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Do they really know what it means to be IRRELEVANT?

That's the question I would like to ask the UMNO Supreme Council after perusing countless newspapers in the aftermath of TUN exit from UMNO. I too like the rest of you, am still reeling from Tun's shocking and spontaneous decision to show to himself the door out of the 62 years old Malay party.

It's not that I would 100% agree with him though, I would prefer him to bring his political duel to G7 election because I believe after the aftermath of PRU12 some of the Kubang Pasu ketua cawangan might secretly wish to amend their mistake during 2004 G7 election.

But knowing Tun by reputation and unpredictable way of thinking, I have faith that whatever it is Tun's decision, there must be some very strong reason behind it and that it has been meticulously calculated and planned not to benefit himself, but to benefit his children that is us and the future of all Malays and Malaysian.
So in the premises above, I have decided to proceed writing article against Pak Lah & Co as my own way of quitting UMNO by principle, and since Tun clearly told us to stay away from the opposition too, than I will continue to spend my money to buy all sorts of newspapers everyday and I shall look for the freemason & opposition blunders, and if inspiration strike then I will write to make them look like a joke.
Hopefully KuntaKinte and the rest of his MYKMU editorials will allow me to continue contribute to this esteemed web site.

For this article however, I would like to share my personal findings of discovering the whole UMNO-based prime ministers and ministers as "less intelligent" with no hope of rescue. Whether they spectacularly played dumb or actually dumber than they look, each and everyone of them has already appeared making comments to the newspaper trying to play down the impact of Tun's exit from UMNO.

Some UMNO members who read the minister's comments might be duped to think that it' true that Tun exit has no effect whatsoever on UMNO and BN. Quite correct though, there might not be any immediate impact. But the impact is here, and there's no need to wait for 10-15 years for it to be seen, the impact is actually already progressing for a number of years since the day of Pak Lah & Co. Tun simply wants the opportunity to remind his children that UMNO is dying from inside caused by the cancer within the party's leadership, but if the eldest of the children turn their backs against Tun while the young choose to wait and see, then understandably no one could blame Tun if he opted to be out from UMNO rather than breaking his 80 years old heart watching the cancer continue to progress to point of no return.

UMNO is terminally ill and BN is dying with it. Tun had already expressed his fear that UMNO and BN might lose its relevancy amongst the people. In the politically correct world they use the word "relevant", but in the mainstream reality the word "relevant" actually means "popular". So when Tun warned us that UMNO is losing its relevancy, the actual meaning is that he fear UMNO is losing its popularity amongst its own race, and the impact of losing popularity might not shown in the next 2-3 years, it might not even concern Pak Lah if he only plans to cling to power at least until PRU13, but the impact is real and frightening if we consider how it may affect us and our children in the aftermath of 2013.

Kindly allow me to explain further.

UMNO like any other political or non-political organization around the world is not blessed with immortality. The continuity or demise of UMNO depends on how it able to mantain the loyalty of its existing members while at the same time continue to attract the young generation to become a junior members now who will then replace the retired leaders. In short, UMNO totally depends on the old and the young.

When TUN told us that UMNO has lost its relevancy, it's probably means that UMNO had lost its appeal to the young. Pak Lah & Co including all the MT and ministers however are more prone to think that "relevancy" here means the appeal to themselves or the old generation of UMNO. So they went all out in the newspaper to defend the relevancy of UMNO.

Both opinions are actually politically correct. The older Tun is correct if he means that UMNO has lost its appeal to the young and future generation of Malays. I mean if I don't know Anwar Ibrahim better, I too might be duped to join the Illuminati sponsored Keadilan too considering how annoying UMNO's ministers speak in newspaper nowadays. On the other side however, Pak Lah & Co are also correct when they say that UMNO is still relevant. Yes, UMNO is still relevant but only to themselves and those who have political interest to cling to UMNO for the sake of being in power or making a little bit money out of it. So for the Prime Minister, his families, his contacts, his ministers, UMNO political supremos, the MP, the ADUN, the Pemuda, the Wanita, the Puteri, Ketua Bahagian, Ketua Cawangan and even to the loyal foot soldiers, yes of course UMNO is still relevant to them.

To those who have not join UMNO however, UMNO today seems to be a movement too different from what they have in mind. For the young who are inspired by the justice, fairness, Islam and true Malays values, UMNO nowadays seems to distant to those values. In the past despite the shortcoming suffered by UMNO during TUN's day as Prime Minister, we Malays still have something to be proud of as UMNO members.

UMNO then was associated with a great leader who was feared, respected and even idolized by the Malays and Non-Malays. Tun represents the values which we feel so proud to be associated with - brave, charismatic, intelligent, modern, visionary and even the sometime cunning and fearsome (some call him dictator). Whenever he achieved something great for this nation, the Malays feel proud to be the same race as he is, and the non Malays also feels great knowing that they share the same geographical origin with him.

Even Muslims, Asians and some foreigners from the distant land were trying to relate themselves to TUN. So despite the nasty drama, corruption and back stabbing which exist within UMNO's at that time, with TUN as leader there's still hope for achieve something good in our life or at least feeling good at ourselves believing that we have done a small part in placing Tun on the Prime Minister Office..

Nowadays it's totally different. There's nothing appealing with UMNO anymore. Pak Lah and the rest of his "self appointed" spokesperson for UMNO are so incompetent that not only they failed to improve UMNO's already battered image, they even worsen it with media blunders. The more you read their comments in the newspaper the more you feel embarrass to share your Malay genetic make-up with them.

Nazri if of course on the top of the list, followed by Pak Lah himself and the rest of his PR people like Ahmad Shabery Cheek, Mat Taib, Khairy, Zaid, Shahrir etc. For example last night I watch Zaid Ibrahim on TV urging that action be taken against Datuk Mukhriz for voicing his dissatisfaction against the leadership of Prime Minister.. Come on.. Does he expect our relationship with Pak Lah to be one of "servants and master"? That even if the master made grave errors the servants have no rights to complaint? After what he had done (and lack of doing) to the Malays, we owe nothing to Pak Lah to refrain ourselves from complaining or even demanding him to step down.

Thanks to the dumb comments issued by UMNO's PR today, the younger generation no longer has anything to admire about UMNO. UMNO is losing its rating faster than Akademi Fantasia losing it's popularity. Even voting RM50 for Stacy AF6 seems closer at heart than voting for Pak Lah nowadays. The non-Malays and non-Muslims are also already losing faith with our Malay prime minister and because they have no legal ways of showing it by voting against Pak Lah personally, they showcase their 'vote of no confidence' by voting off their own party's candidate which they perceived as proxy to Pak Lah.

So how much longer can UMNO survive if its popularity continues to spiral down? The younger generation is shifting their fan base to the opposition because the opposition seems to have a more entertaining Anwar Ibrahim (albeit his Belial habit of lying for the sake of entertaining the crowd) as an icon. Then there's the hundreds thousands of UMNO members whom already cast anonymous votes of no confidence against Pak Lah in PRU12. The non Malays also are saying no to Pak Lah and his proxies. And to make matter worst the hundred thousands of Mahathir admirers are about to leave UMNO at heart even though this might not transpire in documents.

Wake up and smell the rotten stench already emanating. UMNO is dying because its no longer appealable to younger generation who is the only hope for the party to survive the certain demise of its aging leaders. This probably is the true meaning of the word "irrelevant" as voiced out by Tun and if we don't do something about it then we can expect to be "dead" along with MIC and MCA in the next general election.