Tuesday, 23 December 2014

MCA slams 'irresponsible' Wan Azizah over Kajang floods

MCA slams 'irresponsible' Wan Azizah over Kajang floods

PETALING JAYA: MCA has lashed out at Kajang PKR assemblyman Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail for blaming Barisan Nasional over the recurring flash floods in her constituency, describing it as an "outdated tactic".
In a statement, MCA Selangor state liaison committee secretary Ng Chok Sin (pic) said her accusation against the ruling coalition was akin to "telling white lies under broad daylight" as Pakatan Rakyat has held the state for two terms.
"To blame every shortcoming on the previous BN state government is an outdated tactic as Pakatan has been helming the state for almost seven years," he said.
Ng also cast doubts on Dr Wan Azizah's capability as an elected representative, claiming that she was using the constituency as a platform to propel her into the Mentri Besar's position during the recent Selangor political crisis.
"When the plan failed, she has promptly discarded her electorate," claimed Ng.
He also alleged that the Pakatan-led government in Selangor had left out an allocation for Kajang irrigation, saying that there was no request from Dr Wan Azizah as she was away during the tabling of state budget in November.
"We seriously doubt Wan Azizah's suitability to become an elected representative when she opted to accompany her husband, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for holidays overseas while the state assembly was convening its sessions.
"And such irresponsible behaviour has resulted in nobody voicing concerns on behalf of Kajang when there was no allocation at all for the flood problem there during the tabling of the Selangor Budget 2015 by the Mentri Besar," he said.
Ng said this year alone Kajang has seen three severe floods that have affected daily and commercial activities in the vicinity, which he said the state government should not take lightly.
It was earlier reported that Dr Wan Azizah had blamed the floods on the irrigation system that was built during Barisan's tenure, while assuring that the state government has agreed to set an allocation to improve the situation.

source : the star

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