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[a very critical thinking article...scholars input and advise required...] ... Enacting Harsh Laws Makes Us Less Islamic by Farouk Musa

[a very critical thinking article...scholars input and advise required...] ... Enacting Harsh Laws Makes Us Less Islamic by Farouk Musa

This is taken from FMT here :

It is a commentary by Dr Farouk Musa about  the sharia, the hudud, the RUU355 and so on.  My comments follow.

Much has been debated about the amendments to the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965. A massive demonstration in support of the bill was held last Saturday and tensions are running high.

PAS has insisted that the main aim of the proposed amendment is not to introduce hudud but to strengthen the shariah laws and shariah courts.

But if that is true, then PAS for sure must have identified the weaknesses. To the general observer, the weaknesses are apparent and appalling.

Just look at the number of cases of women abandoned by their husbands and children denied their maintenance. Or the prolonged cases of fasakh (annulment of marriage). These cases sometimes take years to resolve, if they are ever settled. Most of the time, it is due to the failure of the men to show up in court. And most of the time this is deliberate; they want to “teach a lesson” to the women.

This is a clear manifestation of injustice. It is injustice committed in the shariah courts and in the name of Islam, with no foreseeable remedy. If indeed one really wants to strengthen the shariah system, wouldn’t it be more meaningful to strengthen the Islamic Family Law? This is a law that falls under the ambit of the shariah courts. When one has failed to strengthen this aspect of the law, it looks rather foolish and irresponsible to focus on criminal matters to increase the severity of punishments.

Why this preoccupation with severe punishments? Even if one argued that the amended version proposed in November 2016 is deemed constitutional since it did not have the same over-arching principle that intrudes into the Federal Constitution as in the May 2016 amendment, why the need for harsh punishments? Will they really “strengthen” the shariah law and shariah courts when we know for sure that the glaring weaknesses are not being tackled?

Wouldn’t the religion of Islam look more just when the so-called guardians of the faith fight for the rights of the abandoned wives and neglected children? And does the imposition of such harsh laws make us more Islamic in the eyes of God? We have to ask ourselves, were we not imbued with the notion that the most noble thing to be done is to dispense justice?

In this regard, a renowned student of Ibn Taimiyyah, Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, in his book I’lam al-Muwaqi’in, said: “The foundation of shariah is wisdom and the safeguarding of people’s interest in this world and in the next. In its entirety, it is justice, mercy, and wisdom.”

Every rule which turns justice into tyranny, mercy into cruelty, good into evil, and wisdom into triviality, does not belong to the shariah, even though it might have been introduced therein by implication.

“The shariah is God’s justice and mercy. Life, nutrition, medicine, recuperation and virtue are made possible by it. Every good that exists is derived from it, and every deficiency is the result of its loss and dissipation. For the shariah, which God entrusted to His Prophet to transmit, is the pillar of the world and the key to success and happiness in this world and the next.”

It becomes obvious then that the ultimate aim of shariah, like the aim and purpose of any law in the world, is to establish justice and to preserve and promote human welfare. And since the shariah did not come to us in a codified form, it requires our human agency to approximate God’s justice. And as humans, we might err. But to err in approximating God’s justice is better than to enforce something because it is believed to be the will of God.

We should not gravitate into becoming a Taliban state by imposing harsh shariah criminal laws when we have failed to solve mundane issues such as divorce and alimony in our shariah courts, or more pressing issues like economic equality and good governance.

When some people are still living in makeshift tents after the floods of two years ago, when clean and colourless water is still a main problem even after twenty years under our rule, and when many of our youths are still unemployed with a high rate of intravenous drug users among them, to prioritise pushing for harsher penalties for personal offences only proves that we have failed to understand Fiqh Awlawiyyat, or the jurisprudence of priorities, in decision-making.

Does lashing someone a hundred times for fornication make us the warriors of Islam or defenders of the laws of God?

The Prophet himself was very reluctant to impose a hadd punishment to an adulterer who made a confession. When Ma’iz al-Aslami confessed his act of adultery to the Prophet, the Prophet refused to engage him in conversation and turned his face away.

