Monday, 24 February 2014

MUST SEE Now showing: Satay Kajang !

Now showing: Satay Kajang

Read this comment in Malaysiakini. Its really 'amusing and entertaining', especially how it's written to whack Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat teammates.

At least Mkini (errr... for the first time?) tries to be a little bit neutral in publishing negative comments about Pakatan Rakyat. 
STARRING: Anwar Ibrahim & Rafizi Ramli
Special Appearance: Mat Taib & Lim Kit Siang
Villain: Khalid Ibrahim
Special Effects & Stunts: Azmin Ali
Narration: Lee Chin Cheh
Guess What? All the characters are from Pakatan Rakyat. They could develop a few more political plots among themselves and stage a few more by-elections in Selangor.

I have no qualms about Anwar being the state assemblyperson for Kajang. 
However, I’m very concerned about his intention of taking up the menteri besar’s (MB) post. I’m rather puzzled that a man of his political stature, was the head of Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (Abim), Umno Youth leader,  education and finance minister and deputy prime minister of Malaysia and supposedly economic adviser to the current state government of Selangor, is unable to persuade, convince and inspire the MB and his team to implement some of his ‘To Do List’. 
If this is the case,  I am very doubtful Anwar can do much about anything at all when he actually becomes the MB of Selangor.

While the plot is unfolding in Kajang, Anwar has not failed to ignite the imagination of the public by coming up with another brilliant idea. He may consider to enlist the services of ‘Mat Taib’ a.k.a. ‘Mat Tyson’ to assist in the running of Selangor. The very man who was apprehended by Australian authorities for carrying some petty cash and who supported Khir Toyo, who eventually made a mess of things. 
As a minister, many of Anwar’s policies have ‘Gone With The Wind’. Remember the 3Rs? Many educationalist today have considered these policies as ridiculous, redundant and regressive. Trust me, if one digs deep enough, the bucket list is very long. Just focusing on his tenure as education minister is good enough.

A Universiti Malaya study shows the majority of Kajang voters are with Pakatan. The survey that polled 576 voters in Kajang from the total of about 39,728. Do I need to elaborate further? My recommendation is, Universiti Malaya should focus on its world ranking, rather than getting involved with such rudimentary surveys. It went on to make claims that voters want Anwar as MB. Certainly not me. Do ask the folks from PJU, PJS, Shah Alam, Klang, Subang Jaya, etc.

One must also be weary of these AFC members. AFC simply means, ‘Anwar Fan Club’. Some of them smell, look, talk and even think like him. The public who are expecting that some of these AFC members appearing like ‘A Few Good Men’ who are out there to do greater good for mankind, is wishful thinking.

Since the AFC members love to do what they do best, spin a good yarn, I should than be permitted to organise a debate in Kajang. Debate topic: ‘Should Anwar Become The Next MB for Selangor?’ The opening gambit for the debate will be an Elvis Presley song tilted, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ - “Well, it’s one for the money, Two for the show...” sang by Mat Tyson.   
Remember voters, rate payers and residents of Selangor, you have been warned.
Hmm... I think I will read more of Mkini...

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