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[panass! adakah ada kaum cina berani baca artikel panas berapi ini??!]...CHEAH SIN CHONG KATA ORANG CINA MALAYSIA "TAK SEDAR DIRI"

[panass! adakah ada kaum cina berani baca artikel panas berapi ini??!]...CHEAH SIN CHONG KATA ORANG CINA MALAYSIA "TAK SEDAR DIRI"

Malaysian Chinese are in fast decline – no thanks to the persistent efforts of a devilish party the Democratic Action Party (DAP) in sowing seeds of hatred into the Chinese minds.
The DAP zombies, will of course jump up in rage and hurl profanities at me. Well, I am immune to their daily dose of poisons. One day these DAPigs will self implode with poisons.
The Malaysian Chinese are in fast decline because many of them, precisely the DAPigs do not have the ability to think rationally anymore. Many of them are themselves a product of pampered childhood and they continue this with their own children.
13Mei Penyapu
Yes, I am one of the dotting parents – loving and pampering my own children so much – and that’s why I am also worried whether this is the right parenting. So I have to occasionally steer them on the right path. I put up our National Flag from the window of my master bedroom for the first time in 23 years we have stayed in our main home, because I felt the urgency to do it, to show my children a glimpse of patriotism. Whether they will listen or follow me is a very individual thing, but at least I know I have done the right thing.
I do not wish to delve into a philosophical and long-winded discourse into why I feel the Malaysian Chinese is in fast decline – in practically every front.
I only need to give you a few recent normal conversations I had with my own Chinese.
1. A woman: “Oh, the Bersih 4.0 Rally reminds me of those student rallies in Shanghai in the 1940s, carrying banners and placards. They marched bravely on the streets!”
Me: “Please, those are anti-Japanese marchers. They are true patriots. Bersih 4.0 is NOT. They are out to shame our country. Got it?
2. The Parenting Network (Facebook), one woman (and many like her): “Imported milk prices have gone up so high because of GST and our falling Ringgit…I have to give starch to feed my children!”
This Parenting Network in which I had recently left seems to me to be used as a subtle front for anti-government postings and comments.
Me: I feel today’s Chinese parents especially those in their late 20s right up to 40s (all young enough to be my children), complain over every little things.
During my late mother’s time, there was no such thing as imported milk. There was no cooking gas and during my early childhood, I saw her using wood and charcoal to cook. She sweated to make the charcoal burn. She also has to slit the chicken’s neck to let the blood ooze out, coagulate the chicken blood for food and she also has to boil the chicken to pluck the feathers. You can imagine when she was a child, the kind of life she led. Yet she lived up to the age of 90.
Today, many Chinese with dual income and many earning good salary/income still complain. They complain of this and that and curse the government. They are angry with GST but yet they drive new, expensive cars and buy RM800,000 to over RM1 million homes and yes deep in debts.
They readily condemn the government school and education system and worship the international school system, and of course, they have to pay expensively for it. Then when their budget is tight despite earning six figure income, they blame the government.
Why, because they cannot practice discipline, and personal financing well. I am a retiree, and not earning anything. Yet, I still have saved enough to treat my family at least twice a month to good meals at five-star hotels. Why? I manage my finances well, I am debt free and I live below my means. My EPF dividends which I do not even take out but allow it to accumulate, is earning me more than some general managers earn in a year.
Although I have been a salary worker all my life and not even in management position, I do not buy new, expensive cars. I owned only one brand new car, a Proton Iswara (now sold) my entire adult life. I drive second hand cars and I buy my first home only at age 37. I had suffered hard times but I don’t complain the way the Chinese do these days. I practised deferred gratification.
Many of today’s Chinese only read thrash news, mainly propaganda from the DAP and yes, those Bullshit books by my former schoolmate Kee Thuan Chye and already think they are so well read.
3. This brings me to my former schoolmate Kee Thuan Chye.
He is very good with his pen. A prolific writer. In fact, many of his points and very sarcastic remarks hit bullseye and perhaps that’s why his book sell like hot cakes. I wish him luck.
But there was this incident on my OldFreees70/72 blog that infuriated me. You see, I had even gone to his book launching and autographing ceremony at Borders, Gardens Mall with my family to give him moral support.
Although I know his anti-government sentiments, I put that aside to show him support as an old Free (Penang Free School). Yet, later in the OldFrees70/72 blog, just because I differ in opinion, he called me an Umno cybertrooper. I don’t mind if it comes from those zombies, but I felt deeply wounded that he insulted me in front of my own fellow Old Frees on the Internet.
He is no longer a friend. In fact, I took his autographed book – No more Bullshit please, we are all Malaysians – that I bought and for the first time, burnt it outside my garden. I love books and will never burn books but because of this guy, I did the unthinkable.
So yes, he is one Chinese who has declined in my eyes.
4. A wealthy Chinese woman who earns millions wanted to take part in Bersih 4.0 Rally. She owns dozens of franchised retail outlets. Despite making good because of our nation’s peace and stability, and despite that she is well travelled, intelligent, a socialite etc, she cannot even differentiate between patriotism, loyalty and political views.
Her husband worried that she would take part quickly flew her off overseas.
Another example of Chinese “decline” in mentality.
Numerous other examples.

