Friday, 5 September 2014


MCA YOUTH! MIC YOUTH (WONDER WHERE IS KJ?) DAP!! No, Zahid did not say it

No! Zahid Hamidi did not accused non-Malays of being 'increasingly arrogant'. The truth is, he did not even utter the word 'arrogant'.

Just because one 'tak tau Melayu' English daily took his speech out of context, the Home Minister who is also Umno vice-president got hammered by many parties - those inside and outside Barisan Nasional.

MCA and MIC youth chiefs were most vocals in 'screwing' him, and even demanded an open apology be issued to the non-Malays while DAP lodged a police report against him.
After coming under fire for allegedly calling non-Malays "arrogant", Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said yesterday that his speech was taken "out of context".
In fact, a check of the audio transcript by Malaysiakini revealed that he did not use the word "arrogant".
Nor did Zahid specify whom he was referring to when he said in his speech at the Segambut Umno annual general assembly that some people are "indebted".
However, he did agree with Segambut Umno chief Kamaruddin Embok, who at the same event lamented that "non-bumiputera" individuals were growing more "insolent" towards Malays and Islam.
"What was raised by Kamaruddin is something that comes from the hearts of the Umno grassroots members nationwide.
"What he read out (in his speech) is a handful of many posts that not only insult Umno, but Malays and Islam.
"This insult is ongoing in the name of democracy, openness, liberalisation and globalisation," Zahid said in the speech, which he later accused theSun of misinterpreting.
I can understand why Segambut DAP-MP Lim Lip Eng lodged the report at the Sentul police station, after Zahid backtracked on remarks he made about non-Malays at a recent Segambut Umno division meeting, saying that they were meant for DAP.

Lim’s police report said Zahid should be investigated under Section 499 of the Penal Code for defaming DAP, and under Section 504 of the same code for 'intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace'.

Well, DAP likes that.

However, coming from Umno buddies in BN - MCA and MIC - is hard to comprehend. They jumped blindly, joining DAP and others who condemned him.
MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon said the statement by Ahmad Zahid was abhorrent, atrocious and heinous by generalising that all non-Malays were arrogant and had insulted bumiputeras, the royalty and/or Islam.
MIC Youth chief C. Sivarraajh said only politicians who lacked ideas or political will would embark on racial issues to gain or retain their support.
He said although this might work in the short term, they forgot that future voters, including Malays who were professionals and better educated, would not believe in racism or affirmative policies.
Oopsss... it only came from their youth chiefs, not the top guns. But being young does not necessarily mean unwise. How to climb up the political ladder if their keep to such an approach?

No... Zahid does not need you people to apologise to him, I believe. What he needs is media player and politicians with a good balancing brain!

NOTE: Zahid should thanks Mkini for clearing the air for him... hehehe..ooops!

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