Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What Najib can and should do to regain Dr Mahathir's backing

What Najib can and should do to regain Dr Mahathir's backing

In the first place, some may ask, does the ×Prime Minister need Dr Mahathir's

The answer is yes, ×Najib Razak does. The PM needs everyone's support. These
are trying times for his party, for his race and religion, and for the entire country.
He needs the people to rally behind him and if those standing behind him include
Dr Mahathir, the better for him. Therefore, Dr M's decision to publicly declare he
was withdrawing support for the ×Umnopresident - his party president - is not a
minor setback. It's something ×Najib can do without. 

But since Dr M has done so, what can and should the ×Prime Minister do to
regain the×Stateman's backing? 

1. Treat Dr M's criticisms seriously, but positively
Mahathir's criticisms are constructive, mostly. The worst thing ×Najib could do is
to try and defend himself publicly and vehemently. He should use pen and paper,
start writing to his ex-Boss and tell him what he's doing that the ×Old Man may not
be aware of.

2. Hold back the barking dogs
If they are going to be kurang ajar, tell them to shut up unless they are willing to
take on the ×Old Man until the end. Often, these dogs would bark and irritate and
then run. Bark and run. They only serve to irritate Dr M, who will intensify his
attacks on Najib. When Pak Lah was PM, these barking dogs used the mainstream
media to try and demonize Dr M and in the end their master paid dearly and they
are happily advising ×Lim Guan Eng and other×Opposition leaders today.

3. Stick to his policies, change the executors
I have to agree with Pasquale of Barking Magpie: Najib has done well,
especially given the circumstances.
The economy is proof of his policies' effectiveness, for example 6.5 percent growth in second quarter is beyond expectations, yes beyond what even Mahathir expected. Inflation is very low, a lot of people still are making ends meet in there words unemployment is also very low. Selangor under Pakatan is in shambles in comparison (and) Tun should have continued whacking Anwar for failing the Selangor people (including Mahathir himself since he is resident of The Mines in Sri Kembangan).
Read PM Najib Razak is Nobody's Clone

Some of the people that Najib has appointed to implement his policies are
suspect, though, and the Prime Minister must replace them. And for heaven's sake, 
stop rewarding them with cushy posts that pay so well it makes people in his 
camp actually wish they were mediocre.

4. Improve Umno/BN image
It's been deteriorating badly. Granted, Najib inherited damaged goods from
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but he should be bolder in his efforts to improve the
image and perception. Dr Mahathir isn't the only one worried about the fact
that Malaysia lacks capable leaders to take over (if Muhyiddin Yasin decides  to call
it a day, that is). I am not an Umno member and I am concerned with the lack 
of credible leaders in the party. Pakatan Rakyat is not an alternative anymore, now 
that their leaders have unravelled themselves in Selangor and earlier in Kedah 
and Perak, and with the nonsense that's been going on in Penang with regards to 
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's mega, mega projects.

5. Engage his ex-Boss
Najib must never let his media advisers try to "sort things out" on his behalf.
Abdullah Badawi's mistake was he allowed himself to be lulled into believing that
his media head honcho then, a millionaire journalist with great Singapore connections, had the gumption and the touch to take on anybody and everybody, including
Dr Mahathir. That was a fatal mistake. The PM must tell his editors and his social
media hanlders to not try to be clever. Engage the Old Man. Go and see him.
Sort things out.

For the next few days, the pro-Umno and pro-government blogs will remain quiet
and non-committal as they await some signs form above, a directive from
their handlers, a hint from those closer to Dr Mahathir and Najib or to the people
close to the two men. 

Those who have been training their guns at Najib will rejoice. Syed Akbar Ali, in
Dr M: Najib is destroying the country, claims:
This time around the entire country is becoming increasingly aware that Najib is becoming much worse than Badawi. The country is surely going down and at a faster pace. Najib could have saved himself if he had listened to free advise and changed the Cabinet, dropped the controversial, the corrupted, the millionaires, billionaires and other crooks from his Cabinet. He could have saved himself if he had overhauled the entire constipated gomen leadership, the boorish GLC leadership, the leadership in academia, the corrupted party leaders etc. All this he did not do. 

Now it is too late. The PM has to go. Dr Mahathir is not a person to say things lightly. 
But not everyone will agree with Tuan Syed. Seasoned pro-Umno blogger Jalil 
Backer, one of the thousands who blogged to bring down Najib's predecessor
not too long ago, made the following appeal in one political chat room earlier
"We should all exercise restraint. We must not openly lash out at either Tun Mahathir or DS Najib. Let both men meet and sort out their differences. If they have done that and still can't or don't want to resolve their differences, then by all means take your sides if you have to. But just don't forget that when we are weak because we allow ourselves to fight one another, we will not solve the problems. We will be the problem."


