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PAS for all, MB for Selangor

PAS for all, MB for Selangor

Last month, the J-Star launched its campaign against “religious and racial bigots”. The scissorati kicked off their anti-racism crusade with an editorial headlined ‘Be brave and beautiful‘ (Aug 10).
It was spearheaded by no less than the media group CEO himself, Wong Chun Wai – below.

All you “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”, beware

The J-Star‘s Voices of Moderation campaign is aimed at “the voices of extremism” which the pro-Christian media group claims are getting overly “amplified” of late.
Certain quarters of taking advantage of an “open licence to spew hatred”, the MCA-owned media complains. These bad guys also “create fears” among their fellow citizens, the J-Star accuses.
According to the J-Star, the bad people are the “fringe minorities”, i.e. the racists, extremists, bigots and haters, who are getting away with their “divisive posturing” because the majority chooses to remain silent.
The DAP evangelista hand of friendship – look closely at the hands

Evangelistas reach out to Malaysians of other faiths

The J-Star accuses some wicked individuals and evil groups of deliberately accentuating our differences and building walls that divide. Unlike those divisive, ugly haters, the “brave and beautiful” J-Star community promises to instead “continue to build bridges that connect”.
The J-Star‘s campaign is to remind readers that moderate Malaysia has always been and will always be open to “Brave Views and Bold Ideas” from the people whom the paper has made its icons.
Decent, fair-minded people whom The J-Star love are ones who – in the paper’s opinion – provide rational, balanced and moderate views.
The DAP evangelista hand of friendship – look closely at the hand

Triumph of reason over insanity

The J-Star claims to have the support of all the good people – the opinion leaders, and the movers and shakers (and also of Najib Razak?) – for its Voices of Moderation campaign.
col_StarSays_Weekday.jpgThe J-Star editors say: “Through this campaign, we want to make it clear that we will be at the forefront to nurture and ensure the resounding triumph of moderation and reason over extremism and insanity.”
So now we know that some Malaysians are not only extreme, bigoted and hateful in the eyes of the Jerusubang high-class cosmopolitans but these racist Malaysians are also viewed as insane.

Isn’t PAS your friend, DAP?

RedCheongsamThe Pakatan Christian charity motto is “Love our enemies …  hate our friends”.
DAP and PAS are supposed to be friends but they don’t behave like loving allies who are in the same camp.
The slogan of the Islamist party is “PAS for All” but unfortunately their noble motto is not reciprocated with “All for PAS”. The DAP and their non-Muslim supporters are not at all for a PAS man to become the Selangor MB.
Let’s be “moderate” and reasonable, shall we?
PAS has 15 seats in the Selangor DUN, PKR has 13 while the DAP has 15 Aduns but no Malay or Muslim among their ranks.
Since the state constitution requires that the MB be a Malay and Muslim, that puts the ‘multiracial’ DAP out of contention. And between PAS’s 15-seat representation and the PKR’s 13, isn’t it more reasonable that a PAS man should be considered for the job?
After all, PAS is the biggest party in the Selangor state assembly.
Secondly, PKR is nominating Wan Azizah who did not even contest in the general election when Selangorians gave their mandate to Pakatan. In other words, she was not a part of the Pakatan winning team on 5 May 2013.
Furthermore, Wan Azizah is not a registered Selangor voter herself. She voted in Permatang Pauh in Penang during GE13.
Worse, she is not anak jati Selangor. Isn’t the PAS man who grew up in Selangor more acceptable than Wan Azizah who was born in Israel? Okay, I’m kidding about Israel but she was born in Singapore, known as the Israel of the East.
Thirdly, many Malays feel more comfortable with a man as the MB for reasons of religious tradition, e.g. the Sultan turun padang untuk berbuka puasa dengan rakyat baginda almost every day during Ramadan and the MB may be required to accompany the ruler.
The more conservative Muslims think it is tak manis for their unmarried Sultan to be seen ke hulu ke hilir with a woman whose husband (Anwar would soon be in jail) is nowhere in sight. With Khalid Ibrahim, on the other hand, the Sultan seemed to have a warm rapport.

Who is being unreasonable here?

Any reasonable person who is moderate in his views should not object to a PAS professional as Selangor MB.
Are the DAP supporters rejecting a PAS candidate because they are – to borrow the J-Star‘s words – “religious and racial bigots”?
Why can’t the Firsters “look beyond race, religion and cultural barriers and come together” as Selangorians?
Isn’t it immoderate of the Yahudi Yeohs to be spewing venom at PAS over this MB crisis when it was brought about by the Kajang Move – a manoeuvre which PAS had nothing to do with?
Solidarity, scissorati style

Why can’t the Yahudi Yeohs accept PAS?

“Creating fears” – borrowing again a phrase from the J-Star‘s ‘Brave Views and Bold Ideas’ campaign – about any possible repercussions of PAS rule in Selangor is an act of extremism. The Firsters dissing PAS should instead adopt “an approach that is about acceptance, harmony and peaceful co-existence”.
After all, the Chinese and Indian opposition supporters had already accepted the “PAS for All” slogan by Islamist party during GE13. DAP even mulled the idea of contesting under PAS’s moon logo against the contingency that the ROS decides to de-register their party for its Excel foul up.
Why are the DAP supporters curiously now unable to “connect” with PAS and erecting walls that divide. Where is the bridge that they boast of building?
When the DAP and their followers urge Malaysians to unite and stand up against their divisive and wicked opponents, you really have to look closely at the hand of friendship that they’re offering.
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