While we acknowledge there are variations in the report, what transpired was that the Prophet finally asked, after avoiding Ma’iz the fourth time, whether Ma’iz was sane. Then he asked whether Ma’iz really knew what fornication meant or “you only kissed her or, or winked at her, or checked her out?” Lastly, the Prophet asked Ma’iz or his people if he had ever been married.

These three elements plus the Prophet’s act of turning his face away from Ma’iz can only be interpreted as an extreme reluctance to apply the hadd punishment. The Prophet’s intention was clearly to allow Ma’iz to rethink and to be left alone so that he could repent.

Now compare this noble attitude of the Prophet to that of the Talibans in PAS today. Mercy and compassion are alien to them, although mercy is traditionally considered to be the all-pervasive objective of the shariah.

Looking at the political situation in this country and the timing for such a divisive issue to take place, leads us to one main conclusion – that the main beneficiary from this commotion is none other than the ruling government.

And looking at the political situation in this country, and the timing for such a divisive issue to take place, leads us to one main conclusion. That the main beneficiary from this commotion is none other than the ailing and corrupt government of Najib Razak. This issue is practically a lifeline to the despotic regime. And this issue will be blown out of proportion in order to drown the growing criticisms against financial malfeasance and kleptocratic authoritarianism of the government of the day.

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa is director Islamic Renaissance Front, a think-tank promoting reform and renewal in Muslim thought.

My comments :  Readers who may have read this report in FMT will note that the last paragraph above (highlighted in yellow) is missing. It was "edited" out. 

Dr Farouk sent it to me separately via email.

My view is this. 
Call it what you want ie sharia, hudud, Islamic law etc. 
These are just names. 
They are not from the Quran.

The words shariah and hudud appear in the Quran, including this phrase 'tilka hududillah' (these are the hudud of Allah) which appears TWELVE TIMES in the Quran.

But none of the shariah or hudud words mentioned in the Quran has anything to do with the shariah, hudud or so called Islamic laws of the religious people. Isnt that strange?

It is also super high time that the Muslim people stop being lazy and start doing some critical reading and research to determine if indeed the sharia and hudud laws are 'god's laws'.

Because other than the quickie, single word baits like "hudud" and "sharia" to hook the villagers, even the smallest scratching below the surface of these two words exposes the contradictions, divergences, differences and arguments among the religious people. 

The hudud and shariah of the religious folks is 100% sectarian. 
It differs greatly among the sects. 
And when you go into the details, it differs even more greatly.

Here are some simple examples. 

1.  The cutting the hands of the thief differs between the sects in things like determining the minimum value of the stolen objects that warrants cutting the hands.   

According to some sects a minimum value of  x is required in the stolen object before the hands can be cut. In other sects the amount could be greater than x.

So whether you lose your hands or not depends on the sect which is in authority in your area of thievery. So to all potential thieves, choose your country carefully.

The question for Muslims to start thinking about is "Is this god's law or is it just sectarian law?" 

2.   In Afghanistan they punished homosexuals by "dropping" a wall on the guilty. But there is no SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) about the size, thickness, height and material of the wall. 

The Taliban once used an old Soviet tank to push a brick wall over a homosexual. The guy survived the "brick wall" and was allowed to go home to recuperate.

So homosexuals, avoid countries that have advanced concrete industries.

The question for Muslims to start thinking about is "Is this god's law or is it just sectarian law?" 

3.    In Iran, they believe that homosexuals should be punished by dropping them off high places like a cliff.   In one case, they didnt have a vertical cliff nearby. But they did have a helicopter.  Needless to say, the homosexual was killed.

So homosexuals in Iran should avoid places with helicopters. It is safer for them to hang around places with low lying hills. 

The question for Muslims to start thinking about is "Is this god's law or is it just sectarian law?" 

4.    Now in Malaysia no less than the Federal Court has upheld the ruling that NON MUSLIMS cannot become lawyers in Sharia courts.  Of course the judges in Sharia courts also must be Muslim - this is what they say.

But did you know that NON MUSLIMS also cannot be witnesses in a sharia court?   

Can this be "god's law" ?

Lets say a Muslim robber breaks into a non Muslim home and robs a family of four non Muslims.  After the robbery the victims call the Police and lodge a Police report. 

Say the robber is caught. 