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[panasss!] Nikmat #Bersih4 Yang Korang Tak Rasa..

[panass! ] ...Nikmat #Bersih4 Yang Korang Tak Rasa..

Ramai melayu tak berpeluang merasakan nikmat himpunan babi seMalaysia..
Apabila babi babi ini berkubang sudah pasti pelbagai aksi yang dapat dirakamkan..
Namun hanya segelintir melayu yang dapat merasakan nikmat ini..
 pisau kata “kata pemimpin haprak.. Bersih 4 adalah petanda pembangkang majoriti adalah bukan melayu..kerajaan masa depan 100% kerajaan melayu!”
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Cina #Bersih4 Kempen Pijak Gambar Hj Hadi,Najib dan Penyapu.Kemuncak Signal Kuasa Politik Chauvanis Ultrakiasu Rasis Cina Dap

Cina #Bersih4 Kempen Pijak Gambar Hj Hadi,Najib dan Penyapu.Kemuncak Signal Kuasa Politik Chauvanis Ultrakiasu Rasis Cina Dap .

Himpunan terbesar bangsa cina #Bersih4 hari ini menjadi medan menghentam pemimpin tertinggi 2 parti melayu terbesar di negara ini.
Persepsi buruk berjaya dibina dengan begitu berkesan ,pembohongan dan putar belit diulang ulang.
Hasilnya seperti dibawah..
Pisau kata ” kena pijak dan penyapu.. haih.. tak faham lagi ka?”
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[hot and hottest!] ... Tun Mahathir supports bersih? Here's the answer to your question

[hot and hottest!] ... Tun Mahathir supports bersih? Here's the answer to your question 

Watch "Bicara Negarawan Tun Mahathir Pasir Gudang - PC" on YouTube -

Click here

[interesting article to be read by all chinese and indian bersih 4!] Those missing Malays? Look all around you

[interesting article to be read by all chinese and indian bersih 4!] Those missing Malays? Look all around you

