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HMMM... VERY INTERESTING ... PAS accused of being “dastardly villain and traitor”

HMMM... VERY INTERESTING ... PAS accused of being “dastardly villain and traitor”

Budu is brain food made from fish (anchovy).
The sauce is popular in Kelantan and Terengganu.
A meal eaten with ulam and petai! Ooooh, especially yummy …
keep_calmNasi Budu
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Aglio Olio
Budu and aglio olio … never the twain shall meet
Hannah Yeoh on Twitter aglio olio
There are Jerusubang Malaysians who look down on conservative folks who live in the village.
They look down on the things and the way of life in the rural areas, and look down on the traditional values that orang kampung hold dear. So backward and “low class”, they say.

Jerusubang paper, mind shaper

Yesterday J-Star associate editor M. Veera Pandiyan (pix above) discussed in his newspaper column “the ongoing spite, insults and accusations of treachery between PAS and its erstwhile allies”.
Titled ‘Pact runs into discord‘, Veera’s article said that the “simmering mistrust” and “prolonged disarray” within Pakatan had left many of their supporters feeling “confused, betrayed and disillusioned”.
So there’s avowedly been treachery and betrayal. But who has been treacherous and who betrayed whom?


Proud to vote for PAS last time

According to J-Star associate editor Veera, “the sentiment among many of [his] pro-Pakatan friends, from one particular community, is that PAS is the dastardly villain and traitor in the Selangor MB issue“.
“By the way, these were the same people who proudly declared that they would vote PAS, if there were no DAP or PKR candidate standing in their constituencies during last year’s general election,” he added.
It’s obvious that Veera is talking about the Chinese when he refers to “one particular community”. And when he says those were the very same people who proudly declared that they would vote PAS in GE13, Veera is referring to the evangelistas.
Below is an example of a Christian Chinese woman who had proudly announced that she would be voting PAS.

May Chee: “MCA in denial, PAS gets my vote”

The writer May Chee declared to the world, “PAS gets my vote, any day!”
She is convinced that Pakatan’s progressive leaders would champion National Unity and discard “the stone-aged tactics of divide-and-rule”. And she’s sure that once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya, Malaysians would no longer lead “alienated lives from one another”.
Ms Chee reminded voters – her article was published a few months before the election – that the devil is within the MCA (for badmouthing PAS over hudud) and that the Chinese have since become colour blind and will no longer support BN’s race-based parties.
She concluded: “God bless, especially Mursyidul Am, Nik Aziz and please forgive MCA’s insolence”.
To sum up
  • BN = divide & rule (“divisive”)
  • Pakatan = unity, sugar & spice and everything nice

Creepy Christians

The same Chinese Christian woman, May Chee, wrote an appeal “My dear friends in PAS” a few months ago published in The Malaysian Insider – see screenshot above.
Her volubility on Christian love is quite predictable. Ms Chee proclaimed, “My dear friends in PAS, you know I love you. I know just how good you can be, how selfless you are. I know you would die for me. I believe that”.
“My dear friends in PAS, we need to be salt and light of the world. To continually enkindle in the world, the desire and struggle for true justice and perfection…”
[Note: "Salt of the earth" and "light of the world" are phrases found in the Bible book of Matthew, verses 13-16]
They are two sides of the same religious coin – one steeped in political Islam and the other, promoting political Christianity. When DAP and PAS were still chummy-chummy in their mutual quest to claim the country, it was indeed a smooch fest to behold. But now the two parties are at each other’s throats.

Jesus loves ya, PAS

Ms Chee, an Anak Bangsa Malaysia, called upon the PAS people to work together with Pakatan to build “a kingdom of justice where God would live among His people. And because He’s present, peace would reign”.
More Godtalk from May Chee:
“My dear friends in PAS, we are supposed to see God at work in our lives and let others see Him, too. He is All-Loving, All-Merciful and All-Forgiving. Let your neighbour know that in spite of himself, God loves and cares for him and can overturn the situation of the oppressed”.
Pokok pangkalnya agama itu suci manakala politik itu kotor.
Yet these people have no qualms about besmirching the sacred (Faith) with the profane (Politics) through misuse of the churches and the mosques for their politicking activities.

“That’s what true love is all about”

And so the torrent of Love, Love, Love overflows from the abundance of their hearts.
Ms Chee, in her TMI article on May 6th, said:
“Those who love us will cry for us, will even die for us. Irene [Fernandez] died. Bernard [Khoo, blogger] died. Karpal died. They all died, while still fighting for their neighbours.
“They fought for justice for all. They died fighting because they loved their fellowmen so much. That’s what true love is all about – love till it hurts, love till you are no more.”
hannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

Nik Abduh: “Siapa sebenar pengkhianat dalam PAS?”

