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Don't tarnish the Bugis race – Rafidah tells Najib

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak should not tarnish the Bugis race, said former minister Rafidah Aziz.

She revealed that her late husband and former Maybank chairperson Mohamed Basir Ahmad was of Bugis descent as well.

“But the difference between Najib and him is like the sky and earth and like black and white.

“It is similar with my friends who are of Bugis descent, people with integrity, who are responsible and trustworthy.

“A person's lineage has no relation (to possessing such qualities). These are personal characteristics,” she told Malaysiakini.

Yesterday, Najib, when addressing a gathering of silat masters, had warned against incurring the wrath of Bugis warriors and hurting their pride.

Meanwhile, Rafidah also criticised the use of ancestry in political discourse.

“No one should use 'keturunan' (ancestry) in any situation or discourse. Lately, this is seen among some in politics. It is divisive and anti-unity.

“We are all Malaysians. Of course, we are proud of our lineage and heritage. But as Malaysians, we should be proud of our commonality as Malaysians.

“I cannot erase my heritage as a Malay, a Rawa from Sumatra. But I would not have roots simply as a 'Malay'. There is no such thing as a 'Malay citizen',” she added.

As a Malaysian citizen, the former minister said, she shared the common aspirations, hopes and destiny of all Malaysians.

“Regardless of where their ancestors or they themselves originated, we must forge our Malaysian identity and values, especially of integrity, responsibility and acceptance of our diversities,” she added.

Rafidah stressed that Malaysia has no place for narrow, parochial mindsets.

“Especially those that want to invoke what seem to be semblances of being 'dictatorial and all powerful' and 'cannot be challenged'.

“It is doing injustice and being unfair to all of the Bugis descent. It really is all about the individual person's character and traits,” she said.

jump into a lake, Rafidah tells Nazri

Go jump into a lake, Rafidah tells Nazri

KUALA LUMPUR: The war of words between Nazri Aziz and his former Cabinet colleague Rafidah Aziz reached new heights today, as both indulged in name-calling and insults in a tit-for-tat that was sparked by Rafidah’s criticism of the Najib administration.

“I do not respond to crazy, ignorant individuals who know nothing about policies that existed well before I was in government,” said Rafidah in an angry response just hours after Nazri accused her of racism.

Nazri had blamed Rafidah for Barisan Nasional’s loss of Chinese support, and accused her of abusing the approved permits (APs) to import new vehicles under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry she once headed.

The tourism minister then recalled Rafidah’s speech to Umno members, where she had defended herself by saying that she was only taking APs from Chinese companies to benefit the Bumiputeras.

This came after Rafidah said Nazri was “shortsighted” for saying that Rafidah’s criticism against the government was due to her grudge with Wanita Umno leader Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.
Rafidah today had stronger language for Nazri.

“Gutter politics by foul-mouthed individuals,” Rafidah told FMT when asked for her response.

“He can jump into a lake.”

The former trade minister also urged Nazri to focus on the “filthy elephants in the room”, and sent an image of a tweaked English proverb: “Birds of a lawless bigoted feather bully together”.

Rafidah, who served as trade minister for over two decades, has been critical of the Umno leadership in the wake of news that Indonesian authorities seized a luxury yacht linked to Low Taek Jho, the businessman named by the US’ Department of Justice as one of the culprits in the embezzlement of funds from 1MDB.

Sunday, 1 April 2018




Behind the facade of false confidence, or should I use the cliche and say "Fake" Confidence the BN is probably faced with the biggest delima of all time  in the coming elections.
An extremely worried leadership

At the 2008 General Elections  the Gerakan was wiped out, in 2013 it was the MCA and in 2018 the predictrion according to the BN's own intelligence   is Tsunami UMNO  the greatest political Tsunami to hit the county is coming.

This knowledge is confined to the top brass of the BN and that is why we get hammered with all sorts of nonsense in desperation, a speaker in Parliament who refuses the opposition to effectively question government decisions, the "Fake News Act" if that is what it is called, and of course the redelinenation excercise.

The BN leadership to keep away this very discouraging report has gone full swing into taking desperate measures including  removing banners of opposition parties in towns they control while retaining their own, making false and unsubstantiated accusations against political heads of the Pakatan in a desperate move to shove up support.

The Damning BN Intelligence Committee Report
According to our own UMNO sources, the BN's  intelligence committee headed by UMNO has supplied them with a damning report to say that with or without the delineation exercise the BN is doomed to lose the next General elections and this has been attributed to several factors. 

 PAS a wrong move
The Malays especially the PAS faithful are deserting the party and heading for Amnah and PKR, some have even openly said that the DAP is more sincere than the PAS and PAS has suffered a huge 
A terribly wrong move.
blow by supporting Najib and the BN so UMNO so UMNO can't count count on PAS doing any real damage to the PKR and DAP vote.

Amnah has garnered a huge support base in Selangor most of whom are former PAS supporters, they see Hadi's collusion with Najib as dangerous and do not want to associate with UMNO. 

Whatever Hadi says they are now convinced that he is now supporting Najib for some strange reasons,and they say they know why? 

