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Muhyiddin Yassin was the most upfront party leader to speak in the just concluded Umno general assembly.
Response by a Christian to Muhyiddin’s “time for Umno to do or die” message:
  • Just die then you stupid party!
  • Umno you’re irrelevant
  • Umno you’re divisive (favourite word of the evangelistas)
  • Umno you’re racist
  • Umno you’re extremist
  • Umno you’re corrupt

What kind of people are they?

The slurs above against Umno are very typical and commonplace. You hear this all the time. It is an article of faith with those people.
That’s why I’ve said that it is pointless for BN to hope for any support from the ABU voters who had emphatically rejected the ruling coalition in the last general election.
From my monitoring of the printed word over the past several years, I’ve observed that the meanest attacks on Muslims come from the evangelistas.
Yet the “only 9 percent” keep whinging that they’re the ones being terrorized. Weak, meek and mild victims of “terrorism”, konon.
themalaymailonline Terrorising the Christian minority

Anak Bangsa Malaysia

The self-professed “colour blind” crowd who thump their chest proclaiming that they’re beyond race and religion are the ones who are the most aggressive and abusive even though they’re keen on reminding the whole world that they’re such a small minority … meek and mild.
Licik betoi.
These Malaysian Firsters – see comment screenshot below – are waging war on Umno and it is their action that is causing the strong reaction which makes the Chinese community become the scapegoat and the Christian community become the bogeyman.
BELOW: A Malaysian Firster called upon Umno to show at its recent assembly “that they are not racist like Dr M, Perkasa, Isma, Perkida…..and etc…”
Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

Tamak haloba yang tak terhingga

It is the DAP evangelistas’ insatiable GREED in seeking GOLD and self-GLORY through their hijack of the GOSPEL that is causing ordinary Chinese and ordinary Christians in the country to be eyed with distrust.
The millions of Chinese and millions of Christians in Malaysia are not waging war on Malays and Muslims. Rather it is the DAP fighting Umno to wrest the Putrajaya crown.
Evangelista carpetbagger politicians and their EvangeliSTARs have already taken Subang for Jesus. Now they’re actively agitating and inciting their followers to rise up and take the other cities and districts too.
But ultimately, victory will only benefit the Prada politicians. Not the average Chinese, and not the average Christian.
Twitterhannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists
chun wai saifuddin

Mr Clueless coddling Christian bigots

Najib Razak’s think tank, the Global Movement of Moderates, is colluding with the Nest of Evangelistas to paint a segment of Malaysians as “racists”, “extremists”, “bigots” and haters who spew venom.
That’s what the GMM-EvangeliSTAR “moderation” campaign boils down too. From the J-Star content and from the editorials by the EvangeliSTAR editors, you know who their targets are. The J-Star will never ever imply that the bigots are the Christian extremists. With them it is always Muslim terrorists.
Isma is loathed by the Yahudi Yeohs because only Isma is willing to call a spade a spade – DAP evangelistas are “Christian extremists”.
ex-minister sees christian bigots a threat to najib's 'moderation'

Just shoot me, please

It boggles the mind that the Prime Minister’s Department is supporting the Moderates propaganda  movement that is in reality undermining Umno, Malays and Muslims.
But then again, we’re talking here about the Umno president who turned the gun on his own cyber troops. So shooting his own foot is par for the course where the clueless Ah Jib Gor is concerned.
If Ah Jib wants to blast away his own ten toes, that’s his lookout. What should worry Umno is that their president is giving bullets to the enemy.
The Malaysian Insider

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