Anonymous said...
The problem with Najib & his Great Wall of Advisors is when too much dust accumulates under the carpet, someone might fall on the carpet & blow all the dust away.

It just needs a single turning point for a total meltdown will happen. When that time comes, no one will save us.
damansaraman said...
Fully agree with your view.

A lot of the point raised by TunM is valid; but he was not in any way asking PM Najib to step down.

For me, it is a mere wake up call, a BIG ONE though!

And we also have to face the fact that our last election's performance was our worst.

A lot of UMNO people are saying that the 47.38% popular votes is count to nothing. But do take note, that is worst than 50.9% garnered in 1969.

If Najib continue to avoid radical changes toward his Cabinet lineup, UMNO Leadership, GLCs and his Officers, do not be surprised that the 47.38% could grow smaller next GE.

My simple example is this; if you can't even defend 'A Class' Policies such as PTPTN, then what good is the Government's Team?

Anonymous said...

dah hantar lah. najib hantar lulusan srp dan penjual kereta pujuk Tun. apa lah lu rocky. itu azzeeez rahim

lu tak lak tau ke

najib itu kasi level srp saja jumpa tun
Anonymous said...
If you think Dr M's criticism is bad, remember that the pro opposition people that Najib is coddling wants Najib and the entire BN gone.
charleskiwi said...
And I thought that only the opposition is fighting among themselves so is the ruling party. It is indeed a sight to behold, the gloves is off !
safiai saad said...
Ads by Media View×The issue of Dr Mahathir Criticism must be seen as the advise that has been given to the present leadership to improve or as the jargon " pull up your sock"
Najib should not try to be elegant silence or even "syndrome bisu" as Musa hitam used to say.
In the era of globalisation and information explosion, those comment should be carefully studied and learned on the basis of merit.
If it is a good suggestion, whats wrong you adopt or even do some fine tuning. That called it "peka" not "pekak". Nobody has monopoly over virtue and wisdom. The smart among us will definitely know how to utilise it and enhance your performance.
As Dato' Najib used to say the day the government knows everything is over.
We need the feed back that make a Malaysia as progressive nation.
What concerned Mahathir is the facts that Najib seemed to dismantle the column and the beams that enable Malaysia to be build politically correct.
If you remove it will collapsed.This is what Dr.Mahathir is greatly concerned.
I find nothing wrong with that, and najib is duty bound to correct that perception.
I thought UMNO has establised a counsel of elders comprising the veteran UMNO politicians and ex-minister, why dont Najib use this forum to connect with the elder statemen to explain what ever reservation and concern thay have about certain policy.
Anonymous said...
It is time for PM to show his mettle.

Purge the party, GLCs, Govt, NGOs, civil associations of all the Mahathirists and right wimgers.

Use the Sedition Act to save yourself and your Agama, bangsa dan Negara. Lock them out, kick them out and stop their gravy train.

The country practically belonged to the Mamak King for 23 years undeer his iron fisted rule and Melayu tulen masih tak berubah. Mana pi harta negara Petronas, cukai etc?

Sekarang BR1M untuk tolong sadikit orang Melayu pon nak diberhentikan.

Habis, tolong kroni berbillion dahulu, ok ka?
Anonymous said...
What is wrong with you guys. You sound like it is personal feud between Tun and him. I don't think you have a clue. You have mistaken the forest from the trees. Mahathir's criticism is nothing personal. It is about the country. It is about us, Malaysians. The people who have been affected with his actions, inactions, programmes, policies, which affecting us.
Please don't repeat the so called 'pertemuan dari hati ke hati' the way you guys did before to Pak Lah. The whole exercise is just ridiculous. It does not really address the problem.
And one more thing. Stop being way too friendly to the superpowers. As if we are so eager to be friends with them. We have become their boot kissers. Your over the top gestures really make us feel uncomfortable. It made us come across as weak and wimpy. We have overreached actually. And we should stop what we are doing. We have become pawn to their cold war 

. Please step back before it is too late.
RD. said...
I think Tun Dr.M chose the right moment to voice his grievances. At time when PR is also having problem of their own doing from that Kajang move, to topple their Selangor MB. If not, things would be blown out of proportion, even more.
arcadia said...
Well 2 dogs already barking~
JalanTebrau said...
I am sure that Tun Dr M has a selective memory.

Why is he so reticent on the issue of why MAS was privatised to Tajudin Ramli, only for the government to buy him out later?

