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The Bible Society of Malaysia has accused the Islamic authorities of “seemingly never-ending provocation” against Christians.

Christian extremists confrontational over ‘Allah’ Bibles

The Bible Society of Malaysia has accused the Islamic authorities of “seemingly never-ending provocation” against Christians.

BSM president Bishop Ng Moon Hing said “the Christian community has suffered the indignity of having its religious texts sullied and defiled”.
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BSM: You’re extremists in the govt!

bible_stampDescribing the stamping as a “heinous and despicable action”, Bishop Ng said in his statement yesterday that the “fact remains that the Bibles have been desecrated and the Christian minority in this country has been made to suffer at the hands of religious zealots and extremistsworking within the government”.
The stamp (see right), which the Christians are screaming to be a defilement and desecration, states:
“Strictly for non-Muslims usage only and shall not be published or used in any part of the state of Selangor pursuant to section 9 (1) Non-Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment 1988.”
“We demand an apology from the Selangor state religious authorities for desecrating our Holy Scriptures, let alone the raid on our premises early this year,” said the bishop – pix below with Hannah Yeoh.
Ng Moon Hing Hannah
Hannah Yeoh’s former Personal Assistant (now Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya Selatan Adun) evangelista Rajiv Rishyakara called for Mais to be “neutered” – seeFMT article below.
Our FirstLady Speaker is adamant that “non-Muslim organisations should not be forced to submit to Jais” (tweet below).
Twitter - hannahyeoh- JAIS should only be handling

Christians want Mais to say sorry

The Christians are also demanding the right to use the ‘Allah’ name everywhere in Malaysia.
“For as long as the right of religious minorities to worship God using whatever name they choose, to publish and distribute religious texts in whatever language they desire, and to share their faith and religious expressions to whomever wants to listen, is controlled and curtailed, there cannot be true religious freedom for all adherents of any religion,” Bishop Ng complained yesterday.
This same Bishop Ng, in a widely circulated letter to the flock, had previously demanded for the freedom to propagate one’s religion without undue restriction, prohibition or curtailment from the law.
In other words, evangelista mahu bebas untuk berdakwah kepada barang sesiapa. The letter (below) was written by Bishop Ng as Christian Federation of Malaysia chairman.
Click to enlarge
NECF Malaysia 2012-07-26 15-01-04
Source: National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF)

Are evangelistas threatening to disobey the law?

Ng Moon Hin Bersih“Officers of the religious authorities may invoke the law, whose scope and ambit are in any event strenuously disputed, refuted and denied, but at the end of the day, they lack the moral authority,” Bishop Ng said in his rebuke of the Selangor Islamic authorities.
He is saying that the Christian fanatics are strenuously disputing, refuting and denying the authority of the law that curbs proselytization of Muslims.
It is not surprising that the bishop should be cavalier about the force of the law as, after all, he is a Bersih supporter(pix right).
The Bishop interprets the Bible’s message regarding the duty of the faithful – “Christians have not only been granted rights of leadership but also the responsibility of stewardship (of the Earth)”.
This explains why – even though Chinese Christians are a minority while Buddhists are the Chinese majority – yet it is the bossy evangelistas who are leading events in Malaysia.

Church is anti extremists, anti racists and anti religious bigots

The Christian Federation of Malaysia wants our country to be “a nation whereextremism of all kinds is rejected and quickly curtailed. Racial and religious bigotry, manipulation and lies that have now come to define the social sphere, the print media and political posturing must end immediately”.
HannahSpeakerCFM tells its sheeple that Malaysia must be “a nation free of corruption” and public institutions must conduct themselves “with integrity, transparency and ACCOUNTABILITY”.
The Church do sound a whole lot like the DAP evangelistas, don’t you think? (Pix right, the Speaker is shorty and bossy)
CFM also says there must be “fair and equitable distribution of wealth … regardless of citizenship status, ethnicity or creed” as well as every community should be “enabled to pursue economic activity and achieve advancement … without being overly or unfairly supported by the state”.
Is the Church against the NEP and bumiputera status?

“Show Mais, Jais who’s the boss”

Unhappiness with Mais and Jais has been simmering a long while.
Earlier, BSM former president Lee Min Choo had urged the Pakatan Selangor government to strip the state Islamic authorities of their enforcement powers – seeMalay Mail article above.
Ties between the Church and Pakatan is a lot closer compared with ties between the Church and BN despite the predictable efforts by Ah Jib Gor to placate – pix below, Najib with Bishop Ng.
Ng Moon Hing Najib

Porky Principle

These evangelistas hit out very nastily when it is they themselves who created the controversy.
The Christians are going ape shit over this ‘restricted in Selangor’ stamp when it is they who drew first blood by their act of mensyirikkan Allah.
Their reaction is the Porky Principle at play.
For instance, as another example, Pastor Ramachandran Muniandy aka Mr Hannah Yeoh once labelled an editorial “low class” for purportedly “racializing” his bid for his child to be categorized ‘Anak Malaysia’.
The truth is it was he and his wife who had bullied the poor National Registration Department clerk in the first place.
ramachandran_m low class editorial

Other people are “low class”

More “low class” name-calling by the Dapster family – Mama Dapster, Papa Dapster, Grandpapa Dapster and the rest of the Dapster clan.
Like her husband, Hannah Yeoh reacts to a little ribbing by going ballistic. She slams those who expose her in @hannahyeoh Twitter exchanges as “low class” despite all her own spite and putdowns directed at her low profile targets and victims, such as the MCA Beliawanis treasurer Jessica Lai.
Then she proceeds to block critics from her Twitter timeline.

@hannahyeoh: “Low class”

hannahyeoh low class tweet

@hannahyeoh: “no class”

hannahyeoh no class
limkitsiang low class
cmlimguaneng no class
Anthony Loke is DAP national organizing secretary
Anthony Loke low-class politician
Ong Kian Ming is DAP election strategist
Kian Ming low class

The Church is being highly political

What is happening now is due to the tremendous influence that the DAP evangelistas exert over the Church.
The attitude of these evangelistas can be discerned from all their screaming of “Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist! Racist!” and “Low class! Low class! Low class! Low class! Low class!”
What kind of people support the DAP today?
Why does sex blogger Alvin Tan have a tattoo of a cross on his chest? That Alvin’s tattoo resembles the Klu Klux Klan cross speaks volume.
What is the attitude of the evangelistas towards Islam? Think about it.
Majlis Konsultansi Perpaduan Negara (MKPN) harus dibubar
Alvin tattoo

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