All the snide remarks on social media will backfire, come the next general election
By Hafidz Baharom
While the Bersih protest is still going on, there are already those wondering at the lack of Malay protesters, as their attendance seemed to have dropped, to little as 10 per cent or less, by some measures.
While political leaders and supporters are quickly turning the issue around by saying “We only see Malaysians” or even “They will appear today”, others have already taken it upon themselves to mock all Malays, with such accusations as Malays are comfortable, the Malays are privileged, the Malays are cowards and my favourite thus far, the Malays are missing their balls.
Quite humbly, I will just call all of them out as morons. They have obviously failed to notice the fact that there are Malays everywhere but they themselves failed to notice.
I was at Nu Sentral in Brickfields yesterday, near one of the gathering points.
Did other rally-goers also at Nu Sentral fail to notice just who the heck was serving them breakfast? If you took public transport, who the heck was manning the train or the LRT control centre? Who were the baristas who prepared your coffee at Starbucks while you rushed to charge your phones? Or the waiters at the Chicken Rice Shop, or the Nando’s or the Texas Chicken with the controversial sauce?
From whom did you buy your last minute yellow t-shirts, just in case that last minute order was enforced?
Who were the police officers and the Federal Reserve Unit members manning their stations? Who are those investigating the threat of violence made via SMS against Bersih?
Here’s another fact you may have failed to notice.
A Merdeka Centre survey says that those most disapproving of Bersih, while Malays, are also those earning below RM2,000.
There is already a story going around about one uncle from Perlis, for whom attending Bersih meant forgoing an entire week’s wages.
Safe to say, the majority of those who disapprove of Bersih or absent from Bersih are those who cannot afford it.
Shame on you, those mocking the majority population. For whom are you “saving the economy”? Just for yourselves?
It is for those who do not earn enough, for unemployed graduates about whom even Tun Dr Mahathir was asked about while he was in Pasir Gudang before turning up for a look-see in Kuala Lumpur.
It is for those who cannot take a weekend off to join your protest, especially when it means triple-time wages because it’s a three-day weekend.
It is for those who have lost their houses in Kelantan and Terengganu and still live in tents after last year’s floods, still waiting for houses to be rebuilt and cannot spare a dime.
Have you forgotten them in your eagerness to be gung-ho propagandists?
Those so militantly supporting Bersih, to the point of calling the majority population cowards, obviously do not know your own country’s people well enough.
If you say it was because of PAS, you also do not know what they had to spend to bus people into the city in past rallies. Religion and politics may be all you think of, but such endeavours entail costs and logistics.
I will say this once more to all those detractors. Malays voters, though poor, are still the largest group in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. They might not be at Bersih, but they read what you say about them.
Maybe Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian might take a page out of alternative media and publish all your social media posts for all to read.
For every derogatory statement and comment you make, all your detractors, including myself, will be right there to remind those Malay voters in 2018 of what you thought about them – who supported you quietly but could not attend – because they missed your 34-hour shindig.
If you believe that Bersih is more important than the 2018 General Election, keep mocking those who were not there.
But if you believe that the rally is just the start of a marathon to finally end a 60-plus ruling streak, then I suggest you shut up.
You keep saying the whole world is watching. Who else are watching? The Malay and Malaysian voters who will determine the next government.
Hafidz Baharom is an FMT reader
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[#MH370 mystery! Read it before it'll be deleted or barred!!] ... Aircraft Resembling MH370 Found in Warehouse Belonging to CNN

[#MH370 mystery! Read it before it'll be deleted or barred!!] ... Aircraft Resembling MH370 Found in Warehouse Belonging to CNN

CASA GRANDE, Az. – DEA agents and sheriff’s deputies with the Pinal County Narcotics Task Force made a startling discovery Tuesday while serving a drug warrant that ended in a botched raid. County officials say a typo on the official search warrant lead law enforcement officers to the wrong location, a warehouse in Casa Grande, where, instead of a methamphetamine operation, they found a Boeing 777 commercial airliner and a sedan.
“Upon entering the premises, Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies observed a large commercial airliner parked in the center of the warehouse,” Pinal County’s Chief Investigator Adam Hutch told reporters. “The aircraft in question is white, with a gray underbelly and features red and blue stripes down the middle of fuselage.” Hutch said the plane’s tail prominently displays the all-too-familiar red and blue logo of Malaysian Airlines. Additionally, its registration number, 9M-MRO, matches that of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which is believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014.
“Right now we are trying to determine the origin of this aircraft,” Hutch said, adding that airliner was carrying “less than a quarter tank” of fuel. Public records show the warehouse in question is located on privately owned land in the outskirts of Casa Grande and has been on lease to CNN since March 6, 2014. The twenty-four hour cable news channel declined a request to comment from this reporter but Ted Turner, owner of Turner Broadcasting System Inc, the parent company of CNN, told The New York Times that he found the discovery “very peculiar,” and added, “I have no idea why that would be there.”
During CNN’s The Situation Room Tuesday, Wolf Blitzer was pointedly asked by a guest what his thoughts on the aircraft were. Mr. Blitzer blinked several times while staring into the camera before saying, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that? We seem to be having some issues with the mic.” Blitzer, citing “technical difficulties,” began to tap on his earpiece before removing it entirely to inspect it. He began to blow on the earpiece, presumably to remove dust or hardened ear wax, as the segment cut to an unusually long commercial break.
In addition to the Boeing 777 commercial airliner, Pinal County’s Narcotics Task Force also discovered a black BMW 328i sedan parked in the warehouse. The vehicle was found to be registered to CNN anchor Don Lemon. Authorities said the car was empty except for a spent tear gas canister stamped “Ferguson Police Department” which was found under the passenger seat.
In a statement released by his publicist, Don Lemon said he’s “never even been to Arizona” and accused the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office of racial profiling. Lemon, who drives a Toyota Prius, went on to say he “wouldn’t be caught dead in a vehicle reminiscent of the Third Reich.”
Early Wednesday morning sheriff’s deputies arrested CNN’s Anderson Cooper as he attempted to gain access to the warehouse which has been sealed off by law enforcement pending an investigation. Deputies say Cooper arrived at the scene via helicopter at approximately 7:15 a.m. Rather than land, Cooper, who was wearing a bulletproof Press vest and wrap-around sunglasses, rappelled to the ground from the hovering helicopter. Deputies brought Cooper down with a Taser after he attempted to place a breaching charge on a door leading into the warehouse. He later told investigators he was there to “set the record straight.”
On August 2 a piece of wreckage belonging to a Boeing 777, the same type of aircraft as MH370, washed up on an island in the Indian Ocean. The object was sent to France for further analysis but Malaysian authorities are confident the “wreckage” belongs to the missing MH370.