Why is he being positively Sphinx-like with regard to the subject of IPPs and power purchase contracts?

Why is he not commenting on his failed "water politics" with regard to Singapore? He tried to play poker with Lee Kuan Yew and failed dismally. He couldn't bully Singapore. Full stop.

So, he goes after softer targets. Badawi. Now Najib.

But in the international arena, he's a mouse. Like what happened to his vaunted hearings with regard to Israel's "war crimes".

No wonder he's feeling mighty frustrated.
Anonymous said...
Apa yang paling dikesalkan, bagaimana menteri2 umno boleh buat kenyataan membodek?.. Macam Zahid Hamidi. Sepatutnya sebagai pemimpin pelapis, dia perlu berfikiran kritikal, forward looking,idealistic demi masa depan Negara. Bukannya mengampu dan membodek semata2 tanpa melihat kebenarannya.
Inilah tahap rata2 pemimpin UMNO yang buat rakyat jelata menyampah dan meluat. Bodho tahap dewa.
Anonymous said...
the country will fall apart because of its leaders not because of its rakyat. but then its the rakyat who voted those leaders. in the end, rakyat pays dearly for their wrong choice.
so if najib and tun m fights, its the rakyat should make the decision who is right who is wrong. but in the "control"led media world rakyat will often make the wrong choice.
let's us all drink to the wee morning!
Anonymous said...
Agaknya tun m marah sangat sebab proton tak dapat grant ke?
Anonymous said...
Dato Hisham-" Obama dan Putin pun tak sehebat Najib"
Akhirnya Barisan Nasional dah jumpa pengganti Samy Vellu.
Anonymous said...
Its better for Najib to resign now than waiting for the worst to come.
Zipposta said...
Touche ma nigre
r0 said...
Well ii dont agree if najib step down in 1-2yr, but i do really really agree if he can listen and change what mahathir advise. Nothing wrong with it.

now, najib must go meet mahathir and not go into hiding like always.
tebing tinggi said...
What Tun Mahathir was saying are was very much in knowledge of the general Malay public ,who support UMNO and Barisan.

May be it was new information to UMNO members .

Najib must be aware of this.
Anonymous said...
What should Najib do to regain the confidence of Dr. M?

He should polish his intellect, build up his sense of chivalry, and stop being dependent upon others to do the thinking for him, and to stop inventing slogans to run a country. We need a sterling PM.
oppus said...

Menjadi PM untuk sebuah negara bukan kerja main2.

Ini perkara asas 'basic'.....Najib mesti faham.

Sy setuju bila Dato berkata...."Najib mesti bijaksana dlm menangani kritikan Tun M..."

Dia (Tun M) tahu apa dia cakap..

Dia pernah menjadi PM.....bukan 6 tahun...tetapi 22 tahun.

Najib jangan lupa tentang ini.

Dia menegur bersebab.
Dia melihat dari 2 kaca mata....dari kaca mata PM dan dari kaca mata rakyat....terutama majoriti Melayu.

Semua org tahu semasa dia menjadi PM...3 timbalan dia tewas.....ada yg masuk jel...dan separa sewel...mabuk.

Selepas dia berhenti....1 PM pula tewas.

Adakah Tun ini seorg yg kaki gaduh dan masih berperangai begitu?

Bagi sy...dia seorg yg bertanggung jawab dgn amanah yg diberikan...sebagai pekerja dan sebagai pemimpin terutama pd bangsa ugama dan negara.

Sy percaya...seperti Dato juga...jIka Najib bijaksana ;

Kalau tidak....seperti kata P.Ramlee..."alamat nak mampuslah".

Dato...secara jujur sy minta/harap Najib berundur....kerana selama lebih 6 tahun memerintah...


Bukan setakat memuaskan..

Dari sekala 1 hingga kira Najib diparas 4 sahaja.

Ini penting diketahui oleh Najib...kerana keupayaan dia memberi impak pd rakyat....bukan sekadar kedudukan diri sahaja.

Sy tidak gemar melihat Najib menentang atau menjadi 'defensive'...kerana akhir nya akan bersekudahan sama saja seperti Pak Lah.

Ini merugikan negara sahaja.

Terima kasih.
Anonymous said...
To: Jalan Tebrau the commentator:

"I am sure Dr.M has a selective memory"

Are you so damn sure about your own faculties?

"So, he goes after softer targets. Badawi. Now Najib."

From stirring up administrative issues about Dr. Mahathir you descend into character assasination.

"But in the international arena, he's a mouse."

Many men of integrity worldwide would disagree with you, you rat.

"No wonder he's feeling mighty frustrated."

You're not doing him justice nor Najib you little slanderer!

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