BUT lo and behold, there is a Sharia court nearby.

So the case goes to the sharia court. The non Muslim victims cannot be witnesses. And there are NO OTHER witnesses.The case will be dismissed. The robber walks free. What kind of justice is this?

Eventually, so as not to waste time, the Police will not even entertain any Police report involving robbery (a sharia offence) where the victims are NON MUSLIM.  It is just wasting time.

The question for Muslims to start thinking about is "Is this god's law or is it just sectarian law?" 

5.   Then they changed 'god's law'. Somewhere along the line  the religious people changed their sharia law. Somewhere in history, some sects allowed NON MUSLIM DOCTORS to appear as expert witnesses in the sharia courts. 

(There could have been cases where death was involved and a physician was also involved who may not have been a Muslim doctor.)

So an exception was made where NON MUSLIM doctors could become 'expert' witnesses in a sharia court.  So they changed god's law.

Even then some sects argued that even NON MUSLIM doctors cannot be allowed as witnesses in Sharia courts. And the arguments go on until today.  

The question for Muslims to start thinking about is "Is this god's law or is it just sectarian law?" 

Conclusion : What is the conclusion? The conclusion is all you Muslim people just do not read. You do not  know jack s__t about your own religion or about what is going on with your religious people. 

This is the problem. 
You people just do not read.    
Go and read lah.  
It is so easy now. 
Just use your smart phone.

As an example just Google  'Non Muslims cannot be witnesses in Shariah courts'. You will get something like this :

Then you just click, click and click and read.  

Dont surrender your brains to the retards. 

[chedet ...] ...PROTON

[chedet ...] ...PROTON 11


1. I am sad that Proton is to be sold to foreign companies. Having a strategic partner is ok. But once Proton is sold to foreigners it will cease to be a national car. It will just be producing foreign cars in Malaysia. That is something we have been doing since the 1970s.

2. Proton may not be profitable now. But it was very profitable before. Admittedly it was because it was protected. But even after protection ceased it was profitable. All countries protect their automotive industry. It may not be through high import duties. But there are other ways of preventing imports from challenging locally made cars. These other ways are actually much more effective and can result in excluding foreign-makes completely. That is why Proton cannot be exported to these countries. We are very generous. Anybody can export their cars to this country. Sub-standard cars too can be imported.

3. I am out of Proton now. Since then I have not been allowed to even meet or speak or phone Proton staff.

4. That is alright.

5. My fear is that if we do not own Proton anymore the Malaysian automotive industry will suffer a great loss.

6. The vendors and suppliers of components will close shop. Lots of workers will lose their jobs. And Malaysia’s engineering capacity will be reduced. It will not be a developed country in 2020 or later. Malaysia will remain a third world developing country.
7. Once upon a time Malaysia was called an Asian Tiger. Today Malaysia is not even a pussycat. We have become one of the ten most corrupt countries in the world.

Syabas! Najib.

source : chedet

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The Making of China Monopoly in Malaysia

The Making of China Monopoly in Malaysia

A Kadir Jasin

WHEN Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned of the dangers of being too dependent on China economically and militarily, the pro-Najib propaganda machines pounded on him.

[REMINDER. Anonymous comments will not be published.]

But the proofs to his warning are everywhere. China treats every nation that owes it money as its slave and subordinate. It’s a harsh indictment but it’s true.

China’s way of doing business in monopolistic and is founded on the concept of “China first” – a throwback of ancient times when the Chinese believed they were the centre of the earth.

Dr Mahathir’s fear that China companies and workers would monopolize China-funded projects in our country is not unfounded.

See what I found in Penang as I went hunting for “teh tarik” in the vicinity of Jalan Pengkalan Weld a few days ago?

Look at the picture below.

Bank of China signboard in Penang
What do you see?

You see a very tastefully done signboard announcing the rehabilitation work of a heritage building that will soon become the Penang branch of the Malaysian incorporated Bank of China (BoC).

Except for the bank’s Chinese name, the signboard uses bahasa Melayu and English.

But look carefully at the companies involved in the “pemuliharaan” (rehabilitation) project. Remember, this in a small, everyday construction project.

