratik. Lebih ramai ahli akan mengundi dalam pilihan raya UMNO daripada 2,000 atau lebih perwakilan ke Perhimpunan Agung UMNO.

21. Sebenarnya niatnya adalah untuk menghadkan bilangan entiti yang terlibat dalam pilihan raya. Pemenang adalah mereka yang mendapat bilangan terbesar undi bahagian. Keberkesanannya bererti pemilih sebenar telah dikurangkan dari 2000 kepada kira-kira 190 bahagian UMNO. Bilangan ahli yang mengundi untuk calon dibatalkan. Jauh daripada membuat pilihan raya UMNO lebih demokratik, Najib sebenarnya telah menghadkan hak mengundi ahli-ahli biasa kepada bahagian sahaja. Dan Najib mempunyai pegangan ke atas sebahagian besar ketua-ketua bahagian.

22. Begitulah untuk demokrasi yang lebih dalam UMNO.

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[#najibiscrackingup and your apple polishers do read this] ... CASH IS KING ~ chedet

[#najibiscrackingup and your apple polishers do read this] ... CASH IS KING 23

On being a proxy
1. It is true when Najib says he did not do what I advised him to do. But that is not the reason why I want him to step down.

2. Everyone knows that I campaigned for him in the 13th General Election even though he refused to build the bridge, or the double-tracking and electrification of the railways. He also did not accept my views that BR1M and carrying placards “I Love PM”, “1M4U” etc should be stopped. Nor did he accept many other things I told him not to do or to do if he wanted to be popular. He says “Cash is King”. Still I supported him during the 13th General Elections and after.

3. I did not ask him to step down until the 1MDB scandal. He did not answer to the accusation made against him.
4. Najib has his own advisers, including three Brits. He paid foreign consultants to advise him on Government matters. He also asked Singapore whether he should build the bridge or the high-speed train. When Singapore said no, he shelved those projects. Jho Low is his friend and seems to have considerable hold on him.

5. The fact is that he is their proxy not mine. If he had behaved as my proxy there would have been no 1MDB etc.

RM600 Million Lost

1. I welcome the proposal that the authorities should stop investigating the banking affairs of Dato Sri Najib but instead investigate the allegation by Tunku Aziz that I lost RM600 million in the 80’s.

2. The need is to determine whether the money went into my account at the bank or the money was lost due to the London Market Exchange ruling that the tin bought by us from sellers need not be honoured.

3. If there is evidence that the money went into my account, please charge and arrest me. It is not too late.

4. This offer by me is not intended to deflect attention from the current investigation of Najib’s account. I just want to make people happy.



Menjadi Proksi

1. Memang benar apabila Najib berkata beliau tidak melakukan apa yang saya menasihati beliau lakukan. Tetapi itu bukanlah sebabnya mengapa saya mahu beliau meletak jawatan.

2. Semua orang tahu bahawa saya berkempen untuk beliau pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 walaupun dia enggan untuk membina jambatan itu, atau landasan berkembar dan elektrifikasi keretapi. Beliau juga tidak menerima pandangan saya bahawa BR1M dan membawa sepanduk “I Love PM”, “1M4U” dan lain-lain harus dihentikan. Tidak juga dia terima banyak perkara lain yang saya memberitahunya supaya tidak melakukan atau yang perlu dilakukan jika beliau mahu menjadi popular. Beliau berkata “Tunai Adalah Raja”. Masih saya menyokong beliau semasa Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 dan selepasnya.

3. Saya tidak meminta beliau untuk berundur sehingga skandal 1MDB itu. Beliau tidak menjawab tuduhan yang dibuat terhadapnya.

4. Najib mempunyai penasihatnya sendiri, termasuk tiga Brits. Dia membayar perunding asing untuk menasihatinya tentang hal-hal Kerajaan. Beliau juga bertanya Singapura sama ada dia perlu membina jambatan atau kereta api berkelajuan tinggi. Apabila Singapura berkata jangan dia ditangguhkan projek-projek itu. Jho Low adalah kawannya dan kelihatan mempunyai pengaruh yang besar ke atasnya.