PKR's Selangor Performance
The Pakatan government has performed very well in Selangor, better than any other BN state government. Moreover the fact that PKR and DAP members are willing to disagree with each other on state matters shows an open and really democratic state government, unlike the BN where the MIC, the MCA and Gerakan are nothing but window dressing who just blindly follow UMNO.

 Malaysia's oldst and most consistent multiracial that has been dogged by Mahathir himself in the past for being a Chinese Chauvinistic party has brought the nation one full circle. He was surprised to find out that the DAP held its AGM in Bahasa and all business carried out in Bahasa, as he has been accustoms to Tamil and Chinese in the MIC and MCA and yet these two parties together with UMNO  refer to the  DAP as a racist party.

The DAP has proved to be multiracial and is beining to attract more Malays voters, well it is forgone conclusion that the numbers of Malays will within the next few decades outnumber that of the Chinese in the Party by the sheer fact that they make the majority of the population and the fact thaty they are being accepted by the Malays  as a fair and just party, by word and deed.

DAP candidates will this time around stand in Malay majority constituencies. in fact t the last elections they are the party that gave Rafizi the  Pandan seat, and DAP campaigned for him in the area too, it proved to be a very wise move.

Rafizi has proved his worth he will win the seat even without the DAP campaigning this time around as the electorate knows the worth of the man, he is certainly the material from which Malaysians can pick a future Prime Minister.

It is the DAP that ousted the Penang Government aided by Keadillan in the 2008 elections, they are expected to do the same this time round too.

Shameful factors in UMNO
The Young voters in Selangor are an educated and informed bunch, they can't be taken for a ride, they are prepared to ride along in as far as they get some benefits but are sure where their vote must go and can clearly distinguish what is right and wrong. As one chap from Tanjung Karang said, " if we allow a corrupt government to take over we are killing ourselves, it is our future we are young and we need a bright future and UMNO can't give it to us, we know Mahathir and Anwar can.

 There is the "Jamal Yunos Factor" that UMNO suffers from. They do not want to be associated with a character  like him. "Taking Axes, showing his power in the streets, warning people and going about like a Sam Seng is not the Malay idea of a real leader," we do not wish to be led by Sam Seng, we are really ashamed of him but you know we cant express that openly, we are afraid of him, you have seen how he behaves. We do not need such people and people who tolerate and encourage such people must also be discarded."

The Big Draw - Pakatan's Mahathir factor
Whilst BN suffers from the Jamal Yunos factor, Pakatan has gained a huge segment of the Malay electorate from the Mahathir factor. The huge swing of UMNO voters to the Pakatan Camp with Mahathir at the helm has put a huge dent on the UMNO vote.
At 93 he sent a fake running for cover. Tell it in my face he says.

In Johor the Muhyiddin factor has also rallied a significant portion of the UMNO voters, large enough to to really create massive damage to the BN in the state at the expense of UMNO, this is predicted to be the largest damage wrecked on UMNO and BN.

Krishamuddin strengthens Mahathir
Hishamuddin's public disrespect for Mahathir seen by many UMNO members as his 'Guru' has gained the wrath of many of the Mahathir faithful in Johor especially form his own political constituency. 
They now see Hisham differently, one of them even said, " we saw him on TV crying and begging Mahadhir, to stay when he announced his retirement, now we know this man is not sincere. 

Malays do not do such things, if he does not like Mahathir he must keep quiet - no need to support him, 'tapi diam', this was his 'guru', to politely keep quiet is 'being Malay' we do not rebuke our leaders even if we do not agree with them, especially if they are older than us."

The division of the Malay vote in Johor is huge, PKR has made inroads so too has PriBumi, and DAP and the moderate voices of Amnah.

In Kelantan and Trengganu the swing seems to be towards Amanah and its more moderate approach, they feel that is the way to go and they respect  Tok Guru and his approach, they are fed up of wayang actors who may be colluding with thieves and in the process benefiting from the same. 

One  even asked if Hadi really fell ill in Turkey or if it staged for some other agenda. Did He?

Kelantan is most likely to be taken by Amanah, and Trengganu also stands a good chance of going the same way. Mahathir put a lot of money into Trengganu with the Petronas and Perwaja, that provided employment to a lot of people in the state and development, besides Trenggaanu has a strong PAS following who have now moved Amanah. The people of Trengganu have a lot of respect for Mahathir, but do not have anything to say about Najib.

Kedah is a lost case for the BN Che Det is just too popular in that state and so that is another card down, Perak will fall tthis time around as there is a lot of infighting in UMNO itself in the state, Gerakan and MCA have not resolved their issues and

Contrary to all the claims of the official government backed media, the Malays throughout the country have a huge affection for Mahathir and his leadership, and now with him teaming up with Anwar who also commands a huge following both supporters  realise that something is really terribly wrong with the country that these two men must come together.

We all know that Anwar has a huge following really huge, with Mahathir's and Muhyiddin's supporters who were never Anwar's supporters coming together one can imagine the Malay support that Pakatan would receive.  

In the past if Anwar was not on the campaign trail the party did not do so well, now Anwar's supporters realise that now more than ever the majority of the Malays support is behind Pakatan and he is the heir apparent to Mahathir and this time for real.

