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Singapore Bites Bullet In Shutting Down BSI Bank

Singapore Bites Bullet In Shutting Down BSI Bank

This is from the Singapore Straits Times:

(BLOOMBERG) - S'pore's shut down of scandal-plagued BSI reverberating 
Spore's clampdown on BSI over ties to 1MDB 
Swiss-based BSI set up shop in Singapore in 2005
MAS on May 24 ordered BSI to shut 
penalties of US$10 million for money-laundering  
also referred six senior BSI execs to public prosecutor 
Swiss action against BSI related to money flows from 1MDB.
most stringent action in three decades 
regulators determined to root out money laundering

BSI's penalties in S'pore linked to 1MDB
1MDB centre of money laundering, embezzlement investigations around world
direct referral of BSI executives to prosecutors 
indicates officers personally accountable for money laundering 
  • BSI introduced 1MDB to Cayman fund that received a US$2.32 b investment 
  • That investment and transactions are subject of criminal probes
  • including those conducted in Singapore.
BSI said it cooperated fully with 1MDB investigations by Singapore and Swis

actions against BSI far exceeded previous punishments for money laundering
In 2014, financial penalties on six financial institutions 
In 2013, five institutions fined between S$12,000 and S$450,000.
clear message that industry needs to ensure soundness of AML compliance

anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, corruption will intensify
MAS move last week cause banks to increase their compliance spending 
costs to curb money laundering reach record US$1.5 b in Asia this year
Asia's US$1.5 trillion private-banking industry 
more spending to keep watch for illicit flows
Singapore only Asian country among the 10 least - corrupt nations 
Transparency International's 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index. 
Singapore No 8 ranking 
Malaysia 54, Indonesia 88 among 168 countries 

My comments :  Singapore has not enough water, they have no natural resources other than a natural harbour. In this scheme of things they only have themselves  - their human resources which they value ever so highly. Hence the only statement (from the above news report) that matters is this :   
Singapore No 8 ranking  in the world corruption index.

They will go to substantial lengths to protect their integrity and their reputation. 

Few people  will know the Singapore president's wife's phone number.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Game over for 1MDB and Najib? – P Gunasegaram

