Sunday, 28 December 2014

HOT! REALLY HOT!! Kit Siang U turn to cover Guan Eng trip to Israel

HOT! REALLY HOT!! Kit Siang U turn to cover Guan Eng trip to Israel

Words cannot describe the mischievous U-Turn statement by Lim Kit Siang in calling all Malaysians to “stand united” behind the Prime Minister and to fully support his disaster relief efforts.

Mischievious because only recently (while the PM is in official trip overseas) the elderly Lim Kit Siang has launched a venomous verbal attack against the PM for his “absence” while the country is facing a national and natural disaster.

Perhaps this is Uncle Lim’s version of “National Service” as he arrogantly boasted in his tweet.

And when the PM is back in Malaysia and personally overseeing the relief efforts, Mr Lim instantly displayed “outstanding leadership traits” by his nauseas and hypocritic call for all Malaysians to stand united behind our PM!

You are quick to condemn everybody that stood up against your party’s socialist and secular evangelistic agendas, launching incessant attacks against anybody or any party who called for unity among the Malays and Muslims, and without shame demonises even your comrades. It is a public secret that how you loathe any signs of unity among the Malays and Muslims in this country. 

Yes, this is the epitome of your “outstanding leadership traits”!

And Tun Dr Mahathir has correctly described you as RACIST!

This offer of fig leaf of yours … are you trying very hard to divert the rakyat’s attention away from the glaring absence of your son in the Malaysian soil?

Where is he right now? Playing golf with the China’s Vice-Premier? Or enjoying a quiet quality time with the family on mountain bikes in New Zealand? 

Or is he “doing national service” which other Malaysians cannot do?

There is a some rumours circulating around the web that your son is on unscheduled two days visit to Jerusalem (which Malaysians cannot do) in normal circumstances. 

Could you please confirm whether this rumour is correct, that your son is going to Israel?

If not true, why is he conspicously absent from the country in this depressing time facing the nation?

Is he also “on secret holiday”?

Oh yes, the Penang State Government has allocated RM1.5 million to be released to the flood relief efforts, once your son is back from his “national service” in a foreign country, and that will only take place in at the end of the month, or perhaps extended into next month.

Nobody knows except Joseph Lim Guan Eng and Allah the Almighty.

And by the way, RM1.5 million is a very meagre sum compared to the whopping RM305 million just to conduct an initial feasability study of the Penang tunnel project!

After this forked tongue statements, what else are you going to spew to the rakyat?

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