It is the most dreaded situation for UMNO and this is the real weight behind the fact that the BN will lose the next elections.

The UMNO Malays realise that Mahahtir has always delivered in the past and is confident he will again, they also realise that with Anwar the two have the ability,  the wisdom, the courage and the expertise  to whip the economy in shape and o their trusted choice has to be Pakatan.

Many are still suspicious of Najib especially after he pulled off at the last minute from the scheduled debate with Mahathir, where the Police were called in and refused to even let Mahathir speak but instead removed him from the stage, they now more strongly than ever before believe Najib has things to hide.

The actions of the ROS to delay and unreasonably refuse the registration of Pakatan's logo is the clearest sign of government intervention in preventing the opposition from a fair fight and the Malays are aware of this. these are desperate moves by desperate people, as Najib is even afraid to face the UMNO members in a free and fair election.

The allegations that UMNO is in breach of its own constitution, has not held Presidential elections, and more and is allowed a free rein by the ROS shows that all is not well in UMNO itself and that there may be a case for the de- registration of this party.

The BN knows this Najib knows this and in his desperation Najib is biting has his nails, he does not know the best time for the elections yet.

All the false fronts he makes when he gives speeches where only his supporters are aware of the time and the place for fear of being booed out, is being done in desperation.

The desperation is not on the opposition it is on Najib the BN.
Each time an accusation is made out against Guan Eng the more people in Penang are determined to bury all the Chinese parties of the BN.

The Indian Story
Yes,  the Indians hold the key in some constituencies in the country, they are aware of all the mistreatment by UMNO and do not expect any goodies from Najib and his geng either, they will send MIC to the rubbish heap.

Mr. I. Thirunavukarsu asked me "who is this Vel Paari? Where did he come from? what has he done for the Indians? He now stands and talks as though h is a leader of Malaysian Indians. He is a nobody, we have far better qualified Indians who will not go near the MIC for fear of spoiling their names.
Other Indians I spoke to know him as Samy Velu's son and  only from a court case involving him and the death of a girl, that seems to be the prominence he has with most ordinary Indians.

"Najib can count on about on a good percentage of the Indian vote and that too only if there are goodies upfront, no "half now half later", the 'later' will not come, we a know him too well, we are no monkeys all upfront or no deal, that too before the elections." 

 "If he can't it is okay we'll take our votes elsewhere;" said one Indian voter in the Kapar Constituency.

In Sarawak and Sabah the mood is swinging, Sabahans have to make the choice or remain one of the poorest states in he Federation instead  of being treated as an equal partner with Malaya as envisaged during the formative years of Malaysia. there is discontent and according to our sources it coudl lead to a defeat like the one the Pairin victory against Harris Salleh with a bigger margin this time.

Sarawakians  too are fed up of emplty promises their current Chief Minister is promising them heaven on earth bu after the elections they want everything now, enough is enough they say, heaven hasn't come to earth after waiting for more than fifty ears.

A clear indication that the  cards are really stacked heavily against the BN, the voters must turn out in ful force to ensure the BN falls and bring to fulfillment the R.A.H.M.A.N prophesy.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018



KETUA PENERANGAN UMNO Tan Sri Annuar Musa boleh tahan menyebat saya dan Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz kelmarin. Beliau gambarkan seolah-olah kami sudah hilang kelayakan bersuara. Macamlah 2 orang yang berusia 74 dan 75 tahun ini tak layak lagi memberi pandangan atau bercanggah pendapat dengan  arus utama UMNO dan Kerajaan.

Apakah hanya orang yang lebih muda saja yang dibenarkan menegur sistem politik dan pentadbiran NEGARA KITA?  Cuba tengok, dengan pergolakan kini berapa orang warga UMNO yang tampil bersuara menegur? Jika boleh dikira jari sebelah tangan bermakna hak bersuara ahli sudah terbenam.

Hak bersuara dan menegur ada pada semua orang. Per. 10 Perlembagaan Persekutuan menjaminnya. Apa gunanya UMNO yang berslogan bersatu bersetia berkhidmat?  Apa erti mendalam Fasal 3 Perlembagaan UMNO? Jangan-jangan Tan Sri Annuar sudah lupa?

Memang senang tuduh kami sudah “lost touch” dengan keadaan akar umbi. Yang dimaksudkan dengan “lost touch” itu agaknya ialah “kaki dah tak cecah bumi”. Ku semangat ! Sebenarnya para pemimpin kita lah yang “kaki dah tak cecah bumi”. Sombong, gah tinggi dan tak suka ditegur; disanggah sikit melenting.

