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Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno

Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno

Some months back, I wrote that Isma is smarter and savvier than Umno. Today I will amend my statement – I now say that Isma is MUCH smarter and MUCH savvier than Umno.
I had also written that Isma is more efficient and effective. Umno does not have half of Isma’s initiative or even a quarter of Isma’s commitment and dedication to the cause.
The leadership of Umno today, particularly their Gen Y, is all about “what’s in it for me”. Khairy Jamaluddin for instance demands “important posts in government-linked companies” for his boys.
Refer below, ‘Umno Youth wants GLC posts‘ (Bernama, 17 Aug 2014)
BERNAMA - Umno Youth Wants GLC Posts

Very seriously: Who has the Malay heart and mind today?

Umno Youth members suck up to KJ because they want projects and other perks.
With Isma on the other hand, it is not about what the organization can do for its members but the other way around. Isma’s youth wing members are instead the ones making financial contributions from their own pocket to keep the NGO funded and running.
So now why do I say that Isma is increasingly capturing hearts and minds?
Well, for one, because Umno Youth is led by a Dapster Khairy.
BELOW: Tweet by Khairy’s press secretary Regina Lee about KBS the Youth Ministry’s “pretty awesome projects”
Twitter - reginalah- Loads of meetings awesome

It’s not Umno who is doing the work

Okay, maybe the makcik-makcik selendang merah do roll up their sleeves membanting tulang empat kerat.
But for their stupendous efforts, Wanita Umno is only rewarded with a single measly Cabinet post.
In the main, however, it is Isma that is doing the heavy lifting. On issues of Malay interests. On issues of Islam. It is Isma that is fighting in the trenches defending the faith.
Isma’s political nous and gravitas
And Isma is usually prompt in their response to controversies and on the ball.
Thus you see Isma taking up the cudgels against Comango, against the recycled Bersih 3.0 (now calling themselves “Negara Ku”), against the slandering and conniving English-language alternative media, against the Christian extremists and against the DAP chauvinists.
Does Umno Youth do any of the above? An emphatic nyet.

So what is Umno Youth doing, pray tell?

They are taking the ice bucket challenge along with J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai since it is the ‘in’ thing to do.
They’re snapping selfies.
Vying for the celebrity Shout! Award. Strutting the catwalk and modelling for the covers of magazines likeHarper’s Bazaar and Maskulin.
One super ‘smart’ Umno Youth chieftain went to the extent of trying to poach Dyana Sofya from the DAP.
And the Big Chief hired himself a Dapster to work as his press secretary – a decision which he fully defendsin the face of widespread criticism. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Umno Youth is led by Dapster Khairy.

Mengadap – KJ, thank you, thank you – semua sembah

Umno Youth do not feel that they owe the Malay voters anything for their young leaders’ present elevated station in life.
Pada hemat mereka, ia ahli-ahli Melayu sebaliknya yang patut bersyukur kepada mana-mana pemimpin Umno berpendidikan Oxford / Barat itu.
The sense of entitlement felt by the Umno Youth present echelon makes as if it is the ordinary Malays who owe it to their Umno liege lords.
That’s why the number plate of Khairy’s SUV is ” KJ 10 Q ” (KJ, thank you) — see snapshot of his campaign convoy below.

KJ's convoy -- see his SUV number plate

Behold the face of Umno Baru

Isma people – from their ustaz frontliners to their young activists – possess a clear ideology. On the contrary, I’m not sure how many Umno Youth know the difference between fisabilillah and Ibdilillah, who Umno’s new media bureau chief.
You can see Ibdilillah’s photos below.
In the first, the Khairy konco is in a Superman suit.
In the second, he is being measured for a suit.
In the third ..shrug … entah lah. Iklan “Gaya, Mutu, Keunggulan”, kot?