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Penasihat Kebangsaan DAP, Lim Kit Siang melenting apabila parti itu didakwa diresapi elemen-elemen komunis sementara PAS pula dipengaruhi unsur-unsur organisasi penganas Jemaah Islamiah.

Reaksi spontan Kit Siang terhadap kenyataan Ketua Penolong Pengarah E2 (M), Bahagian Ancaman Ekstremis Sosial Bukit Aman, Datuk Mohd Sofian Md Makinuddin dalam Konvensyen Pemimpin Muda Negara di Parlimen 19 Julai lalu harus difahami dalam konteks sejarah penubuhan DAP dan kaitan parti itu dalam rusuhan kaum 13 Mei 1969.

Bagi golongan muda yang tidak melalui peristiwa berdarah 43 tahun lalu mungkin tidak begitu mengerti mengapa tokoh veteran DAP itu amat marah terhadap dakwaan tersebut, tetapi generasi yang melihat dengan mata kepala mereka sendiri tragedi paling dahsyat dalam sejarah negara itu sudah tentu memahami sebab musabab reaksi cacing kepanasan beliau. 

Sejarah awal penubuhan DAP mempunyai kaitan rapat dengan Parti Tindakan Rakyat Singapura (People’s Action Party - PAP ) yang di tubuhkan pada tahun 1954.

Antara pelopor awal PAP ialah Lee Kuan Yew yang bertindak sebagai setiausaha agung parti itu.

Sejurus Singapura berpisah daripada Persekutuan Malaysia pada 9 Ogos 1965, pendaftaran parti itu di negara ini dibatalkan sebulan kemudian.

Maka untuk meneruskan agenda PAP yang 100 peratusnya adalah pro-Cina, Devan Nair, ahli parlimen Bangsar ketika itu berusaha menghidupkan kembali parti itu dengan mendaftar sebuah parti baru dipanggil

Parti Tindakan Rakyat tetapi ditolak oleh pendaftar pertubuhan kerana mempunyai persamaan dengan PAP dari segi nama. 

Devan Nair lalu menukar nama tersebut kepada Parti Tindakan Demokratik atau Democratic Action Party (DAP) yang diluluskan secara rasmi pada 19 Mac 1966.

DAP yang baru ditubuhkan itu dipelopori pula oleh Kit Siang yang dikatakan mempunyai pertalian famili dengan Kuan Yew yang berasal dari Batu Pahat, Johor. 

Dari segi lambang parti, prinsip perjuangan dan cara berpolitik, tidak ada bezanya antara DAP di Malaysia dan PAP di Singapura.

Maka tidak hairanlah sehingga ke hari ini generasi pemimpin baru DAP seperti anak Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng meneruskan tradisi berkiblat kepada PAP terutamanya setelah parti itu memerintah Pulau Pinang. 

Bukankah Guan Eng sendiri mengaku bahawa beliau sering melakukan lawatan ke Singapura setiap dua minggu untuk bertemu mentor besar DAP, Kuan Yew serta mendapatkan arahan-arahan spesifik berhubung gerakan kerja politik parti itu di Malaysia?

Apabila DAP dan Gerakan (ketika itu masih menjadi pembangkang) menang besar di Selangor pada pilihan raya umum tahun 1969, kedua-dua parti itu menjadi besar kepala.

DAP menggunakan kebebasan bersuara tanpa batasan dan kawalan untuk mengutuk dan menghina bangsa Melayu dengan kata-kata kesat dan mengaibkan dalam perarakan besar-besaran di Kuala Lumpur dengan membawa sepanduk dan pembesar suara.