Who is the principal architect? Lo and behold it’s none other than the Pei Partnership Architects of Park Avenue, New York. The principal of Pei Partnership is none other than the China-born Ieoh Ming Pei of the Le Grand Louvre fame.

Had it been a lesser known foreign architect of Chinese origin, I would have suspected that the BoC is subtly engaging in racial chauvinism of global proportion.

China born Pei and his Le Grand Louvre
But with Pei as the principal architect, I salute the BoC instead. Those of us who know who I.M. Pei and his world famous structures, cannot fault BoC for the choice.

I cannot say much about the rest of the professional groups contracted by BoC for the project. They sound Malaysian enough.

Now look carefully at the last column that says “contractor”. Remember this is not a billion ringgit job; maybe at the most RM15 million. But who is the contractor?

It’s the China State Construction Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd.

This Malaysian incorporated company is the subsidiary of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, which according to Wikipedia, is the 3rd largest construction company in the world and the 20th largest general contractor in terms of overseas sales.

It was founded in 1957 (the year we became independent), has its headquarters in Beijing and its parent organization is the Asset Supervision and Administration of the State Council.

State Council is the chief administrative authority of the People's Republic of China.

So if the contract for a sundry, everyday project like the rehabilitation and conversion of a heritage building into a bank premise is given to a China company, would China award the RM50-billion East Coast Railway Line (ECRL) and other billion-ringgit projects it has secured in Malaysia to local companies?

Unless we are fools or are commission agents to China companies, we surely know that doing business with China is not the same as doing business with the USA, Europe and Japan. Or for that matter with any country practicing multi-party democracy.

In China there only one party – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) - and it rules supreme. Everybody is answerable to the it and it owns almost all economic and industrial assets in China.

In recent decades the CCP has become the biggest business conglomerate in the world.

CCP is the biggest business conglomerate in the world
It does business with the rest of the world very much like the way it controls the government and the military in China.

Remember again, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is the armed forces of the Communist Party of China. It owes its loyalty to the party.

Wallahuaklam. I am not sure if the Prime Minister,Datuk Seri I Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, and his henchmen and women understand this very simple truth about the real China.

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[ 4 wakil rakyat dap keluar parti ...] ... BN jangan seronok sangat...

[ 4 wakil rakyat dap keluar parti ...] ... BN jangan seronok sangat...

BN jangan seronok sangat bila empat wakil rakyat DAP Melaka keluar parti. Empat orang je pun bukannya 40 orang. Tambah-tambah lagi BN Melaka. Tak ada apa yang menguntungkan bagi BN apabila mereka tinggalkan parti yang dikatakan Dinesti Lim itu.

Lainlah kalau diorang keluar dan masuk BN. Bertambah jugaklah jumlah kerusi di DUN dan Parlimen.

Bagi aku kehilangan tiga daripada enam kerusi DAP dalam DUN Melaka dan satu kerusi Parlimen tidak memberi kesan apa-apa terhadap sokongan orang Cina untuk parti itu. Apatah lagi penggal perkhidmatan mereka pun hampir berakhir.

Pengundi Cina bukan macam orang Melayu. Mereka tidak peduli soal dalaman parti. Apa nak jadi dengan DAP mereka langsung tak ambil kisah. Yang penting apa yang kaum Cina mahu dapat diperjuang oleh parti maka mereka akan beri sokongan.

Kalau tengok sejarah pilihan raya mana ada DAP dapat menang besar sebelum 2008 lepas? Ini semua kerana kaum Cina menilai MCA dan Gerakan yang ada dalam kerajaan BN 'gagal' memenuhi kemahuan mereka. Ambil contoh pengiktirafan sijil UEC.

Dah berpuluh tahun mereka tuntut tetapi MCA mahupun Gerakan gagal 'memujuk' kerajaan diketuai UMNO untuk mengiktirafnya. Sudah tentu kaum Cina berharap jika DAP berjaya merampas Putrajaya dengan bantuan orang Melayu - PKR, PPBM, Pan dan (sangat diharapkan) Pas selain Melayu DAP sendiri.

Jadi sekarang mereka mengharapkan kepada DAP. Apatah lagi sekarang ini mereka sudah dapat melihat 'keupayaan' DAP dalam memperjuangkan kepentingan mereka termasuk isu penolakan RUU355. Orang Cina takut Malaysia jadi macam Afghanistan.

