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Guan Eng: “Penang rejects racists, extremists and liars”

Guan Eng: “Penang rejects racists, extremists and liars”

Its Chief Minister says Penang enjoys “religious harmony”.
Penang rejects racists extremists
That’s the sound of The Scissors at work. Guess who are usually hinted in the MCA newspaper as being “racist”? SeeHERE and HERE.
Guan Eng tweeted that “Penang rejects racists, extremists and liars” and outsiders should “leave Penang alone to enjoy its religious harmony”.
Recently J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai (incidentally a Penang boy) – in his “continuous tirade against his favourite target” – wrote about bigots too.
I borrowed the phrase “continuous tirade against … favourite target” (in quotation marks above) from one Facebooker calling himself “Wong CW” who had attacked me today - see below.
Actually, not only am I stalked and attacked in the portals such as Malaysia Today (or TMI) by the “Wong CWs” but also in the alpha blogs such as Annie, Syed Akbar Ali and Rocky. My 24/7 stalker – who usually leaves his comments as ‘Anon’ in the blogs – is very diligent in carrying out his smear campaign against me.
Every time my name is even mentioned by one of the other alpha bloggers (those who write in English) or my writing is referred to in their blogs by them, this particular stalker would be among the very first to put in his comment either denigrating me, rubbishing my writing or throwing vicious fitnah.

Anonymous attacker skulking in the alpha blogs

It is not so much the Dapsters who stalk me but the Scissorati-evangelista. The stalker must be someone offended by what he terms my “continuous tirade against [my] favourite target”.
My target, as you all know, is usually The J-Star and the world of Jerusubang. The stalker must have a lot at stake that would be affected by my criticisms, urm, that is if my critique hits bullseye lah.
Kalau tak makan cili, takkan dia rasa pedas, kan?
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Anyway, enough of the little diversion to explain the phrase “[Helen Ang's] continuous tirade against her favourite target” that I borrowed from someone named ‘Wong CW’.
Now back to the topic of this posting.
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gunting star dalam lipatan

Wong Chun Wai scolds bigots, racists and extremists

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai in his article last week had flayed the “twisted racial mind(s)”, the “racial and religious bigots”, the “self-declared champions of their races”, the “dumb and dumber”, those [Malays] with “warped thinking”, social media practitioners who “articulate bigoted and zealous views” and “the extremist voices”.
See his column last Sunday titled ‘Drown out the bigots‘.
Mirroring the DAP, Wong Chun Wai labels his opponents “bigots”, “racists” and “extremists”.
Guan Eng and Chun Wai sound like fraternal twins. Their vocabulary is so alike.
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BELOW: Lim Guan Eng rides pillion on a motorbike, konon

“All races came together”

Not only do Guan Eng and Chun Wai use the same words against their opponents, they also pontificate using almost identical language and are fond of portraying themselves as “voices of moderation, rationality and tolerance”, and among the “rational and fair-minded Malaysians”.
Chun Wai in his article last week repeatedly mentioned ad nauseum “people of all races came together”, “Malaysians were in one voice”, “a sense of oneness among Malaysians”, “MH17 has seen Malaysians coming together”, “Malaysians of all races”, “Malaysians continue to speak as one”.
Guan Eng in his tweet portrays his state as enjoying religious “harmony”. He uses words like “moderate” and “moderation” a lot too, usually to imply that Najib Razak has failed to lived up to his 1Malaysia ideals of moderation and tolerance.
Since Chun Wai and Guan Eng are so alike in the words they use, I’m sure a lot of people believe (or perhaps are aware) that the two of them are kam cheng.
Not that there is anything wrong with any of the MCA paper editors enjoying a harmonious relationship with the DAP bosses. After all, Malaysia is a free country albeit the “only 9 percent” Christians might be a bit skeptical about this.

source :  helen ang's blog

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