Baru sahaja 12 tahun kaum Cina diberi taraf kerakyatan penuh melalui dasar 'jus soli' sebagai salah satu syarat utama Inggeris untuk kemerdekaan, orang Cina sudah naik tocang.

Menurut Laporan rasmi Majlis Gerakan Negara (MAGERAN) yang dipengerusikan oleh Almarhum Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, tindakan DAP mengadakan perarakan jalanan meraikan kemenangan mereka dengan menghambur sentimen perkauman terhadap bangsa Melayu menjadi pencetus kepada rusuhan kaum yang menelan korban lebih 2,000 nyawa.

Sehari setelah melenting, Kit Siang bertukar nada dengan mengatakan parti itu inginb bekerjasama dengan Barisan Nasional untuk menghindari tragedi 13 Mei berulang.

Tujuannya ialah untuk menutup dosa besarnya sebagai pengerak utama 13 Mei dan membasuh tangannya yang berlumuran darah rakyat tidak berdosa yang didalangi tidak lain tidak bukan oleh Kit Siang sendiri.

Slogan yang dicanang oleh Kit Siang dan pemimpin DAP Cina lain pada perhimpunan dan perarakan mereka yang menjurus kepada peristiwa berdarah 13 Mei ialah "Malai si" yang bermakna "Mati Melayu".

Pada 11 Mei penyokong DAP berteriak:

"Apa polis boleh buat, kita raja. Buang sama polis Melayu."

Di Jalan Bukit Bintang pada hari yang sama, DAP melaung:

"Mati Melayu, sakai pergi masuk hutan."

Di Jalan Changkat Dollah pula mereka mengapi-apikan bahawa:

"KL sekarang Cina punya."

Sehari kemudian pada 12 Mei di Jalan Ipoh dan Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, penyokong DAP menjerit:

"Melayu balik kampung, Melayu sekarang tidak ada kuasa. Sekarang kita Cina sudah 'control'."

Malah sejarah mencatat kenyataan angkuh Kit Siang sendiri di Jalan Khir, Kampung Baru, di hadapan orang Melayu ini denga berkata:

"Melayu keluar! Apa lagi duduk sini, kita hentam lu, sekarang kita sudah ada kuasa."

Keesokan harinya pada 12 Mei di hadapan Balai Polis Jalan Pudu, penyokong Cina DAP terus melaungkan:

"...semua Melayu kasi habis, kasi halau semua polis."

"Apa ini Melayu, kita sudah perintah dia negeri, ini negeri bukan Melayu punya, mata-mata lancau."

Hari yang sama mereka juga mengutuk bangsa Melayu di Jalan Canvel:

"Butuh Melayu, Malai si, pergi mati Melayu."

Di Jalan Bukit Bintang, DAP pula berkata;

"Ini negeri bukan Melayu punya, kita mahu kasi halau semua Melayu."

Hakikatnya, DAP tidak akan bertukar menjadi sebuah parti yang memperjuangkan hak-hak orang bangsa Melayu dan pribumi kerana sikap rasis dan perkauman tebal sudah menjadi darah dagingnya.

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Salam budiman sekalian

Kami bukan selempang merah....bukan juga baju merah jauh sekali baju kuning. Mewakili ahli-ahli jurus Acheh KOMANDO ATM, kami akan turun menyelinap ke setiap kawasan memerhati perilaku pengkhianat2 keturunan komunis. Kami ramai sekali. Jangan khuatir wahai Melayu. Kami nampak biasa tetapi JIKA KEADAAN TIDAK MENGIZINKAN kami akan bertindak. Jangan disangka MELAYU LEMAH. Biar pahaman komunis kenal ILMU KEPAHLAWANAN MELAYU belum pupus. Silap langkah 13 Mei akan berulang peristiwa.

Berjuang demi agama Islam, bangsa Melayu dan negara kami MALAYSIA.

Sekian. Wassalam

Pendiri Tetap
(Unit Elit 10 Briged Para - ATM)

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kzso - semoga tidak berlaku tapi jika ditakdirkan berlaku, semoga Allah SWT sentiasa melindungi agama, bangsa dan  tanahair 



Assalamualaikum Tan Sri Jeneral yang dihormati,

Saya tidak pandai menulis surat rasmi tetapi bolehlah saya tulis sikit-sikit. Orang tua saya dulu askar Tanah Melayu yang berjuang pada zaman Jepun. Orang tua saya pernah dipenjara dan diseksa semasa penjajahan Jepun di sebuah pulau berdekatan Kelantan/Terengganu. Bersama-sama orang tua saya beberapa lagi tahanan, kalau tidak silap saya juga Jeneral Ibrahim Ismail.