Game over for 1MDB and Najib? – P Gunasegaram

Out of that RM51 billion of assets that 1MDB has, as much as RM33 billion may never be recovered, allegedly embezzled through a number of crooked deals which no Malaysian authority is investigating at the moment.
And if you include other losses such as mispricing of bonds (RM6 billion), overpayment to advisers (RM2 billion) and overpayment for energy assets (RM3 billion), the figure comes up to an astronomical RM44 billion in losses to the country.
No, these are not crazy figures plucked from the air. Here’s how we derived them.
In July last year, it was reported that then deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said that 1MDB’s total debts amounted to RM50 billion. Previous reports cited an asset base of RM51 billion, the higher asset base being due to revaluation of government land acquired cheaply earlier.
That RM50 billion figure remains unchallenged to this day. 1MDB sold its power assets to Chinese interests for just under RM10 billion late last year. The sale has been completed now. Using 1MDB’s own figures, the sale of the power assets, extinguished RM16 billion debt, out of which half was inherited debt, that is debt within the various energy companies.
Take that RM16 billion out of RM50 billion in debt, and the amount remaining is RM34 billion. 1MDB likes to proudly say that it has no more bank debt, but fact is it has tonnes of debt still in the form of bonds – a RM5 billion Islamic term note, RM2.4 billion sukuk, US$3.5 billion (about RM14 billion in two equal bonds, both guaranteed by the International Petroleum Investment Company or IPIC of Abu Dhabi), and US$3 billion (about RM12 billion) in bonds issued with a letter of support from the Malaysian government.
Where has the money taken from these bonds gone? We know that the US$3.5 billion or RM14 billion went, or was supposed to go to IPIC and its subsidiary Aabar Investments PJS. Instead it went into a similar-named company Aabar Investments PJS but incorporated in British Virgin Islands. Why? No one knows. But the money is missing, and neither IPIC/Aabar nor 1MDB know where RM14 billion has gone – or at least that’s what they say.
Next is the US$3 billion or RM12 billion bond. This was supposed to be 1MDB’s 50% contribution into Abu Dhabi Malaysia Investment Co Ltd or ADMIC, a blank cheque investment with no specified investment target. Aabar is supposed to put an equal US$3 billion into the company but there is no indication that it did.
Here’s what the Goldman Sach’s bond document dated March 8, 2013 said: “…it is anticipated that Aabar will not yet have contributed sufficient capital to meet its obligations under the joint-venture agreement. The issuer has no control over Aabar and there can be no assurance that Aabar will meet its funding obligations.”
It is not clear where that RM12 billion went and it may well be at risk. These are treated in detail in this article.
And then the first RM5 billion Islamic medium term notes in 2009 – the one that set it all off. All of it and more was invested – eventually over RM7 billion – in a dubious venture called 1MDB-PetroSaudi Ltd with Saudi Arabian personalities. It is still not clearly established where this money is.
Now, add that up, and at least RM33 billion (RM14 billion + RM12 billion + RM7 billion) out of these bonds may never be recovered. There may well be more. Besides the energy assets bought from Malaysian companies for which it overpaid by about RM3 billion, what did our self-styled strategic development company invest in? Not much.
Numbers cannot be hidden
1MDB did a dirty sneaky trick when it allowed others to make an estimated RM6 billion by deliberately mispricing some of its key bonds. By flipping these bonds at higher prices once they are traded in the market, those who got first bite made billions. Meantime 1MDB and the nation pays higher interest rates.
"Worry not taxpayers, 1MDB has more assets than liabilities! You can help me pay its debts too!"
“Worry not taxpayers! 1MDB has more assets than liabilities.. You can help me pay its debts too!”
And then there was the overpayment for their advisers, Goldman Sachs, by about RM2 billion for the various bonds they arranged – a loss of RM2 billion to the nation.
Add these up (RM3 billion + RM6 billion + RM2 billion), and they amount to RM11 billion. Add this to the RM33 billion in bond proceeds and investments that may never get recovered, and you get that RM44 billion. The final figure may well exceed that!
Those numbers cannot be hidden or hushed up. You can’t hide the movement of such large sums of money across international borders forever. Eventually the international authorities will get to the bottom of it and all will be revealed. The amount of fraud committed will become obvious and it will become impossible to deny it.
All the land that 1MDB has now is not worth that much – it’s not enough to cover the losses. The black hole that is 1MDB is already very obvious and soon more and more losses will crystallise while investigators across the globe tighten their noose on the miscreants – it’s a matter of time before they are nailed.
That means game over for 1MDB with losses of at least RM44 billion or more, and by extension for Najib Razak, the prime minister and 1MDB sponsor whose reign at the top continues to prolong the agony and prevent investigation to bring this to closure, among the saddest, longest chapters of our country’s history. – P. Gunasegaram
Who cares
We both are too cowardly and too young to comprehend what our crooked boss had done so we will just laugh it off like a pair of idiotic runts.
Source : jebatmustdie

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Najib dan kuncu-kuncunya hidup di dalam dunia yang terpisah dari realiti

Najib dan kuncu-kuncunya hidup di dalam dunia yang terpisah dari realiti

Artikel ini diterjemah dari artikel Bahasa Inggeris yang lepas.


