Wednesday, 8 October 2014

INTERESTING ARTICLE ... Here’s my blog new short format

Here’s my blog new short format

On this date last year, I’d wondered aloud –  ‘Nazir tak dengar nasihat abang?
I also asked, kenapa banyak sangat iklan CIMB diletakkan di Malaysiakini?

8 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, I’d written about hot air baboons, i.e. evangelista politicians who offer you the sun and the moon and take you for a ride in their hot air balloon.

From faith to faith,

Glory to glory

Erm, you guys look kinda scary to us ...
Waiting for banana from hanana

8 Oct 2012

On this date two years ago, MCA Youth grumbled that Guan Eng had accused their party of playing up the Islamic state threat in order to deceive the rakyat while Umno had done the same with Christian issues.
MCA Youth then urged everybody to do their part to curb the DAP’s “politics of hate”.
Obviously the plea by the BN Chinese party in 2012 for DAP to stop stirring hatred fell on deaf ears. We can see this with the benefit of hindsight.
Holy Water
Drinking J-Juice

8 Oct 2011

On this date three years ago, I’d pointed out that tajuk-tajuk berita Malaysiakini - senarai di bawah – semuanya memberikan spin negatif kepada sambutan belanjawan.
  • Budget 2012 unrealistic, says Anwar
  • Groups disappointed with lacklustre budget
  • Najib failed to live up to expectations, says MP
  • Gov’t economic adviser queries civil service pay hike
  • Pakatan: One-off handouts not enough to help poor
Change … the more things UBAH, the more they remain the same?

Quick recap on yesterday

On 7 Oct 2012 – two years ago – I’d written:
Lambat-laun, PAS pasti hilang sabar juga kerana sudah tidak mungkin dibendung lagi tabiat penyokong DAP yang suka mencerca dan memfitnah.
I also said, mungkin parti Islam itu akan bermuhasabah diri sama ada ia mahu terus bersekongkol dengan DAP.
Undeniably, I was prescient.
Funny that Hannah Yeoh rants how it is the “progressive wickedness” of the BN which gets worse every year.

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