Mereka hampir mati kerana mempertahankan tanah air ini, Tanah Melayu. Hari ini, orang-orang Cina senang-senang mahu rampas negara ini melalui demontrasi atas jalan. Mereka tidak pernah berputus asa walaupun Pilihanraya sudah berlalu. Mereka tidak pernah rasa susah hidup semasa penjajahan dan semasa membebaskan Tanah Melayu ini.

Tan Sri Jeneral, ketika orang-orang Melayu sedang solat di Kalabakan, Komunis-Komunis menembak mereka. Ketika anak-anak dan isteri-isteri polis Melayu sedang tidur, Komunis-Komunis telah mengebom dan membunuh mereka di Bukit Kepong!

1. Jeneral, kenapa saya lihat tidak ada satu pun orang pun Askar Melayu DiRaja Malaysia di tengah-tengah KL sekarang? Why? tahukah Jeneral, orang-orang Cina di seluruh dunia bersatu untuk meruntuhkan kerajaan yang berPerdana Menteri Melayu dan Raja-Raja Melayu! Jangan jadikan Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja bagaikan patong Jeneral!

2. Saya mencabar tentera-tentera Melayu sekalian, turunlah kalian di tengah jalan menjadi Benteng mempertahankan setiap inci Tanah Melayu daripada Cina-Cina DAP yang mahu menghancurkan Keamanan dan Ketenteraman negara kita! Bangunlah kalian, contohi Tentera-Tentera Republik Indonesia yang menghalau Cina-Cina Jakarta yang kurang ajar tempoh hari!

3. Mana perginya Semangat Prebet Adam! Mana perginya Semangat Sarjan Hassan! Mana perginya Semangat Leftenan Adnan? Adakah tentera-tentera Melayu dalam Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja hari ini lembek-lembek belaka? Tidak ada semangat mempertahankan Tanah Air daripada dirosakkan oleh Cauvunis-Cauvunis berdarah Komunis! Tahukah kamu betapa menderitanya askar-askar Melayu diheret oleh Komunis-Komunis dahulu dicincang-cincang, dikorek matanya, ditanam hidup-hidup, isteri mereka dicucuk dengan senjata bayonet yang tajam itu. Kamu askar-askar dari Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja hari ini berdiam diri kerana kamu tidak ada perasaan!

4. Jeneral, kamu sanggup hantar tentera-tentera Melayu ke Lubnan, Congo, Sudan, Bosnia, Somalia, Timor-Timur tapi kamu semua tidak mampu mempertahankan Tanah Air daripada dirosakkan oleh Cina-Cina DAP berdarah Komunis! Kamu adalah tentera-tentera yang mengecewakan ribuan tentera-tentera Melayu zaman penjajahan dahulu. Kalaulah Jeneral Ibrahim Ismail masih hidup, airmatanya akan menitis melihat kelembekan tentera-tentera Melayu hari ini. Dayus !!!!!!!

5. Jeneral Panglima ATM, apabila besok Perdana Menteri Melayu jatuh, apabila Raja-Raja Melayu besok jatuh, kamu juga akan menerima nasib yang sama! Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja (RAMD) akan dibubarkan! Semuanya bermula daripada hasutan Cina-Cina DAP berdarah komunis esok. Kuala Lumpur yang aman jadi kucar-kacir, KL yang indah jadi rosak, seluruh dunia akan mengecam Malaysia, akan menekan Malaysia, sehingga Malaysia menjadi kacau-bilau dan masuklah tentera-tentera Comanweth dan tentera-tentera United Nation dari negara-negara kafir! Kamu tahu berapa banyak NGO asing berikan mereka dana untuk memporak-perandakan tanah air ini. Kajilah NED NDI BERSIH DAP semuanya digunakan untuk mengabui segelintir orang-orang Melayu esok. Orang-Orang Melayu yang hadir besok adalah yang terpedaya, Haji Hadi sudah sedar tapi ramai lagi terpedaya. Master mindnya DAP BERSIH NED NDI!

Setakat ini dahulu Panglima Jeneral, kepada askar-askar Melayu yang membaca surat ini. Saya mencabar kamu turun mempertahankan keamanan tanah air kita esok! Turunlah wahai tentera-tentera Melayu, halang mereka daripada membakar tanah air kita. Ini adalah Jihad Fi Sabilillah mempertahankan Negara Islam kita!

