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BLOGGERS TO... Dato Seri Najib : Mana Duit Saya? Saya Tak Dapat Duit Pon?

BLOGGERS TO...Dato Seri Najib : Mana Duit Saya? Saya Tak Dapat Duit Pon?

This is a gambar hiasan only. Tun Dr Mahathir says there are many more who are qualified to replace Najib. I agree with Ayahanda. At this pace I think even a plastic bag from Tesco is better qualified to replace the PM. The plastic bag can hold things maybe 100 times its weight. Najib can hardly hold a plastic bag.

Najib says that he has been paying UMNO bloggers who are stupid. He said that he has been paying money to UMNO Bloggers who are bangang. Why the hell did you do something stupid like that? Pay money to bloggers who are stupid?

One commenter said that the bangang bloggers felt insulted at being called bangang and the KDN guys had to call them for a briefing to tell them that Najib actually meant someone else.  

But since this bangang episode I have been doing some research on what is going on in the PMO and behind the scenes. It seems that Najib does hire pro UMNO Bloggers and gives them money on a regular basis - just as Najib said in his spech.

One fellow regularly asks for RM20,000 or RM30,000 to upgrade his system. I only have one laptop (an Asus) which I bought for RM899 or something like that. And I can rock and roll with just one lap top.

Talk is there is another idiot in the PMO who is in charge of the bangang bloggers. He has a budget of RM5 million or something (per annum!!). That is a lot of money.
Today I want to ask the PM for some money for my Blogging and Cybertrooper services for UMNO since 1998.  I have not been paid anything by UMNO. 

After the 2008 disaster UMNO woke up about blogging and the alternate media. So a few of us Bloggers were invited by Tun Faisal who was heading Unit Media Baru UMNO or UMB to talk to future UMNO cybertroopers at the UMNO training centre on top of that hill. 

There were a few hundred young folks and we spoke to them about how to set up Blogs, what to write, what to focus on bla bla. It was useful because tens or more of local Blogs have been set up by those UMNO kids since then.  

For driving up the hill and participating in the talk, Tun Faisal slipped me an envelope that had RM300 in it - duit petrol. I did not expect it and I did not need it but the gesture by Tun Faisal was appreciated. That was all the money that UMNO has ever paid me - RM300 duit minyak. Another time Tun Faisal did belanja me a cup of tea at Dome. So you see UMNO has been getting my services for cheap. Tun Faisal, time for another minum teh session bro.

I drove up the hill another time again to talk to Penerangan UMNO people from all over Malaysia. The topic was Palestine and Israel and I explained the Balfour Declaration. My session was officiated by Mat Taib - the former Selangor MB and now "our man" inside PAS (he he he). There were two other speakers and we all had lunch afterwards. Mat Taib spoke excellent Queen's English throughout lunch.  He had failed a test in Australian English.  Other than lunch I was not paid anything by UMNO. Satu sen pun tak dapat.

So actually I have been doing this for free for UMNO since 1998 - 16 years ago. When Anugerah was kicked out on September 2, 1998 there was no Facebook and no blogs. But there were e-groups. In no time at all the Reformasi sites had set up numerous e-groups. My friends and I used to chase them all over the place and engage them. We never shied away from a good fight. At that time we held the moral high ground.

And we also set up the first UMNO site to dispel false stories and fight the Reformasi. It was called Intelligentsia. Just for the record the name was coined by my friend Mansoor Saat - whose picture I put up recently as running for a position in the Bar.  Yup we were all in the same team.

Then circa 2000 I was co-opted into Penerangan UMNO where Dato Mustapa Mohamed (Tokpa) was Ketua Penerangan. Tokpa had a very able and capable right hand man (whom I cannot mention - those of you who know me will know him as well). For about two years just the two of us did plenty of stuff for Penerangan UMNO. Those were rock and roll days. We had lost Terengganu in 1999. So, much of our energies were focussed on winning back Terengganu and Kelantan - the two front line states at that time.  

We recruited people to become cybertroopers, we manned 'secret' war rooms, we made undercover trips to Terengganu. It was fun. I once had access to three "secret war rooms". But war rooms wont work unless you can pay people to man them. Volunteerism only went so far.

I recall two of the guys who manned one 'secret war room' in Kelana Jaya went on to become Pegawai Khas to Menteri Besars. Unfortunately both those Menteri Besars had their careers cut short. One of the guys later became a speechwriter for Najib and then left or something. 

My "war room" at that time was my own corporate office in Jalan Sultan Ismail. My bukan Melayu Boss was fully aware of all my activities and gave me his blessings to do what I was doing. (All pro BN people). So I was juggling UMNO cybertrooping with my corporate responsibilities - as Director of Corporate Finance of a Billion Ringgit IPP. 

All this while I never got paid a single sen by UMNO. One time Tokpa had to go to Singapore as the Lee Kuan Yew Visiting Fellow. We followed. I bought my own flight ticket !! Just to help Tokpa prepare his speeches etc. It was our commitment. UMNO never paid me a single sen.

Sekarang dia kata kami bangang pula. So can I send a bill to Najib Tun Razak for all the services rendered to UMNO over all these years? Satu sen pun UMNO tak bayar saya.  

There is a reason why I am writing this. Najib does not seem to know what is happening in UMNO. Or anywhere else for that matter. Everything is simply too much for the guy.  I can bet he wont even read this.

Some people have been telling the party president that Bloggers like me  have been paid money. I think it is that Jin Jeragas fellow who did send an emissary to see me once. The emissary  gave me a paper bag full of I dont know what. I did not even look inside. I just returned the paper bag and said my goodbye. I am positive it was not just an RM300 envelope.

I think Najib has been misinformed or duped by Jin Jeragas or by the other  people in the PMO that I am being paid money by UMNO. That is why Najib made a fool of himself when he said that these bloggers were paid money by UMNO.

It also shows why UMNO will get kicked out soon - unless Najib gets kicked out first. UMNO has to pay money to get these bangangs to blog for them. No money no perjuangan. Gone are the days when people volunteered their time and even their own money for the party and for the cause. We believed in our cause. Not anymore.

Now money talks loudest. The party is dead.

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