Dan DAP sendiri tidak risau dengan kemelut partinya di Melaka sebab Lim Kit Siang tahu kekuatan DAP bukan terletak pada keempat-empat pemimpin tersebut, tetapi janji untuk menjaga dan memastikan kepentingan kaum Cina tidak tergugat. Itu lebih penting.

Bila sebut hal ni teringat aku dengan lagu cerita Ali Baba Bujang Lapok yang Marjinah tengah bawak apek tukang jahit..

"Ana talak helan, anak talak takut
tapi ana yalan banyak sangkut sangkut..."

Cuma yang aku helan ni pasai apa orang UMNO pulak yang terloncat-loncat keseronokan dengan keluarnya beberapa wakil rakyat DAP daripada parti itu.

Semua pakat nak bagi komen kat surat khabar dari Ahli Majlis Tertinggi sampailah ke Exco Pemuda. Haiya... Lu olang UMNO apa sibuk-sibuk pasai parti orang lain. Lebih baik lu jaga lu punya parti, lu punya kawasan dan lu punya bos maa...

Kalau betul depa semua cabut sebab Lim Kit Siang dah bersekongkol dengan Mahathir, baguslah. Tak usahlah komen banyak-banyak. Diam-diam sudah dan buat kerja masing-masing terutama dan tarik keyakinan rakyat kepada kerajaan.

Bila orang tanya pasal parti sendiri tak pulak berani nak komen. Haishhh... perangai orang UMNO.

[artikel menarik...] ... Sejarah bagaimana orang-orang Melayu menyelamatkan Raja mereka

