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“No, I am not asking him to resign. I just do not agree with his policies,” the Tun told reporters at PWTC on Monday night with regard to pulling his support from Najib.
The self-evident ace in the pack, flashed by the PMO boys, is that whatever we may say about the PM, there is still no one else in the current Umno hierarchy who is at par or able to replace him (except for maybe KuLi).
BELOW: The BN support base is “rural Malay”
Rural Divide BN
Source: Politweet

Popular vote going, going, gone

Nonetheless, externally, Najib can cause Umno which is the lynchpin of the BN to lose the support of the Malay grassroots.
BN may still be able to retain Putrajaya in GE14 due to the advantage given rural constituencies in weightage but its command of the popular vote – 47 percent to Pakatan’s 51 percent in GE13 – would be further eroded in elections to come.
The polls in 2013 saw the BN’s popular vote sink to an all-time low and the ruling coalition’s performance worse than in 1969.
How will BN survive GE15, GE16 and the next ones?
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Undi popular

“Bangsa kamu akan memusnahkan kamu”, wahai Najib

Reader krenggge commented @ 2014/08/21 at 9:11 am,
“Punca kemelut & taufan 100000000 km/hrs ni satu sahaja:
“Apabila Najib memekakkan telinganya, membutakan matanya, menjual pangkatnya kerana mengharap undi Cindia akan membantu dia pd [PRU] 14 dengan membiarkan agamanya, bangsanya & rajanya dihina, dicerca, dipijak-pijak, maka ini sudahnya habuan dia dapat.
“TOTAL: Melayu atas pagar akan TOLAK dia, TOTAL: Melayu Umno yang masih terang matahatinya akan TOLAK dia jugak.
“Sabarlah Najib, bangsa kamu akan memusnahkan kamu!”
BELOW: The BN Parliament seats are predominantly in the kampung and interior of Sabah & Sarawak
Politweet_BN power
Source: Politweet


BN will be in trouble because by the year 2020, three quarters of the Malaysian population in the peninsula will be living the urban areas – see bar graph above.

Umno only left in Johor dan the smallest state, Perlis

All the Parliament seats which are our state capitals are in Pakatan hands with the exception of Johor Baru and Kangar – see blue band below.
DAP controls Tanjong (Georgetown), Ipoh Timur, Ipoh Barat, Seremban, Kota Melaka, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and the majority of the seats in Kuala Lumpur.
PKR has Alor Setar and Kuantan while PAS holds Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu and Shah Alam.

Ke mana perginya Maruah Melayu?

Never before in the history of this land has Malay sovereignty been spat on like it is now under Najib’s watch.
Yet the PM whose party has 88 MPs in the 222-seat (Umno has 40 percent control) Parliament membenarkan cacing untuk naik ke mata.
Najib’s paralysis has reached a critical stage. It is this medical red alert which prompted the 89-year-old doctor – who has accurately diagnosed the ailment – to take drastic action.
Bukan dengan tidak semena-menanya Tun terpaksa untuk bersuara.
BAWAH: ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ Najib diinjak-injak

“Membiarkan agamanya, bangsanya & rajanya dihina”

Hannah Yeoh believes that anyone opposed to her is “low class”,
the BN reps are “wicked”
and those folks who don’t subscribe to her Christian Love-Love-Love ethos are “racist’.
See below, @hannahyeoh’s 
 – “Racists must be taught how to love”

To Hannah Yeoh, even the 
 is “so extreme” like Utusan and Perkasa(see tweet below)

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather is behaving racist

‘No’ to Isma in DAP-controlled Selangor

Applications to put up the Isma billboard (see below) were rejected by the local councils of Shah Alam and Selayang.