Ya, mereka hidup di dalam dunia yang terpisah dari realiti.
Sebab itulah mereka dengan secara tak malunya membuat kenyataan yang tidak masuk akal di masa cerita tentang keadaan sebenar yang sedang hangat diperkatakan sekarang.
Contohnya, berita terkini sekitar kemelut 1MDB.
Berita perihal IPIC menamatkan perjanjian jual-beli hutang dengan 1MDB dan berita mengenai  pengambilan berbillion-billion ringgit dari syarikat 1MDB oleh jutawan segera bernama Najib Razak seperti yang didedahkan oleh Wall Street Journal telah menyebabkan nama baik Malaysia terpalit begitu buruk sekali.
Sebelum ini, kita diberitahu bahawa semua tuduhan-tuduhan ini adalah tuduhan palsu. Pada mulanya mereka mengatakan bahawa wang bernilai berbillion-billion itu tidak wujud. Kemudian mereka menukar cerita dengan mengatakan Najib tidak pernah mengambil wang daripada 1MDB. Kemudian mereka menukar lagi cerita dengan mengatakan wang itu adalah derma. Najib juga dengan muka tak malu telah berkata bahawa dia tidak menggunakan wang itu untuk kegunaan peribadi!
Pada bulan Jun 2015, si penipu itu berkata:
“Biar saya terangkan dengan jelas: Saya tidak pernah mengambil dana untuk kepentingan peribadi seperti yang didakwa oleh musuh-musuh politik saya – sama ada dari 1MDB, SRC International atau entiti lain, seperti yang disahkan oleh syarikat-syarikat ini sendiri.”
Malangnya, seperti yang telah dibuktikan banyak kali (dan didedahkan sendiri oleh Peguam Negara), dia terbukti menerima wang dari SRC International dan dalam artikel yang diterbitkan oleh WSJ kelmarin, sekurang-kurangnya USD681 juta juga telah diambil daripada 1MDB.
Selain itu, beliau membelanjakan berjuta-juta ringgit untuk membeli-belah barangan mewah seperti  pakaian, beg tangan, barang kemas dan lain-lain. Ini semua telah digunakan untuk kepentingan peribadi!
Kata kata Ahmad Maslan dan Haron Din terbukti betul; iaitu Perdana Menteri kita ini adalah sangat bodoh kerana mengambil wang rakyat dan memasukkannya ke dalam akaun peribadi.
image102Namun begitu, ramai juga kuncu-kuncu beliau yang hidup di dalam penafian. Mereka membuat kenyataan yang tidak masuk akal hanya untuk melepaskan Najib Razak dari sebarang salah laku. Bagi mereka, ahli parlimen yang menerima berjuta-juta wang daripada SRC International dan kemudian menghabiskannya untuk membeli barangan mewah di serata dunia itu tidak salah. Bagi pandangan mereka, ini bukanlah satu dosa.
Najib juga mempunyai masalah yang lagi besar iaitu menyalahgunakan wang berbillion-billion melalui syarikat 1MDB. Sebanyak USD7 billion dikatakan hilang tidak dapat dikesan oleh PAC.
Ada di antara kuncu-kuncu Najib yang memberi kenyataan kurang waras seperti mengatakan bahawa usahasama antara PetroSaudi dan 1MDB merupakan usahasama antara kerajaan dengan kerajaan (G2G). Semua orang dengan akal yang cukup dan kepandaian yang normal hanya perlu menggunakan Google untuk mengetahui bahawa PetroSaudi bukannya sebuah syarikat yang dipunyai oleh Kerajaan Arab Saudi.
Akan tetapi, mereka masih hendak menulis artikel-artikel yang panjang, walaupun kebanyakkannya sampah, hanya untuk mempertahankan si penipu itu.
Kini, umum mengetahui bahawa syarikat PetroSaudi telah menipu Malaysia berbilion-bilion ringgit, dan penipuan ini telah diselia oleh orang-orang kepercayaan Najib Razak. Ini telah dinyatakan dengan jelas di dalam Laporan PAC (mukasurat 18-19), di mana pemilik PetroSaudi ini adalah seorang penyangak bernama Tarek Obaid dan 1MDB (tanpa kelulusan daripada Lembaga Pengarah), telah menghantar berbilion ringgit ke dalam syarikat yang tidak ada kena mengena dengan PetroSaudi.
Selain itu, sesiapa sahaja dengan sedikit pengetahuan dalam bidang audit akan tahu bahawa 1MDB telah memecat dua juruaudit mereka dalam jangka masa tidak sampai 4 tahun. Husni Hanadzlah, Menteri Kewangan Kedua yang agak jahil ini sanggup berbohongdi dalam sebuah rancangan TV di dalam Jun tahun lepas apabila beliau mengatakan bahawa penukaran juruaudit 1MDB merupakan satu amalan biasa.
Walau bagaimanapun, adalah menjadi satu fakta yang diketahui ramai orang di dalam industri  audit bahawa EY dan KPMG sememangnya dipecat masing-masing dalam tahun 2010 dan 2013.
Tetapi sepanjang tahun lepas beberapa orang yang bodoh dan keliru telah mempertahankan 1MDB di dalam media sosial dengan mengatakan bahawa juruaudit-juruaudit tersebut tidak dipecat. Ia adalah amalan biasa untuk menukar juruaudit, kata mereka. Alhamdulillah tiada seseorang pun di antara mereka ini merupakan seorang akauntan bertauliah atau pun pakar kewangan. Jika tidak, orang ramai akan mula mempersoalkan kelayakan dan kecekapan kerja mereka.