Agaknya Tan Sri Annuar lupa – saya memang terdaftar semenjak dulu-dulu lagi sebagai orang yang menegur dan tak  kecil hati kalau saya ditegur atau dihempas-pulas. Sebenarnya semua hal yang di bangkitkan itu sudahpun saya sampaikan kepada PM dan TPM melalui saluran hormat, iaitu:

• Kenapa Jho Low harus disiasat demi maruah Negara. Dia tak boleh lebih tinggi drp Malaysia dan UMNO . Perlakuan tutup buku sebelum disiasat tidak sejajar dengan Rukunegara dan semangat Perlembagaan.
• Jawapan kepada semua ungkitan antarabangsa dan domestik tentang 1MDB mesti dihurai dengan jelas.
• Rang Undang-undang Anti Berita Tak Benar boleh jadi senjata makan tuan kemudian kerana dibuat secara tergesa-gesa tanpa penelitian mendalam darihal implikasi konflik hak dan perundangan. Bila sudah tak berkuasa nanti (barang dijauhi Allah), baru tahu langit dan bumi tinggi-rendah!
• Keutamaan Keutuhan Undang-undang  wajib     dipertahankan
• Budaya Tinggi dalam parti dan Kerajaan wajib di beri penegasan utama.
• Perjuangan anti-rasuah mesti atas asas Per. 8 Perlembagaan Persekutuan – patut dan adil kesaksamaannya.

Amalan dan budaya tegur-menegur dalam dan di luar parti wajib. Jika tidak Fasal 3 Perlembagaan UMNO akan jadi surat khbar lama yang mungkin hanya jadi kertas bungkus barangan di kedai runcit.

Sindiran si-anu si-anu dah tua tak payah diulang-ulang. Belum tahu siapa jatuh dulu – entah pucuk entah pelepah daun. Itu kerja Tuhan, bukan kerja Ketua Penerangan UMNO.

Ketua Penerangan UMNO – buatlah kerja penerangan elok-elok, Landaskan pandangan ke ufuk realiti.

Rakyat sedang resah.
Tan Sri Rafidah dan saya tidak bahaya.
Yang bahaya nun di sebelah sana.
Jangan jadikan hak bersuara dalam UMNO sebagai nota kaki sahaja.
Usah lupa kisah Hang Nadim dalam "Singapura Di Langgar Todak".

Salam hormat

Rakyat Malaysia dan masih ahli UMNO

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Well said Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz...


Sebelum NASI menjadi BUBUR...

Begitu banyak penulisan, ucapan, dan siaran2 dalam  pelbagai media tentang ISU2 yang sangat membimbangkan.
Bimbang kerana,
 ⁃ Melibatkan soal AMANAH dan TANGGUNGJAWAB
 ⁃ Perbuatan2 DILUAR DUGAAN

Malangnya semua ini BUKAN kerana PENCAPAIAN yang bolih dibanggakan.

TETAPI kerana
.... Perkara2 yang MEMALUKAN kita dan
DUNIA LUAR nampak jelas ,dan tahu ,apa yang telah berlaku DAN MEREKA  hairan , mengapa pihak berkuasa kita di Malaysia , tidak bertindak..

Sebenarnya, pihak berkuasa di Malaysia sendiri ‘TAHU DAN NAMPAK’ tetapi mengamalkan SIKAP:

SIKAP saperti ini iaitu . ...

Mereka bertanya MANA PERGINYA:
 ⁃ Tidak kah sepatutnya MEREKA2 INI bertindak MELINDUNGI HAK RAKYAT?
 ⁃ Meng- ‘YA’-kan serta SETUJU semua yang di luahkan olih ‘orang2  atasan’ - sama ada BETUL ATAU SALAH


KITA TIDAK PERLU sentimental dan ‘setia’ kapada Parti atau sesiapa  INDIVIDU
KITA JANGAN SEKALI KALI merasa ‘Terhutang Budi’ semata2 KERANA DAPAT:
 ⁃ Kenaikan ELAUN dan GAJI
 ⁃ di beri HADIAH dan buah tangan..BERBAGAI BENTUK...
       ......cermin mata
       ......air botol dan biskut
       .......beras dan gula
      ........ Envelop berisi wang
SEMUA wang yang dibelanjakan olih MANA2 KERAJAAN, DATANGNYA DARI RAKYAT!  Iaitu sendiri...
 * CUKAI..cukai Pendapatan, Cukai Syarikat, Cukai Tanah
 *. GST ( RAKYAT bayar...kemudian Kerajaan bagi derma..dan guna bayar Hutang )
  * BAYARAN2 yang dikenakan olih Jabatan2 tertentu
 * Dan LAIN2 lagi


FIKIRLAH akan KESAN semua ini kapada MASA DEPAN ANAK CUCU  kita..

..... hanya kerana diberi KENAIKAN PANGKAT, GAJI dan DIBERI BONUS? Serta di beri hadiah dan gula2


PEMBERIAN2 ITU HANYA JANGKA PENDEK dan mendatangkan faedah kepada kita secara peribadi.

....akan melanda negara BERTAHUN2 LAMANYA.

Sampai ke generasi selepas kita...
GENERASI KITA akan luput..


