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TO MALAYSIAN ESPECIALLY PAS MEMBERS !!! Selangor saga: Trusting PAS to do the right thing

Selangor saga: Trusting PAS to do the right thing

The PKR kangaroo court has just sentenced Khalid Ibrahim in absentia.
Our Menteri Besar is sacked by his party. (By “our”, I’m speaking as an anak jati Selangor – born here, residing here and voted here in past elections.) This move is the prelude to ousting TS Khalid from his MB post.
In order to push their ouster of him, PKR, DAP and their supporters have unforgivably fitnah the man. It is despicable but not unsurprising the kind of lies that they can concoct.
For a backgrounder, READ THIS Malaysia Today article on how the PKR-DAP plotters are trying to set him up.
BELOW: Solat hajat perdana ‘Mempertahankan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor
Khalid solat hajat
Photo credit: The Unspinners

PAS’s conscience and soul

I’m confident that the PAS people – when they perform their sembahyang istikharah in the following turbulent days and weeks – will be guided to do what is right.
PAS is far better than PKR and the DAP. I’m quite sure.
PKR and the DAP, particularly, represent the politics of Fitnah dan Benci. You want to know what the party is, you look at their founders and leading lights.
PKR is the Anwar family.
DAP is the Lim family.
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They are the faces of PKR and DAP. And the parties’ soul.
Umno’s founder is Dato’ Onn Jaafar and its leading lights his son Hussein Onn, Tun Razak, Tun Dr Ismail and the Tun of Tuns, Dr M.

Unity government will be Malay-Muslim

The 56 Selangor Aduns represent us two million Selangor voters (see pie chart above).
PKR is multiracial but Malay dominated.
DAP is mostly Chinese with a sprinkling of Indian macai-macai.
Umno is mono ethnic.
PAS is mono religious.
Malays are 1,007,612 voters and making up 50.21 percent of the Selangor electorate.
Chinese are 683,597 or 30.04 percent and Indians 288,709 (14.39%). The Lain-Lain make up 26,950 (1.34%).
Click to enlarge
Undi popular

Selangor in the crosswinds, again

GE13 which awarded Pakatan four-fifths of the Selangor DUN was also the most successful ever general election for the opposition (see bar chart above).
In 2013, the opposition collected 50.9 percent of the popular vote. It was the second time that the opposition had trumped the ruling party. The oppo is presently at its strongest ever in history. The BN blue bar has never been as low as it was in 2013.
The only other time the ruling party faltered was the 10 May 1969 general election where the oppo garnered 50.7 percent of the popular vote compared to 49.3 percent for the Alliance.

Selangor 14-14

In 1969, the Selangor DUN had 28 seats. In the May 10th election, the Alliance won 14 seats and the opposition also won 14. It was a deadlock.
  • Opposition: DAP 9, Gerakan 4 & independent candidate one
  • Alliance: Umno 12, MCA one & MIC one

Perak 21-19

Perak in 1969 was almost a foreshadowing of Perak 2008. In the 10 May 1969 election, out the 40 Perak DUN seats, the opposition won 21 while the Alliance had 19.
  • Opposition: PPP 12, DAP 6, Gerakan 2 & PMIP (PAS) one
  • Alliance: Umno 18, MCA one
2013: DAP Red Belt
Poster displayed at the recent MCA assembly
Poster displayed at the recent MCA assembly
Gerakan which was an opposition party in 1969 won 16 seats in the 24-seat Penang state assembly. The only four seats retained by the Alliance in Penang were all Umno’s. In Kelantan, PMIP (PAS) won 19 seats in the 30-seat DUN and holding on to its rule of the state.
As you can see from the 1969 election results, the MCA was wiped out and managing to defend only one seat in Selangor, one in Perak and none in Penang.
Now compare the current situation (see donut charts).
ABOVE: There is only Chinese Adun in the BN which rules Perak

Path that our country took

We’re all aware that 1969 was a watershed year in Malaysian history.
Similarly, 2014 will be another watershed due to the Selangor shake-up, or if you prefer shakedown (shakedown means “a process or period of adjustment”).
It is the end of the road for MCA.
There is no point to keep MCA in the BN because it does not represent the Chinese.
Christian party DAP has become the sole voice of the Chinese.
BELOW: There are 3 Chinese Aduns (MCA 2, Gerakan one) in the BN which rules Johor

DAP incites hatred

Perak, Johor and Selangor are ethnically mixed states which all have between 57-59 percent Malay population. The other states in the peninsula are overwhelmingly Malay.
Penang is the only state with a Chinese majority of 45.6 percent compared to Malay 43.6 percent.
Remember that aside from Penang, only Johor, Perak and Selangor are significantly multiracial. In Johor and Perak however, the state governments today are almost mono-racial, Perak more so than Johor (but the DAP is anticipated to complete its annihilation of Johor MCA by GE14).
Selangor will soon see the culmination of the DAP’s handiwork in fomenting hate – an all Malay-Muslim state government.

Purple chameleon

The DAP is a party whose deceitful politicking has debased noble concepts such as “good governance”, “competency”, “accountability”, “transparency” and other words which the chameleons get their claws on.
See Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below:
“Spent the last few hours listening to @cmlimguaneng share bout good governance in Penang & his Competency Accountability Transparency policy”
 Twitter - hannahyeoh- Spent the last few hours listening

Night of the long knives

@cmlimguaneng has purged his party of good men.
Johor DAP deputy chairman Norman Fernandez recently resigned from the party because he cannot tahan the DAP 3.0’s hypocrisy anymore.
BELOW: One of DAP’s Selendang Squad ‘raiding’ the mosques

DAP is Guan Eng’s show

Meanwhile the former Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau has been successfully removed by Guan Eng – to be replaced by a Lim right hand man, Liew Chin Tong.
Guan Eng has also installed his blue-eyed boy Zairil Khir Johari as the Kedah DAP chairman. The previous guy was thrown out on his ear.
The DAP old guard elsewhere have been mostly put to pasture, and replacing them, Guan Eng’s young evangelista horde.
YB Evangelista Serdang dok kacau-kacau periuk kosong di surau nak tipu siapa nih
They are young and dangerous.
These evangelista carpetbaggers are a menace because they are immature, gung ho, intoxicated by holy water, buta sejarah dan teramat bodoh sombong.
PAS must ponder on who they’re partying with in Pakatan.

Iguana Eng personality cultism

Ever since the Selangor MB seat tussle came to a boil, PAS has been at the receiving end of the Dapster-GengSTAR treatment. PAS is relentlessly insulted and mocked for choosing to support Khalid Ibrahim.
The Penang chief minister is beginning to treat PAS like an Umno enemy, for example in Guan Eng’s fisticuffs with ustaz Nasrudin Hassan at Tantawi.
Finally, this is the DAP showing their real face.
DAP and their Dapsters say they only want to ABU and that they only hate the “Umnoputras”. So why are they now behaving in this way towards PAS?
The othr thing PAS must ponder deeply on is this:
What kind of people are they – the DAP evangelistas – who do not know the name of their own God, and are hellbent on approperiating the one belonging to the God of a rival religion to give to their own?


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