Isma wanted to get across their message “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi keagungan Islam” … but.
Not allowed to say this.
The evangelistas have successfully stamped on our political landscape the belief that “keagungan Islam” equals religious extremism.
BELOW: Hannah Yeoh is sceptical that a Muslim NGO can raise its own funds and questions Najib whether [Umno or the government] is funding Isma?
Twitter - hannahyeoh- .@NajibRazak do u know
Isma billboard


The second half of the Isma message reads “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi kedaulatan bangsa Melayu”. … but.
Not allowed to say this.
The Dapsters have successfully bullied and cowed everyone that any mention of “Melayu” as bangsa is pure racism.
Twitter - hannahyeoh- MIC & UMNO troops using nasty
Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

TANAH MELAYU bakal menghilang ke mana?

The last part of Isma’s intended message for the billboard reads “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi [nasib] Melayu di Tanah Melayu ini”. … but.
Not allowed to say this.
The Firsters have successfully terrorized everybody into submission and fear that any mention of “Tanah Melayu” (as the name of our land) is bigotry, intolerance and anti-national.

Melayu akan pupus di dunia kelak

In spite of our rulers being called Raja-Raja Melayu, the DAP evangeliSTARs are pushing their version of the national narrative which says that there is no such thing as the Malay race.
See, “The Malays in Malaysia are a political construct and their very identity was defined by the British” in Malaysiakini’s YourSay headlined ‘Najib held captive by racial extremists’, and
“the notion of the ‘Malay’ is a political construct that was initiated by the British, and continues to be a construct perpetuated by the current powers that be” by Jacqueline Ann Surin, editor of the now defunct Firster portal, The Nut Graph.
When DAP occupies Putrajaya, history will be rewritten in their evangelical image.
It is during Najib’s tenure that the DAP succeeded in installing Malaysia’s first evangelista Speaker and sending the J-Star editors into multiple exclamations of ecstasy.
BELOW: Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin put on the defensive by The J-Star.

The Malay ground is roiling

Inipun Najib tak faham-faham!
Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman recently revealed that he has conveyed his concern to the PM but his warnings fell on deaf ears.
See ‘Isma sokong Tun tegur Najib yang berlembut dengan puak pelampau‘ on how the popular Muslim NGO’s top leadership have raised the alarm over the threat by “Christian extremists”.
If Umno still kekal dengan sikap tidak apanya, the Muslim NGOs will gather as a united force like how the Malay organizations got together to oppose the Malayan Union in 1946. If this happens, Umno will no longer take the lead.
The Spirit of ’46 reignited will propel satu saf baru – not Umno’s anymore – to helm our country.


Mama Dapster
Hannah Yeoh
Imagine how much Bak Kut Teh Madame Speaker shovelled to reach her monstrous size!

Nafsu serakah politikus rakus DAP

The GREED of the 3G: Gold-Glory-Gospel politicians is insatiable.
Najib first became an MP in 1976 following the Pekan by-election. To reach the pinnacle of premiership and PM’s salary of RM22.8 k, climbing up the careerladder took Najib 33 years in politics.
At age 34, Hannah Yeoh approved herself a Speaker’s salary of RM22.5 k that almost matches Najib’s. You can see how ruthlessly ‘efficient’ the DAP is and what they are capable of doing once power is in their hands.

Getting Malay youth hooked on J-Juice

Read super blogs Cucu Tok Selampit Sangkakalajari9 and The Unspinners for their exposes on the great strides made by the DAP “School of Democracy” among Malay youngsters.
So many pro-establishment Malays have appealed to the PM to be firm and take charge before his country is lost to the locusts but to no avail.
Now it’s come to a point when the Tun has had to openly declare that Najib is worse than Sleepy Dollah.
If Najib still refuses to do anything, the Melayus will have to tunduk kepada Ketuanan Evangelista.
Is the PM ever going to wake up from his stupor? Very soon Najib will become as unpopular with the Malays as the Tunku was in the late 1960s.
Don’t shoot the messenger (Dr M). Tolong muhasabah diri.
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Note: The headline of this article has been tweaked from ‘Najib will cause Umno to lose the Malay votes’ to ‘Najib is causing Umno to lose the Malay votes’

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