Wednesday, 25 February 2015

[ANWAR PLEAS FOR CLEMENCY FROM THE AGONG] Please Zaid Ibrahim Malay-Muslims are not moron!

[ANWAR PLEAS FOR CLEMENCY FROM THE AGONG] Please Zaid Ibrahim Malay-Muslims are not moron!

The sodomite (left) the victim (right)

Sodom and the legend of inhospitality...

Again a  case of another attempt on reverse psychology towards the simple Malay-Muslims.

Former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim is actually using age old reverse psychological tactic used to trick the "Muslim" Malays into parting with their rights by the British, losing their identity to be subservient to the mullahs and now appealing to their conscience as a "good" muslims to kesihan or to take pity on serial sodomite amed Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).  Read Zahid Ibrahim here...

Zahid is playing that mind game with the simple Malay-Muslims that BABI should indeed be pardoned.
To begin with no one is above the law, may be or perhaps the rulers.

Secondly, BABI was found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt to have committed crimes he was accused of.

So the laws asked him to be jailed for five years for the crime he had committed.

Once a convict he must be treated as one, no more no less.

For this country to be forever at peace post-BABI, the King must be advised not to entertain any request to pardon him!

We Malaysians and Muslim-Malays are a compassionate bunch, but we also have our limits of tolerance, and pardoning  a convicted serial sodomite and a rapist cannot be one of them 

Is BABI special? 

I think not he was found to be guilty of sodomising his own staff, forcing  himself to the victim which is amounting to rape.

If BABI is pardoned then I have no choice as a loyal citizen but to disown the King as my King and to disrespect the whole judicial system of the country, which will be a sham if it happens.

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