Rafidah Aziz Malaysian Citizen

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Dr. Mahathir dan kebodohan media umno

Dr. Mahathir dan kebodohan media umno

Mengapa serangan media umno terhadap Tun Dr. Mahathir ibarat menikam umno sendiri? Dengarkan rumusan oleh Bekas Pengarah Pusat Kajian Demokrasi dan Pilihan Raya Universiti Malaya (UMCEDEL), Profesor Datuk Dr Mohammad Redzuan Othman di atas
Source:  jebatmustdie

Apabila Speaker Bertindak Sebagai Penapis Umno/BN

A Kadir Jasin

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

MENGAPAKAH Speaker (Umno) Dewan Rakyat, (Tan Sri) Pandikar Amin Mulia (PAM), begitu takut untuk membenarkan isu mengenai 1MDB, Jho Low dan Pegawai Nombor Satu Malaysia (MO1) dibahaskan dalam dewan yang mulia itu?

Pandikar Amin Mulia: Jangan sampai dimakan sumpah
Kalau dia seorang Speaker yang tidak berat sebelah dan ditambah pula seorang pendekar, seorang yang sentiasa aman lagi mulia mengapakah dia begitu takut, tidak aman dan kurang mulia apabila berdepan dengan isu 1MDB, Jho Low dan MO1?

[Komen "Anonymous” tidak akan disiarkan. Tolong guna nama sebenar atau samaran.]

Sikap “protective” dia terhadap isu 1MDB, Jho Low dan MO1 menjadikannya pelindung dan pembela skandal 1MDB, Jho Low, MO1 serta pesubahat mereka.

Kerana sikap dialah, rakyat jelata amnya dan pengundi khasnya disekat daripada memanfaatkan dewan yang mulia itu untuk bertanya soalan dan berbahas mengenai isu 1MDB, Jho Low, MO1 dan, yang terbaru, penahanan kepal mewah Jho Low, Equanimity.

Kapal super mewah itu adalah harta haram terbaru yang dirampas oleh Jabatan Kehakiman Amerika (DoJ). Ia adalah antara harta yang dibeli oleh Jho Low dan anak tiri Najib, Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz, di Amerika dan di banyak negara lagi menggunakan duit selewang 1MDB.

Oleh sebab PAM tidak mempamerkan keberanian seorang pendekar, ketenangan seorang yang amin dan kemuliaan seorang berkedudukan tinggi, maka terpaksalah kita membawa keluar isu 1MDB, Jho Low, MO1 dan rompakan aset negara daripada dewan yang mulai ke mahkamah pendapat umum (the court of public opinion).

Untuk itu, saya perturunkan beberapa soalan yang dikemukakan oleh Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Harapan (PH) yang ditolak atau disekat oleh PAM.

Misalnya empat daripada lima soalan untuk jawapan lisan yang ditanya oleh AP HP Sepang, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin, ditolak.

Soalan-soalan itu ditujukan kepada Perdana Menteri, (Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil) Mohd Najib Abdul Razak dan timbalannya, (Datuk Seri) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Mohamed Hanipa, antara lain bertanya kepada Mohd Najib dalam kapasitinya sebagai Menteri Kewangan mengapakah dengan tiba-tiba pendirian kerajaan atau 1MDB bertukar dengan persetujuan untuk membayar kepada IPIC sedangkan sebelum penyelesaian prosiding timbangtara di Mahkamah London Timbangtara Antarabangsa itu, Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Kedua pada 1 Ogos 2016 telah dilaporkan berkata yang 1MDB akan melawan dan tidak akan membayar tuntutan IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company) dan anak syarikatnya, Aabar Investment PJS sebanyak US$6.5 bilion di London itu.

Kapal super mewah Jho Low yang dibeli dengan duit curi 1MDB
Menurut laporan media alternatif, AP PH telah bertanya sekurang-kurangnya sembilan soalan tetapi dihalang atau tidak dilayan oleh PAM.

Parlimen adalah badan pembuat undang-undang tertinggi di negara kita dan tempat di mana segala permasalahan negara dan rakyat jelata sepatutnya dibentang dan dibahaskan.

Tetapi oleh sebab kuasa tertinggi di Parlimen, khususnya di Dewan Rakyat, iaitu PAM memilih untuk menjadi penapis bagi pihak Umno/Barisan Nasional, maka kebebasan dan kesucian dewan yang mulia itu telah tercemar.

Kerana 1MDB, Jho Low dan MO1 punya hal bukan sahaja negara serta rakyat jelata menanggung risiko dan beban hutang puluhan bilion ringgit malah kemuliaan dewan turut ternoda.


Monday, 5 February 2018


Sebagai orang yang ada otak dan berpelajaran, lebih baik dari suharli, cencaluk (SPM) atau tarantula (SRP) saya juga ada ditanya oleh rakan² umno, apakah saya tidak nampak apa kebaikan dan kemajuan yang dibawa oleh najib.

Saya jawab dalam bahasa biasa yang mudah, asasnya pembangunan adalah tanggungjawab mana² kerajaan yang telah dipilih oleh rakyat, harus ada perasaan tidak puas dan tidak cukup atas apa yang telah dibangunkan, jauh sekali mengungkit dan mendabik dada.

Pembangunan mesti setimpal dengan amaun yang dibelanjakan, tiada korup dan ketirisan sepanjang proses pembangunan.

Saya dapat melihat pembangunan yang telah dibangunkan oleh kerajaan tetapi dalam masa yang sama juga melihat bagaimana ianya tidak berhemah, kroni, korup, boros dan overspend hingga melibatkan pertambahan hutang yang keterlaluan dan pembangunan yang akhirnya memberi bebanan dan tekanan kepada rakyat.