Sebuah syarikat berbilion ringgit menukar juruaudit di pertengahan sesi audit atau menggunakan 3 firma audit yang berbeza dalam tempoh 5 tahun adalah satu petanda yang tidak baik.
Dan terbukti sudah di mana di dalam PAC Laporan (halaman 68 & 71), ianya telah dilaporkan bahawa kedua-dua firma audit telah dipecat oleh 1MDB.
Soalan yang penting sekarang adalah, mengapa rakyat Malaysia harus mempercayai kata-kata karut yang dilaungkan oleh para individu berbayar dari JASA atau yang berada di dalam Facebook? Mereka bukannya pekerja 1MDB. Mereka pun tidak akan tahu apa-apa jawapan kepada soalan-soalan yang ditanya rakyat. Yang tahu hanya Najib dan rakan-rakan sepenyelewengannya di dalam 1MDB sahaja.
Tentu sahaja orang-orang seperti Azalina Othman, Husni Hanadzlah atau Salleh Keruak dan seluruh menteri kabinet tidak tahu apa-apa. Mereka cuma tahu mengangguk-angguk seperti bangau mencari makan.
Apa yang lebih teruk, kerajaan ini menggunakan wang rakyat untuk menyebarkan maklumat palsu dan menipu untuk mempertahankan Najib!
Mudah-mudahan, tidak akan ada lagi bunyi bunyi sumbang yang keluar dari mereka yang melantik diri sendiri untuk menjadi jurucakap 1MDB. Ini kerana 1MDB itu sudah menjadi busuk. Ianya terbukti menjadi legasi Najib Razak yang paling jijik di mata rakyat Malaysia.
Apabila anda tidak mempunyai akal, anda akan membuat kenyataan yang tidak masuk akal. Rakyat sukar untuk percaya kenyataan yang tidak masuk akal kerana rakyat umumnya mempunyai akal yang bijak. Akal yang bijak akan mengetahui bahawa PetroSaudi – 1MDB JV bukannya G2G. Akal yang bijak juga akan mengetahui bahawa juruaudit-juruaudit 1MDB telah dipecat.
Dan sudah tentu akal yang bijak akan mengetahui bahawa berbilion-bilion wang di dalam akaun peribadi Najib Razak bukannya derma sedekah. Pastinya ia bukan untuk melawan ISIS dan bukan untuk melawan Yahudi. Tetapi sepanjang tahun 2015 hingga ke hari ini, sesetengah pengampu Najib masih lagi percaya bahawa wang itu adalah derma untuk melawan Yahudi / ISIS / Ikhwan Muslimin lain-lain! Kelakar bukan?
Mungkin mereka suka dibohongi oleh Najib dan suka diejek oleh orang ramai. Tetapi ini tidaklah mengejutkan. Najib Razak hingga ke hari ini cuba menipu diri sendiri dan menipu para pengikutnya. Dia hidup di dalam bekas vakum yang tidak mempunyai apa-apa hubungan dengan realiti semasa.
Tengok muka dia. Agaknya di mana dia telah sorokkan barangan kemas intan permata yang dibelinya? Para pengampunya sedar atau tidak berjuta-juta duit rakyat dah dibelanjakan untuk kesenangan peribadi?
Pada bulan Januari 2016, beliau mengisytiharkan bahawa semua RM40 bilion 1MDB telah diselesaikan. Beliau adalah Menteri Kewangan namun dia tidak mahu memberitahu kita bahawa paras hutang sebenar 1MDB adalah RM50 bilion. Perkataan ‘ketelusan’ sudah tentu tidak berada di dalam kamus beliau.
Tetapi yang lebih menarik ialah, dia tidak mahu rakyat Malaysia tahu bahawa 1MDB akan hanya dapat menyelesaikan kesemua hutangnya dalam tahun 2039! Itupun jika 1MDB dapat memenuhi beberapa  faktor dan syarat perniagaan (PAC Laporan halaman 81).
Jadual di bawah menunjukkan cara bagaimana 1MDB merancang untuk menyelesaikan semua hutangnya yang telah dibuat secara semberono. Jelas sekali, hutang tidak akan diselesaikan serta-merta. Ingat, Najib pernah berkata bahawa satu sen pun wang rakyat tidak akan digunakan untuk menyelamatkan hutang 1MDB (mereka hanya terpaksa menjual tanah-tanah rakyat sebaliknya untuk mendapatkan wang bagi membayar balik hutang tersebut).
1MDB merancang untuk membayar balik kesemua hutang-hutangnya sebaik sahaja cucu-cucu anda semua akan melahirkan anak di sekitar tahun 2039.
Dinding yang melindungi Najib Razak ini akan pecah bila-bila masa tidak lama lagi. Ini telah bermula sejak penubuhan 1MDB lagi. Model perniagaannya adalah tidak mampan tetapi oleh kerana Najib mempunyai sifat kurang cerdik, penyelewengan licik 1MDB diteruskan juga tanpa mengambil kira undang-undang atau urus tadbir yang baik.
Mereka kini tertonggeng-tonggeng di setiap langkah perjalanan. Kedudukan Najib makin lama makin tidak dapat dipertahankan. Dia masih menjadi perdana menteri hanya melalui kesetiaan tak bertempat beberapa kuncu-kuncu yang boleh diarahkan untuk membuat apa sahaja sesuka hati.
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[misteri?]....Mueller dan Penyakit Biasa Kenamaan Malaysia