Sejarah bagaimana orang-orang Melayu menyelamatkan Raja mereka

Harold MacMichael (dua dari kiri)
Harold MacMichael (dua dari kiri)
Hari ini kita belajar sejarah. Supaya rakyat Malaysia dan terutamanya kaum Melayu boleh mengetahui asal-usul dan perjalanan sejarah mereka. Kebanyakkan orang Melayu buta sejarah, mungkin kerana sikap tidak rajin membaca. Jika rajin membaca pun, mungkin hanya membaca berita hiburan atau gossip. Jika membaca sejarah pun, mungkin lebih berminat tentang kisah cinta Hang Tuah bersama Puteri Gunung Ledang (kisah cinta ini pun tidak wujud di dalam sejarah, ia hanyalah ciptaan para penghibur dan tukang karut sahaja).
Hari ini kita belajar tentang asal usul Raja Berperlembagaan di Malaysia. Bagaimana ia terjadi dan mengapa ia terjadi. Umum mengetahui bahawa ia tercetus akibat dari tentangan orang Melayu terhadap ‘Malayan Union’ – satu cadangan British untuk menjadikan Tanah Melayu sebagai jajahan takluk mereka selepas Perang Dunia Kedua yang sekaligus mengakibatkan orang Melayu hilang kuasa ke atas negeri masing-masing dan memaksa mereka dan Raja-Raja mereka mengikut telunjuk seorang Governor British.
Di bawah, adalah cerita latar belakang bagaimana idea dan perjanjian Malayan Union mula-mula berlaku. Ramai yang lupa bagaimana tingkah laku raja-raja Melayu dahulukala menyebabkan Tanah Melayu ini telah diserahkan bulat-bulat kepada penjajah sewenang-wenangnya hanya kerana kebanyakkan raja-raja Melayu dahulu terlalu dangkal dan hanya pentingkan diri sendiri.
Kisah Perjanjian Pangkor yang menyerahkan Perak kepada British (1874), kisah Perjanjian Inggeris – Kedah (1786) yang menyerahkan Pulau Pinang kepada British dan kisah perjanjian Temenggong Abdul Rahman menyerahkan Singapura kepada British dalam tahun 1819 menjadi tauladan kepada kita semua. Ini semua adalah fakta sejarah.
Walau bagaimanapun, oleh kerana orang Melayu bangkit melawan Malayan Union pasca 1946, maka ia terpaksa dibatalkan di dalam tahun 1948. Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia jangan lupa bagaimana kuasa raja-raja Melayu yang sudah hilang itu telah dikembalikan oleh orang Melayu juga.
Kita tidak boleh takut pada sejarah, bahkan kita tidak perlu malu pada sejarah. Apa yang terjadi sudah terjadi dan kita dari generasi yang kemudian ini harus membaiki diri dan melakukan perkara yang betul supaya sejarah yang buruk tidak akan berulang lagi.
Ringkasan perenggan di atas:
  • Sejurus selepas tamat Perang Dunia Kedua, penjajah British telah menangkap dan membuang Sultan Selangor (Sultan Musa Ghiatuddin Riayat Shah) dan menggantikannya dengan adindanya yang lebih muda sebagai pengganti di dalam tahun 1945. Adinda ini akhirnya menjadi Yang DiPertuan Agong ke 2. Nama baginda adalah Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah, iaitu nenda kepada Sultan Selangor sekarang.
  • Pihak penjajah British juga telah memaksa raja-raja dari Perlis dan Terengganu untuk ‘bersara’ awal kerana tidak menyokong British semasa perang dunia yang baru sahaja berakhir ketika itu. Raja Syed Hamzah digantikan dengan Raja Syed Harun Putra manakala Sultan Terengganu yang berhak, Sultan Ali Shah digantikan dengan Sultan Ismail kerana tidak mahu menandatangani perjanjian Malayan Union.
  • Wakil kerajaan British bernama MacMichael diberi kuasa untuk melantik sultan-sultan dan jika mereka tidak mahu menandatangani perjanjian itu, MacMichael boleh melantik mana-mana kerabat raja untuk menurunkan tandatangan.
  • Negeri pertama penjajah British melawat untuk mendapatkan persetujuan Malayan Union adalah negeri Johor, kerana ia adalah negeri terkaya dan sistem kesultanan mereka dicipta oleh British.
  • Ketika bertemu dengan Sultan Ibrahim di Johor Bahru, pihak penjajah British memeterai di dalam sebuah upacara bahawa baginda Sultan adalah Sultan Johor yang rasmi dan menyerahkan dokumen Malayan Union untuk ditandatangan.
  • Pihak British memberi Sultan Ibrahim hanya satu malam untuk membaca dokumen tersebut sementara MacMichael menunggu di dalam rumah tetamu. Sultan Ibrahim membaca dokumen itu tetapi tidak memberi tahu majlis menteri atau badan badan perundangan Johor mengenai isi kandungan dokumen itu.
  • Selepas dua hari, baginda menurunkan tandatangan dan segera bergegas ke negara yang dicintainya iaitu England.
  • MacMichael melaporkan kepada orang atasannya di England bahawa rundingan dengan Sultan Ibrahim berjalan dengan suasana teramat baik dan ramah.
  • Oleh kerana Sultan Ibrahim sudah bersetuju dengan Malayan Union, maka tidak sukar untuk pihak British mendapatkan persetujuan dari sultan-sultan negeri yang lain.
  • Setelah 71 hari, MacMichael mendapat persetujuan kesemua sultan-sultan di Tanah Melayu untuk menubuhkan Malayan Union.
  • Pada January 1946, kertas putih pembentangan bagi pembentukan Malayan Union diterbitkan di London. Ramai orang Melayu di Tanah Melayu tersedar akan bahaya yang akan menimpa mereka dan mula mengkritik perjanjian itu.
  • Ahli-ahli politik Johor yang bersatu di bawah kepimpinan Dato’ Onn Jaafar mengerti akan implikasi Malayan Union iaitu – kuasa negeri akan hilang, yakni negeri-negeri akan diperintah oleh pihak British yang berpusat di Kuala Lumpur, dan kuasa politik Melayu akan berpindah kepada orang cina.
  • Dato’ Onn dan orang Melayu lain mempunyai masalah bagaimana hendak membatalkan tandatangan Sultan Ibrahim.
