Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Hai Melayu

Hai Melayu

"Apalah identiti kamu sbg orang Melayu kalau kamu tak tahu adat istiadat dan asal usulnya kamu sebagai orang Melayu? 
Kamu boleh kata "saya Melayu progresif" ... kamu boleh kata "saya ulama" ... kamu kata kamu Melayu socialis ... kamu boleh kata kamu Melayu kominis ... Tapi jangan lupa sejarah kamu. Kamu hilang adat istiadat, kamu hilang asal usual, maka harus kamu lucutkan gelaran kamu orang Melayu, lucutkan keistimewaan Melayu."
It's that time of the year when racial awareness in this multiracial country of ours climbs to its zenith. Just read Just Read's last posting on Umno strongman Zahid Hamidi's statement and the general Melayu Umno sentiment in Increasingly Arrogant.   
But the quotes on Melayu at the start of this posting belong not to a Melayu but to Felicia Ling, a PKR member. The lawyer left MCA in 2008 to join PKR probably because of Anwar Ibrahim's promised "New Dawn". But judging by this furious clipping below captured byJinggo the other day. the lawyer may have finally seen the light. 
Proof that when it comes to their Sultan, Malaysians regardless of race could still unite. 
As long as the Sultans behave themselves and are good to the Rakyat, that is.

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