Apa nama pembangunan jika pertambahan peluang pekerjaan tidak selari. Berapa puluh ribu peluang pekerjaan disediakan 1mdb ??? berbanding dengan Proton..

Saya juga tidak terlepas pandang tentang 2.6B yang masuk ke akaun peribadi najib yang pada awalnya dia berbohong tidak tahu dan menafikan?

Saya juga tidak terlepas pandang untuk mengingati bagaimana Myhyiddin dan Mukhriz dipecat sekadar bertanya tentang 1mdb... Dan akhirnya najib mengaku lemah,  salahurus dan gagal...

Tidak juga mahu lupakan begitu sahaja, malah mahu tahu motif sebenar Peguam Negara yang sihat dipecat.

Pendekan cerita, tanya lagi rakan² umno kepada saya, tidakkah saya sedar kerajaan sekarang berjanji dan telah mengistiharkan beberapa lagi cadangan pelan ekonomi dan pembangunan yang melibatkan billion dan billion untuk kesejahteraan rakyat.

Saya bagitahu mereka secara bertanya , tunjukan saya satu pemimpin BN atau satu menteri yang cakapnya boleh di pakai/dipercayai.??!? Jawabnya NONE/TIADA...

Jadi apa perlu lagi saya ambil peduli dan peka kepada janji dan impian kerajaan yang sudah tiada integriti.
Lebih lebih lagi semua itu lebih kepada gula gula pilihanraya dan kerajaan itu sudah tidak akan ujud lagi selepas PRU14 kelak.

Vedio di atas dan banyak lagi vedio² lain memperkatakan bagaimana negara diurus secara salah dan memalukan oleh pemimpin yang lemah dan korup.

Criminal Case Looms In US, 'Sue you next Tuesday' loyar fumbles MOI case.

Folks, recall about SIX MONTHS AGO :

  • The FBI and the US Dept of Justice told a US District Court that they are stopping the civil suit in the matter of 1MDB, MO1, the step son and others and wish to pursue a criminal case. 
  • The US District Court allowed the DOJ's application  but told them to report back on their progress in SIX MONTHS. 
  • That SIX MONTHS is due soon, as early as February 8th, 2018 ie next Thurs (or maybe later in early March).

So when the hearing continues again, the Court will hear the results of the FBI's criminal  investigations and make a decision if the case shall continue as a criminal proceeding or revert back to the civil suit. 

It is not likely that the FBI / DOJ will be unable to prove their case for criminal proceedings - if that is what they wish to do. As I have stated before these kampong boys have left an evidence and document trail wider than the hippo's butt.

Here is a refresher video :

Link :

It is also likely that in a criminal case, there will be no more use of anonymous acronyms like MO1. Imagine MO1's identity being confirmed in a US District Court hearing about corruption, kleptocracy and thievery? The elections are around the corner. 

Imagine MOI's butt lickers running around KL checking out the backdoor exits for every Indian thosai shop,  every Starbucks,  shopping malls, the Batu Caves Temple etc.  Just in case MO1 has to exit in a hurry to avoid the Press. 

Anyway, here is more news about MO1's  1MDB scandal. 

Court orders PM, 1MDB to enter defence in suit against IPIC settlement
Najib, (1MDB), govt to enter defence in suit re 1MDB settlement with (IPIC).

High Court decision to dismiss application for  stay to file defence
parties would not suffer prejudice filing defence, 6 months since suit filed

youth group (GANT1) filed suit July last year.

judge stated no statement under oath that award between IPIC / 1MDB under OSA
court given defendants Feb 9 to file defence

lawyer Datuk "Sue You Next Tuesday" to file against order

Jan 9, Court dismissed application to strike out on grounds GANT1 no jurisdiction 

GANT1 seeking order IPIC/1MDB agreement on May 11 declared invalid
to compel Najib, govt,  1MDB provide detailed accounts of ALL money 
to return payments wrongly paid to IPIC, Aabar, Aabar BVI ETC

US$1.2B loan and US$3.54B cash to several entities
IPIC claimed it never received any payment from 1MDB

1MDB paid money to Aabar BVI 
IPIC said Aabar BVI did not belong to it

My comments :  So now, at last there is a case for the thieves to answer in a Malaysian Court.

This case is really embarrassing for the Malaysian AG as well as the SPRM.

The AG said there was no case to answer over 1MDB.

What is the SPRM doing?  
Well for one thing the SPRM Boss just married "that woman". 
Have you all seen those wedding pictures? 
Selamat Pengantin Baru Tuan.
Pandai mengorat bini orang.
Jangan lupa bini tua ok. 

You really cannot expect much from these boys.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

THE DICTATOR - chedet (Tun Mahathir)

THE DICTATOR - chedet (Tun Mahathir)

1. People and the media never fail to point out that I was a dictator. I presided over an authoritarian Government of Malaysia for 22 years. Any mention of my name must be preceded or followed with the qualification “dictator”.
2. Looking back now, I realise why, as Prime Minister of Malaysia I was described as a dictator. There were many things I did which were typically dictatorial.

