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Calling All Malayians : Kuala Tahan, Ulu Tembeling, Taman Negara Under Water

Calling All Malayians : Kuala Tahan, Ulu Tembeling, Taman Negara Under Water

The following are some shots I have received from Pahang.  The rains this year have really come down. The Sungai Tembeling has reached heights that have exceeded the great floods of 1970. 

First here is a laporan banjir from Jerantut :

Laporan Banjir Jerantut. Tajuk: Pecah Rekod Paras Air Tertinggi Di Sungai Kuala Tahan. Fakta: 4 Januari 1971 Rekod terakhir tertinggi dicatatkan ialah 74 Meter. Bacaan Semasa setakat 9.00 pm tadi ialah 76.00 Meter. Paras Amaran:64.00 M. Paras Bahaya: 67.05M.Suasana di Jeti Kuala Tahan telah tenggelam.

Jeti Kuala Tahan telah tenggelam.  Here are some pictures :

 Above :  Kg Bantal in Ulu Tembeling. I was there just about two months ago. That is a the padang that is beside the river.  The river has come up to the roof of the wakaf.

Below : This is the well known Mutiara Taman Negara Resort in Kuala Tahan. Those of you who have been there will know that this point is about 50 feet above the normal river level. The water has come up this high.

To get to this signboard inside the Mutiara Resort you have to walk up the flight of stairs in the picture below. This is the Kuala Tahan Jetty.  The top of this flight of stairs  is easily about 50 feet above the normal river level. 


Here is a composite picture of the opposite bank (ie Kuala Tahan village). In the first picture you can see the blue roofed souvenir shop (circled in red) that is located about 50 feet above the river.   The green rooftop on the left is the floating restaurant.  In the second picture you can see that the river has come up to the blue roof of the souvenir shops. 50 feet up. 

This is the lobby of the Rainforest Eco Resort. This resort is not only about 50 feet above the normal river level but it is about half a kilometer inside Kuala Tahan Village, far from the river bank.  The markings show the highest flood level that was achieved in the great flood season of 1970 (4th Jan 1971 here.)  Two hours after this picture was taken the water exceeded the 1971 level.

The picture below shows the flood level exceeding the highest level that was achieved on January 4th 1971. This is at the Check In Lobby of the Rainforest Eco Resort in Kuala Tahan Village.

The picture below is another composite from Pahang although I dont know where exactly. You can see how the river has come up.   

The floods are bad this year. I hope all our Flood Relief machinery will work overtime.  Jangan tunggu air dah surut baru nak cari beras, cari lori etc.  This happened last year in Pahang. Sampai DYMM Tuanku terpaksa turun padang sendiri untuk membantu orang kampong.
I also hope that all the rest of us - Malays, Chinese, Indians, NGOs, political parties, christians, muslims, hindus, sikhs, buddhists will rush to help our people in Pahang and the East Coast.
If we can help people in Bangladesh, Somalia, Myanmar, Aceh, Japan etc the East Coast is just a few hours drive from here.
People will usually need cooked food. Sebab dapur dah tenggelam. If anyone has mobile kitchens buy a bunch of rice, some gas tanks, some ikan bilis, ikan masin, telur ayam and head to these places quick. Also clean drinking water. And give them hand washing soap. Now is the time to be extra hygienic.
In the 2005 floods in Muar (after the 2004 Tsunami) our Four Wheel Drive group drove to Muar to help. People could not do much with beras (uncooked rice) because all their kitchens were under water.
There was a mobile kitchen cooking rice which was really helpful. 

Instead of wasting time arguing about nonsensical issues this is  a good time to show that we all stand together.

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