[misteri?]....Mueller dan Penyakit Biasa Kenamaan Malaysia

Kecoh kononnya perletakan jawatan Christoph Mueller di MAB adalah berpunca daripada isu peribadi. Terlalu peribadi kata Mueller. Mueller patut tahu, di Malaysia ini tidak ada yang terlalu peribadi.
Semua dinding di Malaysia boleh bercakap. Jadi, tak ada lah susah sangat untuk tahu bakal mantan CEO MAS itu ada masalah dengan isteri; dan seorang wanita lain.
Sebenarnya, Mueller kena tahu ini, isu terkantoi ada girlfriend ini bukanlah dosa besar kepada rakyat Malaysia. Benda biasa. Kalangan orang yang ‘atas-atas’ ini memang biasanya ada wanita simpanan. Apa yang peliknya.
Bukan sedikit Ahli Parlimen, Ahli Korporat yang mempunyai girlfriend. Ramai. Sesetengah itu tak boleh dikira. Hampir setiap negeri ada teman istimewa. Pergi ke Sarawak ada. Pergi ke Sabah ada. Pergi ke Johor ada.
Tapi orang Malaysia (pemimpin politik, khusuanya) pandai simpan. Mereka punya cover line cukup dahsyat.
Itu belum masuk mereka yang pakai cap dan rambut palsu sebab nak melampias nafsu di Jakarta. Itu pun ramai dan majoritinya masih menjawat jawatan tinggi. Tak perlu resign sebenarnya.
Mueller kena tahu, rakyat Malaysia sangat tenang dan gentleman dalam isu melibatkan wanita ini. Tak ada hal.
Ada yang terkantoi dengan cctv pun, masih mampu menang pilihanraya umum dan pilihanraya parti. Ada yang terkantoi dengan lelaki pun, masih dipuja setengah gila.
Mueller patutnya tak perlu resign. Jangan takut dengan isu macam ini. Kecil sangat. Kalau kencing berbilion pun boleh kami maafkan, apalah sangat kalau ada isu yang kecik macam ini.
Selesaikan tugas. Terus enjoy duit yang diberi Khazanah Nasional. Teruskan aktiviti biasa.
Aduhhh…takkan lah kerana benda kecik macam ini nak resign…
Melayu Mudah Lupa la Bro Mueller. Lu takut apa pasai?
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Isu rasis di kalangan masyarakat di Malaysia wujud apabila tiba musim pilihan raya, kata Ketua Pengarah Biro Tata Negara (BTN), Datuk Ibrahim Saad.

Menurut beliau, telah terbukti tahap rasisme di negara ini semakin rendah jika dibandingkan dengan tahun 1970-an dan 1980-an.

Sehubungan itu katanya, perkara itu boleh dikawal dan dihapuskan.

"Datang masalah (rasis) ini bila pilihan raya. Apabila ada sekumpulan yang ingin menambat kuasa dengan menggunakan isu-isu sensitif.

"Saya fikir masyarakat Malaysia sudah cukup matang, dengan ilmu yang ada terdedah kepada media maya yang cukup pantas.

“Tapi malangnya kita cenderung mengambil yang negatif," katanya ketika menjadi ahli panel di forum “Sampai Bila Mahu Rasis?” anjuran Sinar Harian di Shah Alam, hari ini.