A force to be reckoned with

The remarkable thing about Isma is the breadth and depth of their talent pool. They have outstanding spokesmen at almost every level.
Compare with Perkasa, whose leading lights known to the public are limited to its president Ibrahim Ali and sec-gen Syed Hassan. Other Perkasa fellas though fail to catch the media limelight.
Whereas with Isma, the press will pick up even what the lieutenants have to say on current issues despite that the NGO’s most famous personality is its president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman.
The Isma deputy president, vice presidents, chairman of the Isma Syura Council, state liaison chiefs as well as heads of their various activity bureaus are all equally formidable when it comes to articulating the organization’s “mission and vision” to the media.
Heck, even their college-age activist Alifah Ting Abdullah managed to create a Chinese tsunamic wave all on her own.
1Malaysia DAP

Striking the right chords

Tun has accused Najib Razak of being “too soft and silent”.
Yup, you can say that the PM is soft, silent and safe (“playsafe”). In fact, he is so safe that he fails to resonate with the spirit of the times. Look at his 1Malaysia which is neither here nor there and is really heading nowhere.
Isma on the other hand is a risk taker. The billboard below, which was rejected by two local councils on account of allegedly promoting an unacceptable “supremism” ideology, is one example of how Isma is willing to go out on a limb.
Isma billboard
Its message – “Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi keagungan Islam dan kedaulatan bangsa Melayu di Tanah Melayu ini” – sure enough instantly got the Yahudi Yeohs foaming at the mouth.
But nonetheless Malays, freaked out by the current sociopolitical climate, are receptive to the bold stance taken by Isma.

Isma vs Umno

The question of cohesion
Those on board the Isma row boat know their destination. They are journeying together in the same direction and pulling the oars rhythmically to the beat of the coxswain.
I marvel at how the different Isma spokesmen somehow manage to convey a coherent and integrated message. This cohesion and coherence allows them to deliver with a punch.
najiblgekrismaslollipopMeanwhile in the Umno camp, they’re simply helter-skelter. Let’s just quickly examine half a dozen of their Cabinet Ministers.
Najib – calls himself ‘Ah Jib Gor’. Enuff said!
Tan Sri Muhyiddin – a stolid alif ba ta figure but he’s at the same time the chief target of opposition attacks for what they derogatorily label as his “Malay First”ness. The thing is that his party colleagues are not stepping forward to defend him.
Tengku Adnan – a loose cannon
Nazri Aziz – there might be a method to his madness, who knows
KJ – the Minister of Multiple Functions who pokes his nose into the affairs of the other Ministries, such as Jamil Khir Baharom’s.
With Isma, it is a case of sehati sejiwa.
Dengan Umno … geleng kepala. Anda ada nampak DS Najib, TS Muhyiddin, Tengku Adnan, Nazri, KJ dan Datuk Jamil Khir pernah cakap sebulat suara dan senada sekaligus?


Umno’s leadership is certainly not short of pinheads, and neither is the MCA.
Najib displayed his lack of discipline by according military honours to the MH17 mourning ceremony. He is unable, it seems, to ponder long term on the future implications of his action.
MCA Perak chief Mah Hang Soon – to ampu bodek his Umno boss – mocked First Admiral (Rtd) Imran Abdul Hamid as to why he did not lash out at the Dutch government. The question itself reflects the MCA Yang Berhormat’s sheer stupidity.
On another matter, the MCA-owned paper today tried to sanitize the Ipoh bikini bride just like how they did the Alvivi couple the last time.
Remember this: MCA is DAP is MCA is DAP. Both are Malaysian Firsters now and want to UBAH the template of our nation, including our social mores.
Isma in contrast drew a clear moral line in the sand – ‘Berpakaian tidak sopan: Percubaan untuk rosakkan nilai moral masyarakat Malaysia‘. And the admonition comes from a young man, mind  you, and not an old fuddy-duddy.
Bottomline: Umno just cannot rely on its BN Chinese satellites anymore. They’ve lost the plot.
Face it, MCA has already crashed and burned. If Umno still refuses to step up its game, then be prepared for the United Malay National Organization to be supplanted by the United Muslim National Organization.

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