Monday, 28 March 2011

ANWAR SEX VIDEO: Harakah journo confirms its Anwar and his fanboys failed to explain two missing hours /Video Seks: Wartawan Harakah Sahkan Itu Anwar Ibrahim

ANWAR SEX VIDEO: Harakah journo confirms its Anwar and his fanboys failed to explain two missing hours

Sometimes the truth is apparent and obvious that it is plain crazy to deny it.

Here are some of the facts that we know so far:

  1. The video was captured on Feb 21 and shown to selected members of the media a month later
  2. The recording showed four different angles of the same couple engaging in fellatio and coitus
  3. The journalists who have watched it have confirmed that it is Anwar Ibrahim
  4. Anwar's own twitter indicates that he was away from his tweeting fans for very nearly two hours

In the latest round of revelation, Penang blogger Dr Novandri beautifully linked two hours of Anwar's tweeting silence with the time of the alleged recording, the argument was so compelling that Utusan Malaysia used the blog posting as the foundation of their front page lead story.

In typical Opposition SOP of 'shoot-the-messenger', their bloggers and cybertroopers immediately became rabid and began smearing the message because they did not like the messenger.

One particularly rabid cybertropper, the much discredited Hishamuddin Rais tried to poke holes in Dr Novandri's argument with a particularly limp and damp rod that it makes me wonder if this is the best argument they can come up with.

The gist of Dr Novandri's argument is simple, Anwar had said that he was tweeting at the time of the alleged tryst with a prostitute from China, that was his first, and likely, most forceful alibi but his tweet records, as it appears in Facebook indicates that there was silence between 8:20pm and 10:40pm.

In his blind response Isham in his blog tukar tiub says that the good doctor's allegations are laughable because 'selective tweet' the programm that automatically sends tweets to facebook takes two minutes to fetch the tweet and send it over to FB

A very precise rebuttal but totally inadequate because the record still shows twitter silence between 8.20pm and 10.40pm and the two-minute difference between the twitter and facebook records and the actual time cited by those who broke the story about the recording could be easily explained by the fact that not all clocks in the country run at the exact same time.

Unless all our clocks are synchronised to the national atomic clock then we would have time recording differences, In fact I keep my clock five minutes ahead to time to make sure I have a bit of extra time when running my day. I know some friends who keep their clock as far ahead as 15 minutes of actual time.

Now, even if all our clocks are synchronised to the national atomic clock, are facebook and twitter clocks synchronised to our national clock or are they in sync with the US national atomic clock in Arizona?

Are facebook and twitter clocks synchronised to anything at all?

assuming that the recording clock on the CCTV was synchronised with Facebook and Twitter clock then there is a two minute discrepancy but I am not entirely sure that CCTV clocks can be continuously synchronised with the national atomic clock or the US version in Arizona.

Well, I needn't have worried because Dr Novandri then came up with an even better explanation about the time discrepancy, heck he demonstrated that there is a whole hour of difference between twitter and facebook time on the relevant day.

Apparently twitter doesn't change its clock to accommodate daylight saving timewhile facebook does.
For those of you who may not be entirely sure what this means I will try to explain it; In autumn, as the days become longer the clock is moved back one hour to allow for the day to start earlier to take advantage of the sunlight and the clock is move forward an hour in sprint to normalise life routine with the longer sun.

I am only guessing but twitter doesn't move its clock back and forth because many parts of the world, Malaysia included do not have to accommodate the four seasons.

From the comparison above we can see that even between twitter and facebook there is sometimes an apparent one-minute difference in their clock, this can be easily explained by the fact that the facebook clock is a few seconds faster that twitter and proof that they are not in sync with the US national atomic clock.

So to expect a dinky CCTV set-up put together in a hurry to spy on a promiscuous politician is not going to display the definitive time.

We can see the desperation of Anwar fanboys here and the fact that Rafizi Ramli, the Opposition leader's strategic chief issued a limp argument to counter a simple, but persuasive argument is leading many people to believe that Anwar cannot explain the missing two hours.

This denial and nitpicking about two minutes is part of Anwar and his fanboys' effort to prove that the video is a fake and could not have featured him but so far their arguments have been limited to schoolyard taunts and adolescent sound bites like