Kami orang awam lemah, kepada kamulah wahai tentera-tentera Melayu kami bergantong harap! Sanggopkah kamu melihat airmata kami berjatuhan kerana kedayusan kamu menjaga kami rakyat Tanah Melayu! Orang tua kami menderita ketika zaman Komunis, hari ini kamu tidak membuat apa-apa mempertahankan kami dari anak-anak cucu cicit Komunis !


Anak Bekas Tentera Melayu
Yang DiPenjara.
1945. Kota Bharu/Terengganu.

*surat melalui emel tanpa ubah.

Source : mymassa

kzso - najib...letaklah jawatan demi agama, bangsa dan tanahair 

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1. Dato’ Sri Najib dan penyokong-penyokongnya perlu berhenti untuk cuba meyakinkan rakyat Malaysia bahawa 2.6 bilion Ringgit dalam akaun peribadinya adalah derma.

2. Tiada siapa percaya atau boleh percaya bahawa wang sejumlah besar itu boleh diderma oleh sesiapa kepada Dato’ Sri Najib atau kepada sesiapa sahaja atas apa jua sebab.

3. Menjelaskan bahawa ia telah diberi kerana pendirian Malaysia terhadap Islamic State (IS) adalah tidak munasabah kerana Islamic State mulai menunjukkan jenama keganasan mereka itu hanya pada tahun 2014 manakala wang itu masuk pada tahun 2013 atau sebelum.

4. Berkata ia adalah kerana sikap kesederhanaan Malaysia dalam Islam adalah juga tidak masuk akal kerana Malaysia tidak pernah berpendirian melampau dalam amalan Islam.

5. Mengapa 700 juta dolar? Sesungguhnya ini adalah terlalu besar untuk keperluan pilihan raya di Malaysia, kecuali ia adalah untuk merasuah pengundi Malaysia. Mengapa ada orang yang mahu merasuahkan pengundi Malaysia supaya Najib boleh menang. Rakyat Malaysia telah menyokong BN tanpa perlu dibayar rasuah besar oleh sesiapa sahaja, lebih-lebih lagi oleh orang-orang asing.

6. TPM baru mengatakan dia telah berjumpa Arab yang memberikan wang itu. Jikalau begitu hendaklah ia buktikan bahawa Arab ini mempunyai sejumlah wang yang banyak untuk diberikan kepada Malaysia dan negara-negara lain. Apakah sumber wang ini? Apa perniagaan yang dia buat? Apakah nama bank yang dia gunakan? Tunjukkan akaunnya di bank, cek-cek yang beliau keluarkan, terutamanya USD700 juta itu. Bank penerima mesti masih memegang cek-cek itu.

7. Semua maklumat ini mungkin telah pun disahkan oleh pasukan petugas yang empat itu. Tetapi Najib telah membongkarkan pasukan petugas dengan memecat Peguam Negara, menghantar ketua SPRM bercuti, dan menuduh Bank Negara membocorkan rahsia Kerajaan.

8. Sekarang SPRM dikatakan masih menyiasat 2.6 bilion itu. Ia adalah suatu SPRM yang telah dilumpuhkan. Jika Najib serius untuk menyiasat RM2.6 bilion kepunyaannya dalam Ambank, beliau perlu melantik semula pasukan tugas yang asal. Satu pasukan petugas baru yang penuh dengan orang-orangnya tidak mempunyai kredibiliti.

9. Bank perlu mengekalkan kerahsiaan perbankan. Tetapi bank-bank juga dikehendaki melaporkan pengubahan wang haram yang disyaki. Bank-bank Malaysia, bank-bank Singapura, bank-bank Switzerland dan bank-bank Amerika tidak patut merahsiakan perniagaan mereka yang melibatkan wang yang disyaki dicuri. Apa yang telah dilakukan mereka?

10. Apabila wang yang dicuri dimasukkan melalui bank-bank, objektifnya adalah untuk menjadikan ia halal, untuk menyucinya (launder). Namun wang itu telah lesap dari Ambank kerana akaun itu ditutup.

