Tuesday, 2 December 2014

REVIVAL OF MALAYAN COMMUNIST PARTY? ... Malayan Communist Party dinner

REVIVAL OF MALAYAN COMMUNIST PARTY? ... Malayan Communist Party dinner

If this is true, it spells danger to the Malaysia and Malaysians.

Efforts to revive Malayan Communist Party (MCP) is no small matter. The government and its authorities must come down hard on those involved.

Unfortunately, the Internal Security Act (ISA) which among its purpose was to combat communism and its agents, is dead! 
GEORGE TOWN: Police have received 24 reports over a purported attempt organised ostensibly to collect funds for the now defunct Malayan Communist Party (MCP).
Penang deputy police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan said the reports were also lodged as far away as Johor with two being recorded in that state.
"We will investigate this matter thoroughly," he said at a press conference to address the issue today.
The reports were lodged after a banner in Pokok Sena, Tasek Gelugor,was spotted on a purported dinner to be held last Saturday at a multi-purpose hall in Chai Leng Park, Butterworth.
The banner featured the faces of the late MCP secretary-general Chin Peng together with Penang Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu and former state PKR Youth chief Amir Ghazali.
Afif has since denied any involvement in the matter while his officer lodged a police report last Thursday.
On another matter, Thaiveegan said police will investigate an incident where fire apparently broke out at Afif's service centre about 3.30am today at Taman Siakap.
He said police will have to investigate and declined to comment whether the incident was linked to the non-existent dinner for the MCP.
Afif in a statement meanwhile said he suspected the fire was not an accident but a threat to endanger the safety of the premises and his staff.
"This is the first such incident and I am worried this is an act of sabotage. I will leave it to the police to investigate and take the necessary action," he said.
Those involved are a threat to the country's peace and stability. No way we should tolerate such activities after MCP laid down their arms in 1989.

A thorough investigation is needed. From now on, the police cannot anymore compromise any subversive elements that could burn down the nation. If there is proof, the perpetrators must be hauled up and 'kept' for a long time!

No wonder there are still efforts to bring back Chin Peng's ashes to Malaysia. Is that the link?

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