  1. It was definitely not him - what else could they say?
  2. This is a BN conspiracy - this is standard response in a storm
  3. This is a BN plot to destroy Anwar - I wonder who put a gun to his head to have sex with a prostitute?
  4. Anwar's belly doesn't have a paunch - ask any doctor and they will tell you that age weakens our muscles including abdominal muscles that give us six-packs
  5. Anwar's ass is not as rounded as that - it is interesting that Johari Abdul said that, we would all like to know the last time he saw Anwar's ass in the buff and why he had that privilege, is there something the people of Sungai Petani should know about their Member of Parliament's habits and preferences?
  6. My Omega watch is with my wife - but has yet to show it
  7. It's a BN conspiracy to destroy Anwar - wait a minute didn't they say that earlier?
  8. Screening a video showing two people in the coitus is the same as screening pornography and therefore it is illegal - what about the act of engaging in sex with a prostitute from China - is that OK?
  9. It is Unislamic to shame others even though they may have engaged in extra marital sex with a prostitute - Wow!!! what about the allegations of sexual relationship between our PM and Altantuya and accusing Rosmah of her murder without offering a shred of evidence? - that is Islamic
  10. It is a BN conspiracy to destroy Anwar - OK OK we are familiar with your standard response

We also know that everyone who has seen it, except Johari Abdul who is curiously familiar with the current state of Anwar's anatomy including his private parts, has said that they are quite convince that the video does show the Opposition leader enjoying carnal relationship with a young woman from China.

Blogger RBF has now revealed that even the Harakah reporter who saw the video is convinced that it is Anwar and the only reason their report did not reflect his finding is due to political pressure - and here we thought that they believed in freedom of the Press. How silly of us.
Harakah reporter and a friend

Wait a minute - I know what they are going to say...the Harakah reporter was offered a truckload of money by BN to say that it was Anwar....

This sex video also brings back the allegations that Anwar faked his back injury while in prison just to stay out of the regular cell and be placed in the prison hospital throughout his time in Sungai Buloh

there are many videos showing him healthy one minute and in apparent pain the next, it does seem like an act but we can't say for sure.

I have not seen the video but I believe that we deserve to know the truth about our political leaders, BN and Opposition alike.

While Anwar fanboys like Haris Ibrahim will selectively apply human rights like privacy to whoever they see fit, I believe that someone who is desperate to lead the country must show beyond a shadow of doubt that that he possess morals and standards well above the norm.

After all, no one is forcing Anwar to be in politics and millions of Malaysians actually do not want him to lead the country.

If he so wants to become Prime Minister and decide the direction of a country of nearly 30 million people, he should have the decency to prove to the country that he is indeed worthy of the job.

No one else in Malaysia is more desperate to become PM than Anwar and anyone who has learnt a few things about leadership in Islam would know that it is a huge burden that should only be taken after much persuasion from a council of wise elders or at least if one was annointed by the Prophet

Anwar cannot brush this allegation aside, he needs to face it head on and convince the nation that he is not the man in the video, anything less is simply unacceptable.

It may or may not have been a BN sex trap but one does wonder why a leader who claims to he holier than holy an example in the Islamic world is so easy to trap using sex and even more perplexing that the same allegedly clean and moral person can be lured into sex by both male and female.

Like many I agree that this is gutter politics but nonetheless the latest revelation has given me time to pause and rethink Anwar Ibrahim, if in the past there was still doubt about his promiscuity and hypocrisy, now that doubt is running very thin, in fact the shadow is disappearing fast under the hot noon sun of truth

source : marahku

Video Seks: Wartawan Harakah Sahkan Itu Anwar Ibrahim

Wartawan harakah (kiri) bersama rakannya

Dari Langkawi blogger Papa Gomo hubungi saya meminta supaya saya menyertai pertemuan dengan wartawan harakah dan beberapa orang yang lain lagi di sebuah restoran di Jalan Yap Kwan Seng malam tadi.

Katanya , kau pergi saja, kau jangan risau, itu kawan aku dan orang itu telah pun menonton video seks berkenaan hari isnin yang lepas.

Mengikut cerita wartawan harakah berkenaan yang juga kawan kepada Papa Gomo memang benar beliau telah menonton video tersebut pada hari isnin lepas di Carcosa Seri Negara.

Beliau yakin 100 % lelaki dalam video berkenaan adalah Anwar Ibrahim. Tidak mungkin video itu dipalsukan kerana katanya ianya dirakam dari empat sudut.

Saya tanya dia, "habis itu kenapa harakah tidak laporkan yang betul" ?

Jawabnya, "saya hanya pekerja bro, yang menentukan bos dan itu semua adalah politik".

Dalam hati saya berkata , "parti islam pun menipu juga ke" ?

Katanya lagi, tiga orang teratas dalam harakah semuanya telah dipegang oleh Anwar Ibrahim dan sudah tentu mereka hanya melaporkan berita mengikut selera Anwar.

Fuhhhhh, papa Nurul Izzah memang hebat. Bukan hanya hebat di ranjang, malah hebatnya sehingga boleh menguasai harakah yang dimiliki oleh Pas. Tidak mustahil satu hari nanti, Pas akan dikuasai oleh Anwar. Sekarang pun sudah kelihatan tanda-tanda ke arah itu.

