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TO ALL MALAY AND MOESLEM ! READ THIS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE !! ...Who will rule the country after 2018?

TO ALL MALAY AND MOESLEM ! READ THIS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE !! ...Who will rule the country after 2018?

It’ll be either DAP or Umno. If public sympathy is with the Christians, then the evangelical party should be occupying Putrajaya post-GE14.
What are the factors that will torpedo the BN Titanic?
One word: Economy
The DAP Mursyidul Am believes that Malaysia is already plunging into “a national economic crisis“.
Lim Kit Siang lists our economic time bombs ticking away as:
(a) the RM42 billion 1MDB scandal
(b) capital flight and withdrawal of foreign INVESTMENT
(c) illicit outflow of funds
(c) falling oil price
(d) drop in global commodity prices

Hannah Yeoh: “Umno’s old & cheap politics. Out of the abundance of their hearts, their mouths speak. Dirty minds, filthy tactics!”

Twitter - hannahyeoh UMNO old cheap

Semua salah Umno, itupun tak tau ke?

Translated into grassroots sentiment, the rising inflation and harga Barang Naik will cause BN to be blamed.
If the assembly lines of fresh grads from our public unis can’t get work, Umno will lose first-time Malay votes. They’re easily one million in number if not more.
If wages remain stagnant and not keeping up with cost of living, Umno will lose the votes of the Malay government servants.
If young families find housing and transport to be increasingly unaffordable, Umno will lose votes from Gen Y. These young Malays are more religious than previous generations and will turn to the Islamic party or other Islamic alternatives for their political representation.
So is Umno in trouble? You BET!
Even the Tuns are worried.
Tun BN lose GE14
Daim BN lose election

Guan Eng duduk macam kepala samseng

I do not have solutions to arrest the BN’s precipitous slide.
It’s not my JOB to strategize for the ruling party. BN chairman Ah Jib Gor has got his fat cat consultants and advisors who are being highly overpaid to do this.
As far as I’m concerned Umno is PPTA and the BN, with Ah Jib at the helm, might result in Guan Eng sitting in the office on the fourth floor of Bangunan Perdana Putra come GE14.
DAP holding the position of Deputy Prime Minister is not a prospect that warms that cockles of our heart. Just look at the way Dear Leader sits in his chair – pix below – when he’s only a Chief Minister. (It’s like he thinks the other men are “lower class” than him.)
Guan Eng taikor

MCA costing Umno valuable seats

Over the past three years, my blog has advocated a few core themes.
BN can no longer afford to let MCA burn a dozen Parliament seats which are Malay-majority areas.
They are Alor Setar, Padang Serai, Lumut, Bandar Tun Razak, Alor Gajah and Raub which MCA contested in the last general election and lost all.
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Chinese party is a big liability

In GE13, MCA won the following Parliament seats with precariously thin majorities:
  • Labis (353 votes)
  • Bentong (379 votes)
  • Tebrau (1,767 votes)
Tebrau had a total of 90,482 registered voters in 2013.
Since DAP is targetting Johor for special focus, it’s more than likely that the evangelical party will be able to push the Tebrau electorate pass the 100k mark come GE14. Hence the MCA’s GE13 winning majority of 1,767 votes – a small margin in such a big constituency – can be easily overturned the coming election.
In Alor Gajah which is presently an MCA seat, DAP had put up a Chinese candidate in the constituency that has 58.5 percent Malay voters. If in GE14 the DAP picks a Malay candidate, the MCA man will lose.
Conclusion: Umno has to take back the Malay-majority seats from MCA
Pakistan and Afghanistan

The J-Star is a big menace

The Nest of Evangelistas newspaper crowned SIS co-founder Noor Farida Ariffin as a “prominent moderate” Malay.
The J-Star interview with the “eminent” lead writer of the E25 open letter is published under the headline ‘I don’t want Malaysia to end up like Pakistan and Afghanistan’.
Pakistan and Afghanistan have a reputation of extremism, and both are failed states. The Scissorati running the MCA-owned media are a bunch pro-opposition Christians and the tail that wags the MCA dog.
They are Gunting Dalam Lipatan. I wouldn’t be surprised if the BN is once again backstabbed at the height of the election campaign.
Conclusion: Umno has to neutralize the EvangeliSTAR
hannah Her Royal Roundness1

Yahudi Yeohs are a big threat

Big bottomed.
Ugly, shorty and stout but packing a nasty, potent punch.
Mother of All Munafiqs
Umno is too paling tidak apa to be able to withstand the YY onslaught. This is the reason the angry Perkasa and worried Muslim NGOs are buzzing like hornets.
And why there is now such a strong Malay backlash against Ah Jib Gor.
Conclusion: If Umno does not want Perkasa and Isma to cost the party a crucial loss of votes, then Umno had better keep the Yahudi Yeohs in check.
“Many Malays fear a bloody May 13 could recur”
Malays fearMay 13 recur

Yahudi Yeohs and their Islamophobia

I’ve been blogging about the three core issues above since mid-2011. I do not wish to keep repeating myself in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
Like hamsters running the wheel, the animosity between Malaysians will go round and round and only heighten in intensity. Hostility between Christians and Muslims has, after all, existed for 1½ millennia and so have their religious wars (crusade/jihad).
It is the Christians who are the force behind ABU. They’re Islamophobic and divorced from Malaysian reality.
They’re also beginning to be hysterical. This hysteria does not make them rational nor open to reason. So don’t bother offering the olive branch for a national reconciliation. It’s a sheer waste of time.
APA LAGI CINA MAHU? To see Umno dead.
Instead of syok sendiri, Umno must bite the bullet, accept that it has lost the Chinese and urban Christian votng blocs and concentrate fully on how not to lose GE14 – a possibility which more and more analysts see to be the case.

Now about the song … hint …
Which I uploaded for a special reason … broad hint.

When I’m gone

So lately, been wondering
Who will be there to take my place
When I’m gone …
If a great wave shall fall.
It’d fall upon us all
And between the sand and stone
Could you make it on your own?
And maybe, I’ll find out
The way to make it back someday
To watch you, to guide you
Through the darkest of your days
If a great wave shall fall
It’d fall upon us all
Well I hope there’s someone out there
Who can bring me back to you
I really don’t see much point in persistently banging my head against a brick wall, saying the same thing over and over for the next 38 months. I’m not a masochist, you know.

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