Tuesday, 12 August 2014

HOT !! ANWAR AND WAN AZIZAH Rejected & dejected!

HOT !! ANWAR AND WAN AZIZAH Rejected & dejected!

This is what you get for creating political chaos and sidelining His Majesty Sultan of Selangor. You did try hard enough but miscalculations, greed and 'over boast' doomed you and gang into your own trap!

The Sultan is a wise man, wise enough to detect the stinky plan to oust the man he approved to lead the state and replace him with an 'outsider', just like Penang.

Lim Kit Siang was worried about the crack in Pakatan Rakyat but son Guan Eng was optimistic that his support for Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah could bear fruits. In the end, LGE has to bite his own tongue.
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 ― The Selangor palace has rejected PKR's last-minute bid to meet with the Sultan to explain its reasons for sacking Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, likely after finding the party's manner of requesting for audience inappropriate, sources said. 
Malay Mail Online understands that it was Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who had written the letter to seek a meeting between the state ruler and his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is PKR's candidate to replace Khalid.
Sources familiar with the matter said the letter, which was sent to the palace yesterday, was rejected yesterday morning.
“The request, written by Anwar was for Wan Azizah to have an audience with His Royal Highness.
“Suffice it to say there were questions as to why Wan Azizah did not write the official letter herself... it did not look good, especially for someone who has been tipped to be Khalid's replacement,” a PKR source told Malay Mail Online when contacted.
So, what's next?

Which Sultan would you seek audience with? Ask LGE, there are many 'Sultans' in Penang, maybe he can help!


Anonymous said...
You know why Wan Azizah did't write the letter herself because Wan Azizah does not no how to write a letter she just a housewife
Anonymous said...
Puak Pakatan Haram Bangsat akan sentiasa MEMBANGSAT!!!
Anonymous said...
Wow bro that was a good one ..... especially the last para. L O L.
Anonymous said...
All attentions now zoom in to PAS. The focus is on PAS to put down its card and the whole Selangor erupt in euphoria. Or, it will be business as usual and everbody get on with their life.
PAS have once in a lifetime opportunity now. Do or never. To prove that PAS too politically savvy and have a few tricks up its sleeve.
Right now nobody knows what the outcome will be. Nobody can reads PAS moves. People are now waiting with bated breath wether PAS is capable in making suprises.
If PAS screw this, then it will confirmed what everyone has on their minds regarding PAS all these years.
Anonymous said...
Nuar went for broke and he was completely broken, hopefully for good too.
Ungreatful pariah. He was brought into UMNO at the expense of many UMNO hopeful. Back stabbing snake and tried to take over the leadership first by buying his way against Tun A Ghaffar. Caught by his own doing that landed him in jail.
What's now? His demise is near and so is PR. Unlike LGE, who can appeal to many sultan in Penang, yes sir Ahmad sultan, Daud sultan....and many more.
Anonymous said...
not only he (LGE) has to bite his own tongue, in addition to that the Dap supremo might want him to swallow it wholeheartedly. kik kik kik
tauke lim said...
he will never give up, sir.

now he tries to persuade hadi awang to tell his aduns in selangor to boycott khalid.

by any ways and means, he wants khalid out so that his wife can become MB

that also u dont know aaar!!!
timah langat said...
pakatan ingat selangor ni takda sultan macam pulau pinang ke, boleh buat sesuka hati, nak orang luar berkuasa di negeri ni.

pirrraaahhh mabuk!

source : just read !

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