Mengikut wartawan harakah itu, wartawan malaysiakini juga menonton video berkenaan dan cakap benda yang sama kepada beliau, iaitu lelaki dalam video itu adalah Anwar Ibrahim.

Katanya dari sudut mana Johari Abdul kata itu bukan Anwar beliau pun tidak tahu melainkan pembohongan semata-mata.

Jadi, apa kita nak kata lagi ? kalau wartawan harakah dan malaysiakini pun kata itu Anwar Ibrahim, kita nak kata bukan lagi ?

Memang sah jawabnya itu Anwar Ibrahim. Jangan lagi anda semua tertipu dengan harakah dan malaysiakini. Apa yang mereka laporkan itu bohong semata-mata. Wartawan mereka yang pergi cari berita sendiri akui itu adalah Anwar Ibrahim.

Balik pejabat, apabila mereka tulis berita benar, bos suruh tukar kerana bos semua telah dilimpahi dengan wang ringgit yang dicurahkan Anwar.


Anonymous said...

saya pemilik blog "kurang ajar" sebab menuduh Anwar Ibrahim sembarangan. Anda harus tahu dengan kemajuan IT sekarang sesiapa pun mampu buat filem x ini. Mula2 cari orang yang ada tubuh mirip Anwar Ibrahim dan dia pakai topeng mirip Anwar. Lepas itu...kru pasang hidden camera dibilik hotel. Lalu panggil perempuan pelacur..buat lakonan..Memanglah vedio..tulen.tapi pelakon adalah palsu. Vedio..dihitam/putih agar kelihatan tulen ...kalau vedio itu adalah hasil karya edit. Jangan bersikap biadap pada orang. Tuhan akan hukum orang yang buat fitnah.

KZSO said...

Anonymous (why not give your name, pseudonym should be ok),

Thank you for your comments brother or is it sister.

Have patience because the truth will prevailed.

InsyaALLAH, with the blessing of prayers (solat hajat)and the wishes of our friends, sahabat and seukhwah the truth from Allah SWT will appear.

Have patience, InsyaAllah kebenaran akan muncul....

We'wait Dato T's trial, not only the camera in the room will be submitted, but all the cameras at the scene and surrounding area will also be submitted and other witnesses (ie the china doll, the bapak ayam, manager working at that time, workers or staff will also be called in the trial.

Have patience with Qada 'and Qadar Allah SWT... only truth from Allah SWT enshrined in the end.

and it would a beautiful and nice if our pak sheikh swear by Allah's name that he did not commit this and other allegations too.

brother (or is it sister?),
if you do not want to give your real name, just drop in your nickname..

Anonymous said...

Penilaian anda berat sebelah. Kerana anda sememangnya ingin supaya DSAI kelihatan bersalah. Pihak polis belum lagi mengesahkan sebarang keputusan ,anda dgn megah terus membuat hukuman. Walaupun itu DSAI mengapa ianya mendapat liputan utama di akhbar? mengapa perlu sentiasa menjatuhkan moral seseorang. Saya sendiri memang bukan penyokong DSAI tetapi dari penilaian saya isu ini telah dilebih2kan oleh media kerajaan. cerita datuk Eskay tidak konsisten, bagaimana rakaman tersebut boleh sampai ke public walhal datuk Eskay mengatakan cuma ada 1 salinan shj. kelihatan pada awal penggambaran sipelaku spt mengetahui ttg rakaman tersebut, adakah sememangnya pelaku inginkan aksi tersebut dirakam? datuk eskay mengaku imejnya yg kelihatan sebahagian dlm rakaman tersebut tetapi pd awalnya dia mengatakan beliau menjumpai perakam tersebut secata tidak sengaja. bnyk sgt loopholes seolah2 semuanya dirancang secara tidak cerdik..Wallahualam

abby said...

hai apa kbr smua...pminat2 video sexx...klu u smua ada bljr kmpter...mcm2 bleh buat... dtok eskay mcm dh rncang pandai ke ko org smua ni...klu dia yg rncg...lps tu dia pula nk angkt sumpah...wallahu alam...3 trio ni mgkin dpt gnjaran....wat pe nk susah2 wat video....klu diri dh tk btul jgn la nk btulkn org....ini la ..mlayu suka hasad dengki....bngsa lain tngok suka je...aiyya...malayu ini macam ka...tpi datuk chua dh jdi prsiden mca...apa macam.....tpi..jgn lupa...pengedar video lucah dh d beri immunity...peniaga video lucah d malaysia bleh jual video...agknya...hrp2 pdrm brtugas dgn berkaliber....hukum pegedar video lucah.....kita masih percaya pd pdrm kita....yg lain mahkamah tentukan...ok....slmt mnonton....