  • Antara penyelesaiannya adalah – menggantikan Sultan Ibrahim dengan anakandanya. Oleh kerana Sultan Ibrahim sudah berada di London, mereka menghantar telegram kepada baginda yang berbunyi: “Oleh kerana sebab sebab di atas (menyerahkan Johor kepada British), kami orang-orang Melayu di Johor Bahru sebulat suara memutuskan untuk tidak lagi menerima Tuanku sebagai Sultan di negeri ini”.
  • Sebagai tanda mereka ini serius, mereka menubuhkan Kesatuan Melayu Johor yang kemudian harinya bergabung dengan kesatuan-kesatuan Melayu di negeri lain dan menjadi UMNO.
  • Selepas itu, Sultan Ibrahim dan Sultan dari Kelantan adalah yang pertama menukar fikiran mereka. Di London, akibat takut dirinya diturunkan takhta oleh orang-orang Melayu di Johor, Sultan Ibrahim telah menulis surat kepada pejabat British untuk menarik balik sokongannya terhadap Malayan Union.
  • Apabila kesemua sultan-sultan menukar fikiran mereka, barulah orang-orang Melayu boleh menerima semula raja-raja mereka. Tetapi peranan sultan sudah berubah. Mereka bukan lagi fokus utama di dalam politik dan identiti orang Melayu. Sistem yang berkisar kepada sultan-sultan sudah digantikan dengan idea bangsa Melayu.
Secara dasarnya, raja-raja Melayu ketika itu telah dengan rela hati atau secara membuta tuli telah menyerahkan negeri dan kuasa mutlak mereka kepada British. Ini berlawanan sekali dengan sikap Raja England bernama King John di dalam tahun 1215 apabila berkeras tidak mahu menandatangani perjanjian Magna Carta tetapi dipaksa juga oleh para bangsawan untuk mengurangkan kuasa Diraja. Legasi Magna Carta adalah sistem parlimen dan raja berperlembagaan di England.
Bagi orang-orang Melayu 70 tahun dahulu, mengembalikan kuasa raja-raja Melayu yang diambil oleh British adalah penting untuk kelestarian masa depan Melayu. Walaupun kita boleh menjadi negara republik ketika itu, orang-orang Melayu masih sayangkan raja-raja mereka. Tetapi kuasa raja-raja telah disekat oleh orang Melayu sendiri, mungkin agar pisang tidak berbuah dua kali. Mana mungkin kita mahu saksikan lagi raja-raja melayu sesuka hati menjual negeri-negerinya kepada penjajah di masa akan datang?
Maka lahirlah sistem raja berperlembagaan di dalam tahun 1957 apabila Malaysia merdeka. Raja berperlembagaan bermaksud, raja yang berkuasa berdasarkan perlembagaan. Baginda tidak boleh melanggar undang-undang yang termaktub di dalam perlembagaan. Jika dilanggar, undang-undang boleh menyabit kesalahan terhadapnya.
Kata-kata dari KijangMas Perkasa mengingatkan kita semua kepada kekuatan orang-orang Melayu. Kita bukanlah hamba abdi yang perlu mencium tangan dan menyembah raja setiap masa. Adakalanya kita mesti beri nasihat dan menegakkan kebenaran jika ada yang tersasar atau lupa kepada bahaya yang akan menimpa.
Imbas kembali ke pasca Perang Dunia Kedua.
Pihak penjajah menubuhkan Malayan Union pada 1hb April 1946.
Kesemua empat Negeri-Negeri Melayu Bersekutu dan lima Negeri-Negeri Melayu Tidak Bersekutu serta dua Negeri Selat dicantumkan dalam sebuah unit politik dibawah seorang Gabenor penjajah. Kedaulatan Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu dimansuhkan dan kuasa memerintah dihapuskan kecuali dalam bidang adat istiadat Melayu dan agama Islam wilayah masing-masing. Kepala kerajaan wilayah-wilayah Baginda juga jatuh ke tangan Residen-Residen penjajah. Seperti kebanyakan negara terjajah Asia — dari India hingga ke Vietnam — cengkaman kembali penjajah Barat pasca Perang Dunia Kedua menjurus kepada pemansuhan sistem Beraja dan penyatuan negeri-negeri kecil kepada beberapa Republik jajahan berkiblatkan London atau Paris.
Tetapi . . .
Orang Melayu masih mahukan Raja-Raja mereka.
Justeru Orang Melayu menggadai nyawa menentang penjajah untuk mengembalikan pemerintahan Beraja di Tanah Melayu. Hasil perjuangan ini, Malayan Union dibubarkan oleh penjajah dan kuasa serta martabat Raja-Raja Melayu dikembalikan melalui penubuhan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu pada 1hb Februari 1948.
Jadi harus di ingat . . .
Dari 1hb April 1946 hingga 31hb Januari 1948, Tanah Melayu sudah hilang Kedaulatan Raja-Raja nya dan wujud sebagai tanah jajahan mutlak dibawah seorang Gabenor yang berkuasa sebagai Wizurai Raja asing. Tanah Melayu ketika itu sudah terjerumus kearah suatu Republik Kesatuan — Unitary Republic — dibawah naungan Mahkota penjajah.
Dan juga harus difahami . . .
Segala Kedaulatan, Kekebalan, Kemuliaan, Kehormatan dan Kekayaan Institusi Di-Raja SELEPAS terbubarnya Malayan Union adalah hasil perjuangan, pengorbanan, restu dan keringat sekelian Rakyat, khususnya Orang Melayu.
Pertama kali dalam sejarah dunia, sesuatu Bangsa t├ękad menjulang kembali Raja-Raja mereka dan menolak sistem Republik. Orang Melayu sanggup menyerahkan kembali kuasa Rakyat kepada Raja-Raja mereka.
Maka dengan itu . . .
Raja pasca Malayan Union adalah Raja cetusan Rakyat . . . dari Rakyat demi Rakyat untuk Rakyat. Rakyat menjulang kembali Raja-Raja mereka agar Duli-Duli Baginda menjaga kepentingan Rakyat; mempertahankan hak dan maruah Bangsa; memartabatkan adat dan budaya . . . serta menjamin kedaulatan setiap pelusuk tanah air.
Inilah amanah Rakyat buat Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja mereka selaku penaung agama, bangsa dan tanah air . . . dan intipati jalinan antara Raja dengan Rakyat dan Rakyat dengan Raja di Bumi Malaysia dimasa kini.
Raja Payung Rakyat. Rakyat ialah Tiangnya Payung itu.
source : jebatmustdie 