5. Hakikatnya ialah beliau adalah proksi mereka bukan proksi saya. Jika dia telah berkelakuan sebagai proksi saya, maka tidak akan ada 1MDB dan lain-lain

RM600 Juta Hilang

1. Saya mengalu-alukan cadangan bahawa pihak berkuasa perlu hentikan menyiasat hal ehwal perbankan Dato Sri Najib tetapi sebaliknya menyiasat dakwaan Tunku Aziz yang saya kehilangan RM600 juta dalam 80-an.

2. Keperluannya adalah untuk menentukan sama ada wang itu masuk ke dalam akaun saya di bank atau wang telah hilang disebabkan oleh syarat pihak berkuasa Pasaran Pertukaran London bahawa bijih timah yang dibeli oleh kita dari penjual tidak perlu dihormati.

3. Jika terdapat bukti bahawa wang itu masuk ke dalam akaun saya, sila dakwa dan tangkap saya. Ini tidak terlalu lewat.

4. Tawaran saya ini tidak bertujuan untuk memesongkan perhatian daripada penyiasatan semasa ke atas akaun Najib. Saya hanya mahu membuat orang gembira.

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[luahan dan rasa seorang yang bernama Mahathir Mohamad]  ... MALAYSIA TANAHAIR -KU

[luahan dan rasa seorang yang bernama Mahathir Mohamad]  ... MALAYSIA TANAHAIR -KU 

Negara-ku Malaysia, Tanahair-ku, Tanah di mana sembilan puluh tahun dahulu
Darah tumpah dan aku dilahir
Di lahir sebagai anak bangsa yang dijajah
Aku membesar mempertuankan orang asing
Terhina dan dihina
Bangsa yang serba kekurangan
Tinggal dipondok berbumbung atap nipah
Berdinding, berlantai kayu
Namun aku lebih bahagia dari ramai bangsaku
Mereka tinggal di pondok robek, tiris apabila hujan
Tanpa pili air tanpa lampu letrik
Anak mereka berkaki ayam, berkudis
Demam panas dan kadang-kadang meninggal
Aku survive, aku ke sekolah, aku ke universiti
Nasib aku lebih baik
Allah Subhanahu Wataala kesian kepada aku
Setelah dijajah oleh satu bangsa, dijajah pula oleh dua bangsa lagi
Aku bertanya akan bangsaku selalunya dijajah orangkah?
Alhamdullilah, berkat kesedaran, berkat perjuangan, berkat perpaduan
Bangsaku dibebas, merdeka
Apakah merdeka hanya bermakna tidak dijajah orang
Apakah merdeka bermakna terus merana
Tidak, tidak, tidak
Merdeka bermakna kemajuan
Kemajuan sehingga berdiri sama tinggi
Duduk sama rendah dengan bekas penjajah dan bangsa lain
Bahkan mungkin lebih tinggi
Politik yang menyelamat dahulu
Terus membela bangsa
Negara dibangun, bangsa dibangun, agama di muliakan
Malang dan sedih,
Bangsa yang berjiwa kental, bersemangat besi
Diserang oleh nafsu dan perasaan tamak
Aku dapat apa dari kemerdekaan tanya mereka?
Mana bahagian aku?
Dan semangat pun menjadi luntur, tidak terdaya mengawal nafsu
Apa makna senang jika untuk mendapat sesuatu begitu susah
Dan nafsu dan perasaan tamak pun di peralat dan disogok oleh orang-orang politik dan orang kaya
Bangsa yang merdeka
Bangsa yang mulia
Sekarang sanggup menjual hak yang sedikit
Hak memilih, hak mengundi
Untuk mendapat kesenangan tanpa usaha, kesenangan yang sedikit
Maruah dijual
Bangsa dijual
Tanahair dijual
Segalanya dijual
Untuk nikmat yang tidak kekal, nikmat yang sementara yang sedikit sahaja
Politik yang menyelamat
Menjadi politik yang menghancur
Pemimpin semakin tamak
Untuk tempat dan kedudukan tinggi
Perbuatan yang haram dihalalkan
Nama Allah diperalatkan, dijual untuk nikmat yang sementara di dunia
Akan kembalikah bangsaku
Menjadi bangsa yang dijajah, dihina dan diperhambakan
Wahai bangsaku
Begitu mudahkah kamu lupa
Aku akan pergi tidak lama lagi
Dapatkah aku pejam mata dan hembus nafas terakhir
Kerana bangsaku
Masih mulia
Masih bermaruah
Masih dipandang tinggi
Atau mataku terbeliak
Nafasku tersesak, terhenti, kerana segala yang diperjuangkan luput ditelan nafsu
Ya Allah lindungilah bangsaku
Sedarkanlah mereka
Sedarkan mereka bahawa Engkau tidak akan mengubah nasib bangsa
Melainkan bangsa itu sendiri cuba mengubahnya
Mengubah sendiri, membendung nafsu
Kerana Allah
Kerana agama
Kerana bangsa
Kerana negara
Biarlah aku pergi
Mata terpejam rapat
Nafas perlahan berhenti…

