Monday, 29 September 2014

DEAR UMNO MINISTER ... Stop talking rubbish!

DEAR UMNO MINISTER ... Stop talking rubbish!

You must be joking, Mr Minister!

Just because we won Pengkalan Kubor by-election with an improved majority, we can boast about increasing support for Barisan Nasional and Umno.

Some of you said the same thing a few years before the 13th general election, but what happened? Who are you kidding?
KEMAMAN, Sept 27 (Bernama) -- The Barisan Nasional's (BN) victory in the recently concluded Pengkalan Kubor state by-election is a proof that the people's support for the coalition has grown stronger, Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said.
He said many believed that BN was facing a tough competition in the by-election when the opposition fielded a candidate from PAS, instead of from PKR as in the 13th general election.
In fact, there was a myth that PAS was stronger than PKR and it was proven wrong because PAS did not just lost, but lost by bigger margin, he said.
Ahmad Shabery, who is also Kemaman Umno deputy chief, said this to reporters after opening the Kemaman Umno divisional delegates' meeting here Saturday.
He said BN's victory in Pengkalan Kubor also sent a signal that the people had accepted the government's policies, including in the management of the economy that had benefitted them.In the by-election that was held last Thursday, BN's Mat Razi Mat Ail, 48, won with a 2,635-vote majority after securing 9,961 votes to defeat PAS' Wan Rosdi Wan Ibrahim, 56, who garnered 7,326 votes and Independent Izat Bukhary Ismail Bukhary, 47, who only received 38 votes.
In the 13th general election, BN won the seat with a majority of 1,736 votes.
A by-election doesn't chime anything, not just yet. The ones we had in Tasek Gelugor, Telok Intan, Kajang and others did not proof anything - except BN will face stiffer challenges in the upcoming national poll.

Nothing to be proud of, and please stop bragging about results.

The question is, how well-prepared are you in preparing for the next general election? What has you people at the top done to woo more members and supporters. What have those appointees at the Umno HQ done to convince the young voters that BN (or even Umno) is still the right choice?

Compared to BN, the opposition is at all time better in term of making preparation, which includes attracting those at universities and colleges. What is Umno doing?

Stop talking as if you already got everything in hands! You know what the real problems are!


  1. hahaha!

    a good one, bro. hantam!

    they though by chopping down a tree, the whole jungle will come down!
  2. umno memang cepat puas hati. memang sekali, buat parti besar2an, makan angin sana-sini. bos atas pun bangga, bagi projek itu dan projek ini. kita tunggu la 4 tahun lagi. aku pun ahli umno tapi aku sentiasa bimbang dengan perkembangan dalam parti sekarang ni. yang kaya makin kaya, ahli dan rakyat miskin makin papa kedana!
  3. wahh jai!

    apasal tetiba angin ni?
    tapi aku setuju dengan pendapat kau. agaknya yang sayangkan parti ni cuma orang bawahan macam kita.

    orang atas dah hidup senang. dapat jadi wakil rakyat dan menteri satu penggal pun dah kaya.

    janganlah mudah puas hati. kita dah tgk banyak kali dah umno gigit lidah sendiri bila cakap terlalu banyak.

    betul tak?

    source : just read!

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