Eh, dunno about you but I geli lah to hear all that lovey-dovey talk directed at PAS and looking at how Christian DAP is groping the Islamist party (photo below).
PAS exco Nik Abduh Nik Aziz is onto something when he questions – in his statement ‘Siapa sebenar pengkhianat dalam PAS?‘ – the role played by deputy party president Mat Sabu at the Pakatan pow-wow over the Selangor Menteri Besar post.
YUCKS! >>> Geli ... <<<

Hidden hands working in the dark

Last month on Aug 11, the Persatuan Ummah Sejahtera Malaysia (PasMa) was registered as an NGO.
Who are PasMa and what are they planning to do?
Read this Tranungkite article today ‘PasMa menggunakan jawatankuasa hidden‘ that delves into what’s really going on behind the scenes.
Ostensibly PasMa is endeavouring to keep PAS within the Pakatan fold whereas the ulama faction is accused of trying to pull out the party from the three-legged opposition coalition.

Malay voters reject the Erdogans

In GE13, Mat Sabu contested the Pendang Parliament seat in Kedah where the electorate is 88 percent Malay. He lost to Umno’s Othman Abdul who obtained a majority of 2,638votes. Pendang was held by PAS in 2008, 2004 and 1999.
Husam Musa contested the Putrajaya Parliament seat where the electorate is 94 percent Malay. He lost to Umno’s Tengku Adnan who obtained a majority of 5,541 votes.
Salahuddin Ayub contested the Pulai Parliament seat in Johor where the mixed electorate is 47 percent Malay and 41 percent Chinese. He lost to Umno’s Nur Jazlan who obtained a majority of 3,226 votes.
Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad contested the Kuala Selangor Parliament seat where the electorate is 64 percent Malay. Even though he was the incumbent, Dr Dzul nonetheless lost to Umno’s Irmohizam Ibrahim who obtained a slim majority of 460 votes.
From north in Kedah to south in Johor as well as in Selangor and Wilayah, the prominent Erdogans lost their bid for Parliament seats. Yet the DAP claims that it is the PAS ulamas who do not have public support.
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“The usual suspects” accused of bigotry

In his 2 July 2014 article (see below) headlined ‘Bar the zealots and bigots’, J-Star associate editor Veera Pandiyan wrote:
“When it comes to racism and hate speech, most urban Malaysians … are quick to accuse the usual suspects – Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali and vice president Zulkifli Nordin (sic), Isma head Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman and lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.”
So we hear it from the horse’s mouth that the quartet most hated on by the Yahudi Yeohs are
  1. Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali
  2. former PAS member Zulkifli Noordin
  3. Isma chief Abdullah Zaik, and
  4. mualaf Cina Ridhuan Tee
Do the four fellas listed above have more in common with the PAS people or with the Firsters?
Veera is also the J-Star editor who previously insisted that‘races’ have never existed

Now it is PAS’s turn to be accused of treachery and bigotry

Ever since the Selangor MB crisis came to a head, the Yahudi Yeohs have been hurling the nastiest and most demeaning insults at PAS.
These same Yahudi Yeohs usually have the nastiest things to say about Isma, Perkasa, Zul Noordin and Ridhuan too. Based on the pet hates and the kind of insults they’re thrown, it appears that PAS and the Four Fellas are at the same receiving end.
In short, the Yahudi Yeohs are now demonizing Hadi Awang, the ulamas and their party PAS. They also demonize Abdullah Zaik, the ustaz-ustaz and their organization Isma.
PAS and Isma are in the same boat as far as the DAP camp is concerned.


PAS serving as stooge and buffer zone for DAP 

When the DAP is slammed by Isma and other Malay-Muslim bodies (e.g. the ‘Allah’ Bible issue), their Christian YBs are shielded by PAS who says it is alright for non-Muslims to use lafaz ‘Allah’.
In a press statement published in the DAP website on 8 May 2014, Isma was fingered together with MAIS as the “real threats to national harmony” (see screenshot below).
Isn’t PAS sick and tired of being fed ‘Love’ sugar cubes one minute by its temporary allies, and the next minute turned upon and accused as being cut from the same cloth of as Isma, Perkasa and MAIS, and guilty of propounding Racism, Hatred, Bigotry and Extremism?
All are tarred with the same brush as “dark and evil forces”, alleged to be in cahoots with Umno, and blamed for “peddling revolting, abhorrent and seditious race-hate statements”.
It’s puzzling that PAS still prefers to allow itself to be exploited by the DAP – in order for the evangelistas to fish the Malay vote bank and gain entry into mosque and surau – when the Yahudi Yeohs actually view PAS to be as “revolting and abhorrent” as the Malay-Muslim NGOs that they consider their sworn enemy.
Why is PAS such a sucker for punishment?

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