11. Apabila akaun ditutup, ini tidak bermakna bahawa jumlah wang yang besar itu dibawa keluar secara tunai. Ia semestinya telah dipindahkan kepada bank lain. Namun kita tidak mendengar mana-mana bank yang melaporkan wang ini ada pada mereka. Dua akaun dilaporkan dibekukan di Singapura. Itu sahajakah? Sesungguhnya pemegang akaun perlu disiasat. Tetapi setakat ini tiada apa yang kedengaran. Adakah bank-bank boleh ambil wang ini! Jika ini tidak dilaporkan kepada pihak berkuasa untuk tindakan yang perlu diambil, sudah jelas wang ini telah dicuci (laundered).

12. Jika ini adalah demikiannya, maka mengapa bank perlu meneliti sejumlah wang yang banyak yang didepositkan dengannya. Lebih baik mereka langsung tidak meneliti jika jumlah besar yang mencurigakan itu, yang menjadikan subjek penuh kontroversi ini, disimpan sahaja oleh mereka.

13. Orang ramai mempunyai hak untuk tahu kerana orang ramai tidak percaya bahawa RM2.6 bilion adalah hadiah peribadi kepada PM Malaysia untuk beliau memenangi pilihan raya. Rakyat Malaysia tidak mahu mempercayai bahawa calon mereka untuk pejabat tertinggi di negara ini merupakan penama seseorang dari negara lain. Apakah yang akan menjadi kewajipan beliau kepada penyokong-penyokong? Adakah beliau akan berkhidmat untuk rakyat Malaysia atau untuk negara asing?

14. Berhentilah berfikir bahawa rakyat Malaysia bodoh.

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1. Dato’ Sri Najib and his supporters should stop trying to convince Malaysians that the 2.6 billion Ringgit in his private account is a donation.

2. No one believes or can believe such a huge sum ofMONEY can be donated by anyone to Dato’ Sri Najib or to anyone for whatever reason.

3. Explaining that it was given because of Malaysia’s stand against the Islamic State is absurd as the Islamic State showed their brand of terrorism only in 2014 whereas theMONEY came in in 2013 or before.

4. Saying that it is because of Malaysia’s moderation in Islam is equally absurd as Malaysia had never been extreme in its practice of Islam.

5. Why 700 million dollars? Surely it is too big for the needs of Malaysian elections, except if it is to bribe the Malaysian electorate. Why should anyone want to bribe the Malaysian electorate so Najib would win. Malaysians have supported the BN without the need to be paid huge bribes by anyone, least of all by foreigners.

6. The new DPM says he has seen the Arab who gave theMONEY. Then let him give proof that this Arab has huge sums ofMONEY to give away to Malaysia and many other countries. Which countries. What is the source of this money. What business does he do? What is the name of the bank he uses. Show his account in the bank, the cheques he issued, particularly the 700 million USD. The recipient bank should be holding these cheques.
7. All these information could have been verified by the task force of four. But Najib dismantled the task force by sacking the A.G., sending the head of MACC on leave, and accusing Bank Negara of leaking Government secrets.

8. Now the MACC is said to be still investigating the 2.6 billion. It is an emasculated MACC. If Najib is serious about investigating his 2.6 billion Ringgit in Ambank, he should reconstitute the original tasks force. A new task force filled with his people has no credibility.

9. Banks have to maintain banking secrecy. But banks are also required to report suspected money laundering. Malaysian banks, Singapore banks, Swiss banks and American banks must not keep secret their business with money suspected of being stolen. What have they done?

10. When stolenMONEY is put through banks, the objective is to make it legal, to launder it. Yet theMONEY has disappeared from Ambank because because the account was closed.

11. When the account is closed, it cannot mean that the huge amount ofMONEY is taken out in cash. It must have been transferred to another bank. Yet we don’t hear of any bank anywhere reporting this money is with them. Two accounts are reported to be frozen in Singapore. Is that all. Surely the holder of the account should be investigated. But so far nothing is heard. Do the banks get to keep the money! If it is not reported to the authorities for action to be taken, then effectively the money has been laundered.

12. If this is so then why have banks to scrutinise large amounts of money deposited with it. They might as well not scrutinise if the suspiciously huge amount of money, the subject of much controversy is just retained by them.

13. The public has a right to know because the public does not believe that the 2.6 billion Ringgit was a gift personally to the PM of Malaysia for him to win elections. Malaysians would not like to believe their candidate for the highest office in the country is a nominee of some person from another country. What will be his obligation to his supporters. Will he serve Malaysians or some foreign country.

14. Stop thinking that Malaysians are stupid.

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