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GOOD ARTICLE TO READ! ... Ball in the Tun’s court

GOOD ARTICLE TO READ! ... Ball in the Tun’s court

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‘Umno MP: PM must drive intellectual discourse’ … This is so true.
Right on the dot about how Umno and its president are simply not driving the intellectual discourse nor national narrative – see Malaysiakini‘s hot-off-the-press story below.
Dan si presiden parti tu ada hati pula nak kata blogger “bangang”. The PM who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

Isma is providing the moral leadership that Umno has ceded

I’ve said a few times before already that Isma is much smarter than Umno. Also Isma is way savvier than Umno.
Not to mention Isma is far more efficient than Umno. And many times more effective than the PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa).
And because Isma is all the above, it’s also likely the reason for Isma having Tun to chair their international event KL Summit rather than inviting Umno’s Minister of Religious Affairs Jamil Khir Baharom.
Tun seated with Isma president Abdullah Zaik

Umno ni memang menempah maut

There is a mediæval weapon that’s a ball on a chain – pix below.
And there’s this other ball weapon that is “whirled like a sling, then thrown parallel to the ground to entwine the quarry’s legs”.
Check it out (below).
Here’s how you use this whirling weapon.
You swing the thing overhead whoosh, whoosh, whoooshand let fly – see illustration.
The weapon catches your target at the legs and brings it crashing down.
swing bolas

Siapa sebenarnya yang bangang?

Now there’s no denying that Umno is a behemoth.
But you know what they say, “The bigger you are, the harder you fall“. Especially if you’re big in body but small in brain. We know how the dinosaur which had a brain the size of an acorn eventually became extinct.
Umno may be big but it can just as easily be caught at the legs and tumbled.
Picture it: The flying weapon entwining big, bad Umno at the ankles and then, a shuddering thud as the colossus topples to the ground.

Umno’s bodoh sombong makes you cry

BN will lose GE14 if Umno does not start using a brain now. There’s no time to waste.
Note that I do not say use “its brain”. I say use “a brain” because I’m not sure where Umno is storing its grey matter. In the boot of a Porsche Cayenne, perhaps?
It does appear that when Dr M retired, the Tun took his considerable intellectual nous into retirement along with him. So the brain quotient left in Umno after the Tun’s departure is questionable.
Hahaha, look. There’s the MCA flag in the background

Thinking subcontracted out

Ah Jib Gor has outsourced government thinking to his consultants, advisors and all the self-serving, serrated-toothed barracudas swimming around him.
We’re not sure if the consultants and advisors who are being highly paid to think on the PM’s behalf are truly thinking of what is best for the country or only what is most lucrative for themselves.
Indeed Ah Jib Gor is isolated by his Wall of Consultants and unreachable. Not even the Tuns can get through to him.
He is listening to all the wrong people whom he mistakenly believes to be at least nominally belonging to the BN camp – but they’re not. Not really.

Tell me, who loves the PM?

Ah Jib Gor is an accidental general who is unable to command the loyalty of any fighting troops (what else can we say about a commander who opens fire on his own men?)
FYI, my blog posting ‘Panglima perang yang tembak laskarnya sendiri‘ was a viral hit that got over 3k-plus Facebook shares and more than 15,000 page views within the short span of 24 hours immediately after upload.
Ah Jib’s only hoping to buy support like with the “I love PM”bangang placards.
Without the character and charisma to command loyalty from enough thinking followers, the prime minister is drowning in quicksand.
That’s why the opposition and evangelistas are gaining more and more control of the country daily. We can see it happening right before our eyes. Call it slow-mo suicide or being eaten alive.

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