3. Actually I showed this tendency very early. Upon being appointed as Minister of Education, the first command I made was for the “Menteri” plate above the number plate of my official car to be ripped off. Maybe I feared assassination. I don’t know. But, unlike other democratic ministers I did not have the “Menteri” plate on my car.

4. I also demanded for a six men police escort. But they told me that a minister gets only one plain-clothed policeman. I warned them to wait until I became Prime Minister.

5. When I became Prime Minister I demanded for UTK (Special Forces) plainclothes escorts as well as ten outriders. They gave me only four. It was really not enough. I felt very unsafe. I had to look right and left and also behind to identify assailants early. Now that I am not the Prime Minister, you will not see my numerous bodyguards. This is because they are invisible.

6. In America I was surrounded by six burly secret service men. If anyone shot at me they would take the bullet. President Kennedy was almost saved by them. President Reagan was more lucky. I wanted the same body-guards at home. But there were no six-footers in Malaysia to absorb the bullets. I have to make-do with smallish Malay policeman.

7. Now I dare not get into a crowd. I don’t shake hands and selfies are not allowed. My invisible bodyguards check all cameras and hand phones of those who get within 10 feet from me.

8. As Education Minister I demanded that schools must not be named after me. All my democratic predecessors had schools named after them. One even had a school named after his wife.

9. I did not want schools to be named after me because dictators normally do not like personality cults. So when I became Prime Minister I did not allow my name to be attached to any building, road or public toilets. Now the Najib Government is doing me a favour. Reference to me in text books have been erased. Thank you Najib for being such a democrat.

10. To continue the narration about my dictatorship, upon being appointed Prime Minister I ordered the release of 21 political detainees, detained under ISA by my predecessors. This release was of course the tradition with dictators. Previous democratic PMs did not release any detainees. They in fact added more because that was the democratic thing to do.

11. But what about Ops Lalang. Well, Tun Hanif is on video to say that it was his decision. He was my security adviser and he said I could not countermand him. He says that as my security adviser, he decides.

12. It is not true of course. I went over his head and ordered as many people as possible to be detained and tortured. If he denies it must be because of bran. Still he does not seem to like bran.

13. Then there is Tan Sri Abu Talib, the AG in my time. He recently declared that I was not responsible for Tun Salleh Abas’ dismissal. This just cannot be true. Everyone saw how I caught hold of Salleh Abas by the scruff of his neck and threw him out of his court. I don’t know why Abu Talib should deny popular belief. Maybe I gave him bran. I don’t remember.

14. As wife of Prime Minister, Hasmah was also known as FLOMH (First Lady of my house). She was fond of pink diamonds and Hermes handbags.

15. She bought many of them in the flea markets in London and Hong Kong. She wore them around her neck, arms and fingers every day. There are lots of pictures of her, loaded with expensive jewels. No one can fail to notice that she was the wife of a dictator. She also has a food taster.

16. My children held high posts in the Government and UMNO. They naturally got Government contracts which they sold at good prices. That is why they are among the super rich. Unknown to anyone, Mukhriz has been appointed PH’s Deputy Prime Minister in waiting.

17. I set up five heavy industries and pocketed a good percentage of the capital. The money is kept in secret accounts in numerous banks. The accounts are so secret that I myself don’t know which bank. Not to worry. The police will find out. Another RCI can be set up.

18. Tun Abdullah and Tun-to-be Najib conducted a search for the money I had stolen. So far they have not been able to trace any. But not to be disappointed, Najib discovered that 30 billion Ringgit was lost by Bank Negara 30 years ago. Since I was the Prime Minister at that time, it must have been me who had stolen the money. So he set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry and sure enough I was found guilty.

19. I inherited from Tun Hussein a Boeing 737 business jet. It was big and expensive. So I decided to sell it and buy a smaller aircraft. I believe the savings went into my secret account. I don’t know where. There should be a police investigation.

20. As a dictator I made sure the Prime Minister’s residence in Putrajaya had a tunnel connecting it to KLIA. If anything happened I could escape through this tunnel to a waiting plane. Until now the tunnel cannot be found.

21. With the money I had stolen, I built two private palaces in Country Heights and the Mines. They are surrounded by high walls and guarded 24 hours a day by security forces. I also have fierce dogs. Anyone visiting me is frisked for weapons.

22. When I was about to retire, some people suggested that they build a memorial library for me. All American Presidents have memorial libraries.

23. I commanded as a true dictator that the memorial be dedicated to previous Prime Ministers also. I instructed that it be called the Perdana Leadership Foundation. The great achievements of all previous Prime Ministers must be kept there. Of course my record as a dictator is preserved for eternity there. All the valuable gifts given to me as PM, including 26 cars, are kept in the Galleria in Langkawi. Unfortunately the Government refuse to return them to me.

24. There are many other authoritarian acts perpetrated by me. But, to cut a long story short, as a true dictator I decided to resign. All dictators do this. Hitler and Mussolini unfortunately died before they could resign. Franco of Spain and Salazar of Portugal were about to resign when they died.

