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Dear Anwar,

For how long can one hope to ride on the glory of days gone by?

For how long did you hope that the voice of the rakyat would be sufficient to pressure
the judiciary into releasing you?

Justice does not work that way.

The courts have given you sufficient opportunities to lead evidence, make statements
and raise other issues.

You should stop protesting your innocence, since in reality your silence projects an
admission of guilt.

This was not, as you claim, a ‘foul charge’. Neither was it a ‘complete fabrication”.
Nor a “political conspiracy’ designed to end your political CAREER

You ended your career all by yourself.

Let’s face it. The rakyat has long known the sham that is Anwar.

The record shows that your defence had requested a postponement of your case more
than 70 times.

When the Prosecution’s appeal against your acquittal came up before the Court of
Appeal, the appeal was postponed more than five times because of several applications
which you filed.

Despite this, today, you still have the cheek to accuse the judges of not having given
any ‘proper consideration to the case’.

Despite your claim to the contrary, the release of a full written statement by the Prime
Minister’s Office (PMO) within minutes of the Court’s decision is nothing unusual and
does not allude to any type of conspiracy against you. Any diligent journalist, anticipating
that a decision of this magnitude may go either way, would be prepared with alternative
ways to report it. Surely, the PMO is capable of doing the same.

Please do not moralize about integrity. You, Anwar Ibrahim, are no paragon of virtue.

The truth is this, Anwar Ibrahim. You failed to defend yourself because:

You refused to take the stand to testify. If you did, you could have by your testimony
raised a reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case. The prosecution would never
have been able to bulldoze its case through and you would have been acquitted. 

Your silence can only be taken as an admission of guilt.

Instead of taking the stand you chose to give your statement from the dock, which is
worthless testimony because it is neither admissible in evidence nor can be tested by

You hardly adduced any evidence to displace the prosecution’s evidence that
suggested that you did in fact commit the act of sodomy. In particular, you failed to
challenge Saiful’s testimony to show that he was lying. Also, crucially, your claim that
the DNA evidence against you was unreliable and inadmissible fell far short of the

In a feeble attempt to find strength in numbers, you amassed a team of 15 legal experts.
Yet, despite their qualifications and undoubted experience, they failed to focus on the
charge, the evidence led by the prosecution or the soundness of the earlier decisions.
Instead they went merrily around the mulberry bush, suggesting that even they may not
have been privy to the whole truth.

Their initial argument was that you could not possibly have sodomised Saiful because
you were never alone with him. It was claimed that there were 13 witnesses who could corroborate that fact. Unfortunately, that argument fell apart when it was revealed that
there were CCTV recordings of movements in and out of the condominium which would
have contradicted this. 

Their clear change of strategy in midstream speaks for itself.

In short, your team was incapacitated by you yourself. Your conviction has nothing to do
 with conspiracies or re-determined judgments. You only have yourself to blame.
Instead of focusing on the case at hand, you sought to capitalise on political issues and 
cried all kinds of bizarre conspiracies both inside and outside the courtroom via 
intense media campaigns.

Anwar Ibrahim, the painful truth is this. Your promises were all empty and hollow.

Today, the real losers are your family members. They have suffered because of you,
and will forever pay the price.

You sought “hero” status for yourself. You, unfortunately, are nothing more than a
failed martyr.

Your story, Anwar Ibrahim, is a dream gone awry because it has never been about
the rakyat or Malaysia or your family. It has always been, and will forever be, about

I trust you will reflect on the above and finally come to terms with it.

Iskandar Mohamad is an FMT reader

PK: Apa? You are hero? Main belakang sampai terpancut dan terbukti guna DNA
pun nak jadi hero? Khaikk Ptuuiihhh

source : pk

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