Julai 10, 2015
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[najibiscrackingup!] Why the public do not believe the Prime Minister’s denial

[najibiscrackingup!] Why the public do not believe the Prime Minister’s denial

Should have resigned from hisFINANCEportfolio few months ago. Now he has to take leave from all his posts.
In the previous article we have shown why people are finding it hard to believe the Prime Minister. Too many flip flopping and lies he made in the past proved that the trust deficit is already as huge and as deep as the Grand Canyon.
This can all be seen in the response he received in his Facebook page.
In the morning of previous Friday, Wall Street Journal published an explosive story detailing how huge sums ofMONEY had been transferred into the personalACCOUNT of the Prime Minister via multi level transactions. The money originated from 1MDB or to be precise, money from debts issued.
Only on late Friday night the Prime Minister issued a denial which most people believe are actually not denying anything, but just an attempt to divert the issue altogether.
He said:
“In recent months, various allegations – all unsubstantiated, and many simply outrageous – have been directed against me and my family.‎ These attacks began when I refused to implement Tun Mahathir’s personalDEMANDS. I refused, because I do not believe it is right for Malaysia to be ruled by proxy.
If his personal demands are only regarding the crooked bridge (you stated this in your TV interview back in April) which you yourself promised to build back in 2009, then the rakyat will only be too happy if you had really built the bridge which will signify our sovereign right to build whatever we want to within our own territory. Rule by proxy doesn’t come to play. This is just a red herring. Furthermore, the various allegations did not arise only in recent months, it has been around for years – 1MDB wrongdoings, PM’s wealth, stupid policies etc., did not start by Tun Dr Mahathir.
Tun then created a crisis when he recklessly claimed that RM42 billion was missing from 1MDB, when in fact these are audited debts backed by RM51 billion auditedASSETS.
The crisis was actually created by you when 1MDB failed to meet its debt obligations without the help of outsiders and public money. Last year 1MDB even asked for few extensions on the debt repayment deadline. If that is not a sure indication of a troubled company, then surely the lovers of 1MDB are living in a deluded fantasy world. Plus, if the RM51 billionASSETS were acquired by the RM42 billion loans and currently in order to pay those loans, 1MDB now had to sell those RM51 billion assets back, it is safe to say that 1MDB business model is just reckless and stupid. 
The latest allegation is that I have taken state-linkedFUNDS for personal gain. I believe Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.
In the first paragraph you lamented the fact that all allegations are unsubstantiated, yet without any qualms you accused (without any proof) that Tun Dr Mahathir is working with foreigners. A picture of Tun with Clare Rewcastle does not constitute a proof. When Tun Mahathir met Mahfuz Omar early this year, it does not mean he is working with PAS now. Tun is a statesman, not a politician. He meets whoever requested to meet him. Moreover, WSJ did not allege you have taken the money for personal gain. It just said the money flowed into your personal bankACCOUNT. What you did with the money is unclear. It was your own PMO who initially stated “the prime minister has not taken anyFUNDS for personal use”. What you should have said is to deny money ever credited into those personal bankACCOUNTS. What you used it for; for personal gain or otherwise is a moot point. 
Let me be very clear: I have never taken funds for personal gain as alleged by my political opponents – whether from 1MDB, SRC International or other entities, as these companies haveCONFIRMED.
You reinforced the public’s perception that funds were never used for personal gain. But there could be funds indeed. You did not deny this.
