Monday, 11 August 2014

Khalid can keep his job according to Selangor constitution

Khalid can keep his job according to Selangor constitution

My thanks to a commenter @ 2014/08/11 at 5:09 pm for his leads on why Khalid Ibrahim’s position can be supported by the Selangor constitution.

Article 53(2)(b) of the Selangor constitution

Khalid’s state government needs only to have a minimum four excos.
As long as the PAS Aduns stay put, Khalid’s state government remains legit in law.
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Article 53(4) of the Selangor constitution

The Sultan has great discretion in the appointment (or as in this case, retention) of his Menteri Besar.
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Article 55(2)(b) of the Selangor constitution

His Royal Highness has the further discretion of withholding consent should PKR and DAP demand that the state assembly be dissolved.
In other words, Ketua Umum cannot force the dissolution of the Selangor DUN.
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