Forum yang dihoskan oleh personaliti Astro Awani Nazri Kahar itu turut membariskan fello utama Institut Kajian Etnik (KITA) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Prof Datuk Dr Teo Kok Seong, Pensyarah Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Melayu Dr Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman dan Pengasas Multriracial Reverted Muslim (MRM), Firdaus Wong.

Terdahulu, Teo mengatakan rasis akan tetap wujud kerana fitrah manusia dilahirkan berpuak-puak dengan kaum tertentu.

Bagaimanapun Ibrahim berkata, beliau tidak bersetuju dengan kenyataan bahawa rasis tidak boleh dihapuskan.

"Yang ada di depan ini terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum, tetapi boleh berbincang secara terbuka dan saya fikir kalau suhu (rasis) itu semakin rendah," katanya.

Mengulas lanjut mengenai peranan orang politik yang mungkin mempengaruhi masyarakat dalam isu tersebut katanya, pemimpin politik tidak boleh disalahkan.

"Kita hormat orang politik sebab orang politik kerjanya mencari pengaruh, tetapi kita orang biasa ini yang diperlukan undi kita hendaklah bijak memilih mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk.

"Jangan salahkan orang politik sebab orang politik yang dapat pengaruh, tapi kita pilihlah yang paling baik untuk negara kita yang akan datang," jelasnya.

Tambah beliau sejak Malaysia merdeka sehingga hari ini, masyarakat didedahkan dengan banyak maklumat untuk membuat pilihan terbaik.

"Kita tidak kata tahun 2020 lima tahun lagi, tapi kita patut fikir 50 tahun akan datang.

"Apa yang kita hendak bina sebenarnya akan datang, sebab yang kita hendak bina itu untuk generasi akan datang.

"Kita telah pun menikmati apa yang direncanakan 50 tahun dahulu oleh nenek moyang kita. Yang menuntut kemerdekaan ini dengan darah dan air mata.

“Hasil pengorbanan itu kita berada di sini," jelasnya.
PK; Ini aku kutip dari Malaysiakini, aku dengan kenyataan Ketua Pengarah BTN ni, sesungguhnya Dato Ibrahim memang bagus dan dia telah mengatakan sesuatu yang dah lama aku nak cakap, aku pun dah letih jadi racist la. Tiba masanya kita menjadi lebih realistik, sebab ada juga manusia yang menjarit kata Hidup Melayu tapi makan dengan orang Cina. 
So tak perlu kita nak jadi munafik lagi dan lets be a truly Malaysian. Setuju?

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saudi Foreign Minister – what was asked, and what he had answered

Saudi Foreign Minister – what was asked, and what he had answered

When you want to understand an answer, first you need to understand the question. Otherwise the answer will be without context, and will be greatly misunderstood. Take for example, the video below.
Transcript from the video:-
Reporter: Your Excellency, are you aware of the background and details about the issue on the donation to the Prime Minister of Malaysia?
Foreign Minister: We are aware of the donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return and we are also fully aware that the Attorney General of Malaysia had thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing so as far as we are concerned the matter is closed.
Somehow, the mainstream media quoted the Foreign Minister as if he hadadmitted that Saudi Arabia government was the donor of all the RM4.2 billion ‘donation’ into the Prime Minister’s private accounts.
A foreign minister telling a reporter he has some awareness of the issue is somehow turned into an admission that the money came from Saudi Arabia?
Obviously the Saudi minister was just regurgitating what our own Attorney General had said back in January in order to clear Najib Razak of any wrong doing. Thank you Anifah Aman for briefing his counterpart expeditiously.
So it is not surprising to see a couple of ministers and even the Prime Minister’s press secretary jumping on the bandwagon without knowing what the full conversation was all about. Well, they can be forgiven because they are not media savvy people. Plus they are just being loyal and stupid. God forbid if some Oxford graduates had also misinterpreted what had been said. Their imbecilic statements may go viral.
Coming back to the issue at hand, when a reporter asked a stupid question (everyone in the world should know by now about the background and details on the donation issue), the stupidity can only be surpassed by the people who had misconstrued the answer.
But maybe we are the ones who had misunderstood the question and misunderstood the answer. Maybe the Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister did admit his country gave Najib those billions. From the video above probably at some point in his short answer he had confirmed and admitted that the government of Saudi Arabia had donated those billions. After all, English is not an easy language.
To remove any doubt next time, we suggest reporters to ask a more specific question to the Arab ministers. For example:
“Your Excellency, does Saudi Arabia government admit in giving more than one billion dollars straight to Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts whereby some of it went through several obscure and dodgy shell companies not owned by your Government? Mind you, these companies had suspiciously been set up to launder their money and liquidated when their task has been completed. Any comment on that?”
The reporters need to ask this because Najib Razak will surely not answer it himself. Reporters might get arrested for trying to know the truth here in Malaysia. It’s not like he does not know how billions of ringgit made its way into his own accounts. Surely this prime minister is not an idiot who cannot answer how billions got in his account and how he had spent it as he pleased.
The mainstream media must take heed of the advice given by the veteran journalist, Datuk Kadir Jasin; that their audience will ultimately shrink if they cannot discern between right and wrong.
A word's class beggar getting 'donation' from all over
A world class beggar getting ‘donation’ from all over, which he then spent on jewellery, handbags, travel, etc, all in the name of UMNO or fighting ISIS. No not ISIS, but Muslim Brotherhood. Or maybe the Jews.

