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EXPOSED !! #MH370 MYSTERY ... Pine Gap And MH370

EXPOSED !! #MH370 MYSTERY ... Pine Gap And MH370

There is a place called Pine Gap. It is in the geographical center of Australia. The CIA, the US Air Force and the RAAF have maintained a super secret radar and satellite tracking system at Pine Gap for many decades.   

The reason they chose Pine Gap is because of its remoteness. During the Cold War there was no way ship borne electronic surveillance ships (aka Russian spy ships) could intercept radio signals from Pine Gap.  

Pine Gap is a Star Wars type super secret military base.


Their main task at Pine Gap is to monitor any rocket launches especially in the eastern hemisphere. If the Chinese, North Koreans, Russians launched a rocket, there are look down satellites that will pick it up and transmit the data to Pine Gap. 

Pine Gap is a major satellite tracking and monitoring system for the American  ECHELON spy satellite system. Anytime someone says the word ECHELON or types it up on a computer that is online, the ECHELON system will pick it up. For exampe the system will automatically pick up this blog post. Hi guys. 

Pine Gap (plus a string of other radar sites in Australia) have OTHR capacity. OTHR means 'Over The Horizon Radar'.  They have powerful radar that can detect movement of ships and aircraft thousands of kilometers away.  The following picture shows how over the horizon radar operates. They bounce signals off the ionosphere to enable long distance detection. 

The following map shows the range of Pine Gap's over the horizon radar coverage. Bear in mind that this map is outdated. Their latest capability has increased by a factor of ten since they were set up. 
The system allows them to observe all air and sea activity north of Australia to distances of 3000 km. This encompasses all of Java, Irian Jaya, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and halfway across the Indian Ocean. Other sources put the range at 4000 km from the Australian coastline, as far away as Singapore.

The system is so sensitive it is able to track planes as small as a Cessna 172 taking off and landing in East Timor 2600 km away. They are believed to have increased the sensitivity by a factor of ten beyond this level. It is also reportedly able to detect stealth aircraft, as typically these are designed only to avoid detection by microwave radar.

This system is capable of detecting and tracking missile launches in Asia. Here is another picture of some of their related equipment located elsewhere in Australia:

 The JORN network

The moment flight MH370 made an unauthorised change in its course it became a 'rogue'. Meaning the plane was communicating but not following its authorised flight path or following instructions from any Air Traffic Control. 

This would have immediately alerted some tracking systems. Then when the plane turned off its transponders (it went quiet) the flight became a 'bogey' - an unidentified plane.

After 9-11 any 'bogey' the size of a Boeing 777 would have alerted numerous flight tracking systems. 

Then the plane flew past Penang, down the entire west coast of Sumatera and approached Australia. 

There is no way the super secret radar station at Pine Gap did not pick up MH370.

There was a news report in the New Straits Times that Defense and Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein had asked the US for radar information (if any). Obviously Dato Seri Hishamuddin was referring to American radar in Australia. Here is a news report :

Flight MH370: Malaysia wants access to data from Pine Gap

Data request: Malaysia believes the radar domes of the top-secret joint US-Australian base at Pine Gap near Alice Springs may have captured crucial information about Flight MH370.

Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has asked the US to share information obtained from the Pine Gap base near Alice Springs, reports the government-controlled New Straits Times newspaper.

They want to use the information to calibrate with data they have already obtained to narrow the search areas from a massive 2.4 million square nautical miles stretching from Central Asia to the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean.

The New Straits Times on Wednesday led its coverage of the missing plane with a story referring to Pine Gap as a "super-secret" installation in the barren Australian heartland that could solve the puzzle of the mystery disappearance.

Although the US sent air and naval assets to help search for MH370 until today they have never shared any information on any radar or other electronic survellance methods that they most certainly have.


Anonymous said...
What were our radar operators doing....having teh tarik...borak-borak,watching TV in other words doing everything else except what they are paid to do.
The Menteri said it was deemed non hostile...what a load of hog wash...nak tunggu a 9/11 type scenario then take action??
Another crap statement he made was that no fighter plane was sent up cos if you send one up the intention will be to shoot the rouge plane...
The dumb man obviously does not know of the Helios plane that crashed off Athens. F16's were scrambled when the plane did not respond to ATC. The Helios plane was not shot down by the F16's, it crashed when it ran out of fuel.
So when our dunggus don't do their job we have to beg other who have done theirs!!
Anonymous said...
Anon 6:24 our radar operators were doing their job. They picked up MH370. Our jets were scrambled. Following radar intercepts our jets headed towards MH 370 beyond Penang towards the Andaman. On that course MH370 was flying away and was not a threat.

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