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NAJIB! IF YOU STILL WANTING TO BE THE PM, READ THIS ARTICLE!! ... Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!

NAJIB! IF YOU STILL WANTING TO BE THE PM, READ THIS ARTICLE!! ... Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!

Why does Najib Razak coddle a Firster like Saifuddin Abdullah who is rejected by Umno Temerloh and the Malay voters in his area? Orang Melayu buang, Najib pungut.
This Saifuddin chap is a Dapster darling. Umno supporters do not like him.
Namun Saifuddin masih diangkat oleh Sang Presiden parti Melayu tu untuk menerajui Najib’s pet NGO – the Moderates Movement.
Saifuddin (kiri) duduk sebaris dengan Ambiga, pengerusi Majlis Peguam Christopher Leong dan kolumnis J-StarSyahredzan Johan.
BELOW: Syahredzan put down the pro-establishment Fatimah Zuhri as “talking nonsense” and “talking rubbish”
Syahredzan’s sledgehammer approach sebiji macam aksi J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai. No wonder The J-Star gave Syahredzan a column.
Syah on Twitter- You are talking nonsense. @FatimahZuhri @sheahneeimanlee @EricPaulsen101 2014-09-02 12-03-59
Syah on Twitter- He didnt write an article
Najib Razak pula gave two Dutch nationals penghormatan Angkatan Tentera Di-Raja Malaysia tatkala upacara menyambut jenazah.
This guy below with the bleeding nose is NST cameraman Mohd Aizuddin Akmal Saad. He got punched in the face when covering the remembrance service for MH17 victim Paul Goes, the Dutchman.
Mr Goes is an orang putih married to a Malaysian Indian woman but he was nonetheless given our military honours – Jalur Gemilang drape, soldiers carrying casket/urn.
BELOW: Mohd Aizuddin was attacked by one of the relatives of the late Mrs Goes
jurugambar NST ditumbuk
Another Dutch national of Chinese ethnicity, Fan Shun Po, was similarly given the Angkatan Tentera Di-Raja treatment. Mr Fan was born in Hong Kong while his wife was a Malaysian. Both had emigrated to the Netherlands in the 1970s.
Why did popularity-seeking Najib confer military honours for the reception of Mr Goes’ and Mr Fan’s remains?
Senang-senang aje Najib anugerahkan hak penghormatan ATM kepada warga asing.

“No Malays, zero Chinese”

The Dapster Firsters have succeeded in making “race” a dirty word. The DAP evangelistas are doing their darndest to Clorox away our ethnicity.
If they could, they would even deny that there is such a thing as the Malay race – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below – and likewise deny that there once existed such a land as Tanah Melayu.
It is also as if the Melayuness in the president of Umno has been bleached away as well, what with Najib’s support for Saifuddin Firster’s moderates, and Najib and his Ministers’ (Idris Jala, Joseph Kurup) involvement with the J-Star‘s so-called Voices of Moderation campaign.


Najib tampak begitu tipis semangat kebangsaannya

Some things you don’t give away easily … just like that. Military honours is one of them because those who deserve the honours are the men willing to lay down their lives for the country.
Najib is too free and easy to allow non-military personnel to be granted military honours just because it is the popular thing to do – to milk public sympathy over the crash of a commercial airliner.
At this juncture in our history we need a firm leader who will do the right thing. Not a popularity chaser who opts for the easy thing. In the case of MH17, the popular thing is not the correct thing to do.

Dengarlah denyutan nadi rakyat, wahai Perdana Menteri

After messing with Race, the evangelistas are messing with Religion. But our PM prefers to pander instead of confronting sticky problems.
Everybody agrees that racial tensions in Malaysia are at an all time high. However more volatile than ethnic tensions are religious tensions. This is one area of conflict where Najib is obviously not on the ball.
Previously when the Malays felt threatened, there was the Melayu Bangkit uprising. How can Najib fail to realise how spooked the Muslims are by the DAP Christians?
Former DAP vice chairman Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim says that the “threat of a serious rift between Muslims and Christians is real”.
Tunku Aziz also asks: “Is it too much to ask Lim [Guan Eng] to leave the Malays and their religion well alone?
The problem is that the tudung-wearing, Quran-quoting, Arabic phrases-mimicking, mosque-infiltrating DAP evangelistas are adamantly refusing to leave the Malays and their religion well alone.
BELOW: Warning from former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan; a separate warning by former IGP Tun Hanif Omar (readHERE)

Musa Hassan

Please Mr Prime Minister, REFLECT!

The following is a piece of advice from Tunku Aziz. He is ahead of the curve because he was inside the DAP and he knew what they were up to.
Says Tunku Aziz:
“Malays are a tolerant people, but when they begin to harbour an exaggerated sense of utter despair and injustice and begin to articulate what, until now, has remained in the realm of the unspoken, then we, who value peace and harmony among our diverse ethnic and religious groups, should pause to reflect on the error of our ways.” – see his NST column scanned below
What Tunku Aziz has observed is something that must be paid urgent heed by Najib Razak. Is the PM capable of pausing to reflect on the error of his pandering ways?
If in 1946 the Malay organizations were shaken and stirred to rise up against the Malayan Union, today it is the greatly agitated Muslim organizations that are coalescing into one powerful current. In 2008 we were hit by the Makkal Sakti tide and in 2013 by the Chinese tsunami.
One Mother of All Muslim Waves is gonna to hit us next. It will wash Najib Razak away if he fails to get a grip ASAP.
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