Is the Donation Issue Really Over?

Is the Donation Issue Really Over?

A Kadir Jasin

AS far as Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, is concerned the issue pertaining to “donation” to Prime Minister, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak is closed.

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In a brief three-sentence in Istanbul quoted by Bernama on April 15 Al-Jubeir said:

“We are aware of donation and it is a genuine donation with nothing expected in return. We are also fully aware that the Attorney-General of Malaysia has thoroughly investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing.

“So, as far as we are concerned, the matter is closed.”

The statement was made to Malaysian reporters and, according to reports, no follow-up questions were asked.

There are three elements in his statement namely it was a donation, it was genuine and the donor did not expect anything in return.

Because the statement was brief and the Malaysia reporters might have been instructed not to ask too many questions or believed that have got what they wanted, we still do not know for sure who the donor was, the exact amount of the donation and whether he had received the amount supposedly returned to him by Mohd Najib.

Also it is hard to accept this latest statement unconditionally because just over two months ago the same person said it was not a donation but an investment.

Either he had made a mistake with his first statement or was lying with his second.

On Mohd Najib’s part, if it was a donation and a genuine one with no string attached, why did he return a large chunk of it?

The BBC last January 27 reported that the donation was authorised from the very top - from Saudi Arabia's late King Abdullah - with funds coming from both his personal finances and state funds.

Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali had, on Jan 26, cleared Najib of any wrongdoing in relation to investigations into the SRC International Sdn Bhd and the RM2.6-billion alleged to have been deposited into the prime minister’s bank accounts.

Apandi said the investigations revealed that the amount deposited was RM2.08 billion, and it was a personal donation from the Saudi royal family in 2013, of which RM2.03 billion was returned to the contributor the same year.

At a glance, Al-Jubeir’s about-turn appears favourable to Mohd Najib. He was not lying about the donation. At least that is what Al-Jubeir's Istanbul statement implies. But upon closer analysis it does little to vindicate the Prime Minister.

Why did he return most of the donation from a fellow Muslim ruler no sooner after receiving it? Was it not an affront to the donor?

He could have kept the money and channel it to worthy religious causes at home and abroad.

With so many Muslims in Malaysia and the region living in poverty, the Arab donation would have come handy. There are so much welfare activities that could have been carried out with the money.

With our country sheltering tens of thousands Muslim refugees from Burma and elsewhere, the Arab donation was Allah’s blessing.

But for a very curious reason Mohd Najib returned the donation. Why did he return the money?

The case might be closed as far as Al-Jebeir is concerned, but the legality of the Prime Minister putting the money in his private account is still very much an issue.

On top of it, the April 7 report of the Public Account Committee (PAC) had raised many questions about his direct and indirect involvement in the business affairs of 1MDB.

The Saudi might have helped him to get off the hook with the new version of the donation story, but many more jurisdictions are investigating his conduct and the conduct of his associates in particular Jho Low.

They are exchanging notes, freezing accounts and interviewing people and companies implicated in the 1MDB money trail.

So it's not yet time for Mohd Najib and his supporters to celebrate and demand apologies whom the entire human race.