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[SPOOKY...REALLY SPOOKY ARTICLE] ...The Ghost Of Altantuya

[SPOOKY...REALLY SPOOKY ARTICLE] ...The Ghost Of Altantuya

Well the ghost of Altantuya seems to be rising again.  This time rising from Australia. I am sure you have seen the Australian Press reports. 

A few of you have been asking me to comment about this. I am not keen for a few reasons. A woman lost her life. What happened to her children?

To the Opposition guys who are playing up the issue have you collected any donations or money to be sent to Altantuya's children in Mongolia? You have not? Why not?  You are hypocrites too?  True munafiks. Mommy didnt know daddy's name? I see.  Its just politics? I see.

The other reason is the real facts about the motives behind the murder are hazy. Very hazy.

Keep this in mind - always - who benefitted most from Altantuya's death?

I hace received via WhattsApp that (alleged) Police statement. Recording Officer : Insp Nom Phot a/l Prack Dit??  Dont know if it is true. So we shall not talk about it.

My own view is that the PM is not involved in any way. 

He was NOT the PM at that time. He was Defense Minister and Deputy PM. 

Lets clear up the 'Immigration department records on Altantuya were erased'. 

Says who? Who said that the Immigration Dept. records on Altantuya's travels were erased?  

Where is the source of this urban legend? 

"I heard it from my husband who heard it from his office colleague who heard it from the Immigration Dept's Head Janitor who was certain he heard it from the Immigration Dept Head"  is not an answer. With due respect, your grandma is also not to be believed on this one.

I believe the answer was presented in open Court. The cops "retrieved" a few passports from that hotel.  None of them bore the name Altanuya. Which suggests the woman entered  the country as someone else.  Hence the 'records were erased' story.

Just like the two Iranians on flight MH370 who entered the country under different names and passports. Or that Charlie Hebdo terrorists Coulibaly and wife who had also visited Malaysia under fake passports.  The IGP "confirmed" that there was no Immigration record of Coulibaly and his wife ever visiting Malaysia. So did someone also erase the Immigration Dept records about Coulibaly and his wife?

I personally believe the PM does not have the guts or the brains to get involved in something as complicated as this. For this type of intrigue you need the "brains of a mamak", figuratively speaking only ok? This is a loaded statement too. 
If you want to speculate, you will need to go back to the relevant time of the murder which was 2006? 

What were the political  circumstances of the country at that time? 2006.

Who was in power? 
Who was not in power? 
Who was about to lose power? 
Who was about to be elevated to power? 
Who benefitted most? 

The UTK from the PM's security detail are strictly controlled. Controlled by who? 

Can anyone pick up the phone and give orders to members of the PM's UTK security detail to go here or to go there? Not from what I have heard. 

Who benefitted the most? 
Or thought they would benefit the most?
Or had  certain time frames in which some benefits were due? 

Again I believe the PM was not involved in this matter. 

So if the "real truth" comes out now - or if there is such a thing, other than what has been presented - it will not harm the PM. I dont think so.

So if the real truth comes out now, who benefits?

What are the political  circumstances of the country in 2015? 

Who is in power? 
Who is not in power? 
Who is about to lose power? 
Who is about to be elevated to power? 
Who benefits most?

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