Thursday, 2 February 2017

[hot!! is it true??...] ... Breaking News : MOI's Stolen Bombardier Jet Seized In Singapore ! !

Breaking News : MOI's Stolen Bombardier Jet Seized In Singapore ! !

Someone sent me this :

MO1's Bombardier Jet Bought By JoLo With Money Stolen From Malaysia


The Unites States of America brings this complaint against the above-captioned assets and alleges as follows : PERSONS AND ENTITIES

1. The plaintiff is the United States of America.
2. The defendant in this action is one Bombardier Global 5000 Jet Aircraft (hereinafter, the "Defendant Asset"), more particularly described in Attachment A.
3. The Defendant Asset is titled in the name of Wyton Aviation (Global 5000).

In 2010, Jo Lo used funds traceable to the $700 million wire transfer from 1MDB to the Good Star Account to acquire the BOMBARDIER JET, a Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft bearing manufacturer serial number 9265 and registration number N689WM, with two Rolls Royce engines bearing manufacturer's serial numbers 12487 and 12488, for approximately  US$35,371,335.

The above plane, a Jet Global 5000, N689WM is in a hangar in Singapore Seletar Airport with a "Red Notice"  pasted on the Jet door. 

This is one of the assets that the US Department of Justice is after.

The Malaysian Government is NOT doing anything to get back that Jet bought with OUR 1MDB money.
It is the United States Department of Justice that is trying to recover the billions of dollars fraudulently diverted from 1MDB by multiple individuals including public officials and their associates 

...of which the above Jet is but one of the assets purchased with OUR 1MDB money

...and the United States Department of Justice is doing it on behalf of the Malaysian Rakyat!

What is the Umno led Barisan National Government doing about it?

And who is the numero uno of these Public Officials mentioned by the United States Department of Justice in their legal papers served upon those multiple individuals and public officials?

My comments : I just received this today.  They say that some announcements are expected in Singapore soon. Tick tock, tick tock.  

The mortal wound has already been inflicted. It is now death by a thousand cuts. Slowly but surely. Painfully too.