It is now clear that false allegations such as these are part of a concerted campaign of political sabotage to topple a democratically elected Prime Minister.
It does not clear anything. In fact, a democratically elected Prime Minister is not immune to criticisms and questions by the people, to think otherwise is clearly a pompous and arrogant remark coming from you. It is also hypocritical. Hypocritical because it was you who led the rebellion to topple the previous democratically elected Prime Minister. Or at least, you gained the most benefit out of it.
At no point have those making these allegations offered any evidence. All we have heard is that these allegations are based on leaked documents and unnamed investigators. Not once has the source of these documents ever been shown, neither have the documents themselves been provided for verification by lawful authorities.
With the admission from the Attorney General that he too had sighted the documents mentioned by WSJ, the public can then conclude that the evidence really do exist. The AG did not expose WSJ as liars (which would be logical if the whole allegations were untrue), but proceeded to set up a task force to investigate it further.
As we now know, a number of the documents on which recent allegations have been based were reportedly doctored. The person who was leaking these documents is under investigation by authorities overseas for attempting to extort and blackmail his former employer. This says a lot about the reliability of the documents, and those who are using them to damage our government and our country.
This is another red herring. The documents did not come from Sarawak Report, it came from a government probe. Justo did not give the documents to the AG. It was the investigators in a government probe who had found them and gave it to the AG. The documents are reliable enough for the AG to startINVESTIGATIONS, instead of issuing statement to debunk WSJ. Justo had nothing to do with this exposé. The PM now is grasping at straws over unrelated issue.
Those who continue to mount these attacks should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. These gutterTACTICS – in some cases criminal tactics – to overthrow the government will fail. Where appropriate, they will be met with the full force of the law.
Another blatant arrogance by the PM, issuing statements befitting a dictator. Instead of facing the public’s criticisms and questions, he is now threatening them with government apparatus. He did not realise that it is him who are verging on criminality.
It’s a shame that these false attacks motivated by self interest come at a time of uniqueOPPORTUNITY for Malaysia – with our Chairmanship of ASEAN this year, and the prize of developed nation status around the corner. I will stay focused on the work of nation building for the people.”
Unrelated gibberish to the matter at hand. Note that not once the PM has mentioned WSJ in this press release.
All the above had shown that the Prime Minister have not taken any real step to allay the people suspicions over what has been reported by WSJ. The people preparing the press release above should have done a betterJOB. But they have the IQ of a wombat. 
In fact, in his press conference made right before a break fasting even yesterday, the befuddled PM even made absurd steps in trying to project himself as innocent. First, relying on Haron Din’s word as the truth that WSJ could be wrong. The PM is so desperate that even Haron Din has become the authority in what is the truth and what is not.
And secondly, cryptically saying that if he was a thief, he wouldn’t steal the money and parked it locally. This freudian slip is normal when people are backed against the wall with nothing to show but trying to give a clever wordplay.
And still the press conference did not bring any confidence to the people. In fact his dithering and floundering action to sue or not to sue WSJCOMPOUNDED the matter even more.
Only time will tell on his fate. He could have resigned gracefully and respectfully last May. But now he is following closely the playbook of Ferdinand Marcos, the Filipino president renowned for kleptocracy.  If that happens, it would be really sad.
source : jebat must die