25. But I was lucky. I was able to resign before I die. This confirms that I was a true dictator. I ordered some ministers to rush up to me and cry when I made the announcement.

26. No one should know about all my authoritarian acts. It is sufficient just to state that I was a dictator. If asked why you say I was a dictator, just say everyone said so before. Therefore it must be true.

27. So carry on calling me an authoritarian dictator, a Mahazalim and Mahafiraun, who was undemocratic, and has become super rich through corruption. It is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

source : chedet 

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Ini adalah sebahagian daripada teks ucapan Hang Jebat yang pada awalnya dianggap hilang terbakar di dalam kapal Belanda “Le Fluer” ketika dalam perjalanan dari Melaka ke Bengkulen. Dan di temui semula di University of Leiden pada tahun 1992. Teks asal masih tersimpan di dalam arkib University of Leiden.

Ini adalah sebahagian daripada teks ucapan Hang Jebat yang pada awalnya dianggap hilang terbakar di dalam kapal Belanda “Le Fluer” ketika dalam perjalanan dari Melaka ke Bengkulen. Dan di temui semula di University of Leiden pada tahun 1992. Teks asal masih tersimpan di dalam arkib University of Leiden.______________________________________

“Wahai orang-orang Melaka, apabila kamu merasa tidak puas hati atau tidak berkenan akan sesuatu maka hendaklah kamu memberitahu kepada anak isteri kamu, kaum keluarga kamu, sahabat taulan kamu, jiran tetanga kamu, orang-orang kampung kamu. Janganlah hendaknya tidak ada orang yang tidak kamu beritahu akan rasa geram hati kamu dan amarah kamu itu.

Maka hendaklah kamu kumpulkan anak bini kamu, sanak-saudara kamu, sahabat taulan kamu, jiran tetangga kamu, orang kampung kamu, kumpulkan semua orang-orang Melaka dan bawalah berita itu hendaknya ke Lubuk China hingga ke Tanjung Tuan hingga ke Linggi hingga hendaknya sampai ke Rembau Labu dan Lukut dan hendaknya sampailah berita ini hingga ke Seri Menanti.

Bawalah berita ini kepada Jakun dan Biduanda, Semelai dan Sakai agar hendaknya mereka sama mendengar kematian Tun Hukum dibunuh Raja Melaka difitnah Sang Kitul difitnah Sang Linggam anak cucu Nina Manikam. Hendak-hendaknya mereka akan bersama kita menyumpit yang jahat membuluh yang zalim.

Wahai orang-orang Melaka pada malam ini di atas Bukit China maka berjanjilah kita semua dan ingat mengingatilah kita semua bahawasanya kematian Tun Hukum itu akan membawa bencana ke atas negeri Melaka.

Wahai-orang Melaka apabila kamu merasa tidak puas hati maka kamu beraraklah dan berjamonglah beramai-ramai menuju ke istana. Maka hendaklah kamu mengepung istana dan jika sekiranya di jalan kamu bertemu sesiapa sahaja maka ajaklah mereka datang bersama-sama untuk pergi mengepung istana. Jika sekiranya kamu bertemu Juak dan Sida istana maka hendaklah kamu duduk bicara menerangkan angkara yang amarah kamu yang amat sangat terhadap raja.

Hendaklah kamu membawa gendang dan palu agar raja yang sentiasa beradu akan bangun dan bertanya apakah angkara orang Melaka dimalam hari hingar dan bising. Apakah angkara hingar dan bising mengganggu beta yang sedang nyenyak beradu.

Wahai orang-orang Melaka berkumpul dan beraraklah kita pada malam ini ke istana. Amarah kamu itu adalah amarah aku juga. Amarah aku itu adalah amarah seluruh roh di Bukit China. Amarah kamu itu adalah amarah cucu-cicit Penghulu Tanjung Keling. Amarah kamu ini adalah amarah cucu-cicit Wan Empok Wan Melini anak cucu-cicit dari Bukit Seguntang Mahameru.

Wahai orang-orang Melaka pada malam ini panglima kita telah segak siaga anak cucu-cicit Penghulu Sidata Tanjung Keling, anak cucu-cicit Hang Li Po dan Panglima Besar Tun Bersih. Bersama-sama sebahulah kamu wahai orang-orang Melaka.

Inilah janji aku kepada kamu wahai orang-orang Melaka, bukan janji aku untuk menjadi raja bukan janji aku untuk menjadi tuan. Di atas Bukit China ini seperti Musa di atas Bukit Sinai seperti Isa di atas Bukit Zaiton inilah aku Jebat anak cucu-cicit Wan Empok Wan Melini dari Bukit Seguntang Mahameru asal usul keturunan aku Raja Suran yang turun ke laut anak cucu kepada Iskandar Zulkarnian maka marilah kita bersama-sama mengepung istana raja Melaka.

Akulah Jebat yang akan diingat hendak-hendaknya oleh seru sekelian alam dengan kata-kata Raja Adil Raja Di Sembah Raja Zalim Raja di Sanggah. Marilah kita bersama-sama berarak pada malam ini dan ketika ini dengan obor jamong dan pelita mengepung Istana Raja.”