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“INTERESTING ARTICLE TO READ...“Low class” – Yahudi Yeohs’ favourite way of looking down on others

INTERESTING ARTICLE TO READ...“Low class” – Yahudi Yeohs’ favourite way of looking down on others

The Yahudi Yeohs suffer from superiority complex where they’re always labelling folks as stupid and low class.
Their brand of evangelista politics runs along an identical track. Treating others as “low class” is a main feature in how they operate and this explains the overweening sense of entitlement on display.
Such greediness and ‘grab’iness will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Sabar itu ada hadnya.
Hannah low class
hannah yeoh no class
FireShot Screen Capture #045 - 'Twitter _ hannahyeoh_ @LeonLeeBMG low class politician' - twitter_com_hannahyeoh_statuses_246801183111520256
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hannah yeoh mca low class

High class and better

What do you think Hannah Yeoh really feels about Muslims when she threatens to make a police report against anyone who repeated the false rumour that she has embraced Islam?
On the other hand, they want to dakwah their evangelical Christianity to everybody.
Isma’s jihad is to uphold bahawa ‘Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam’.
The DAP evangelistas’ crusade is to “Rise up and take Subang (KL, the cities)” for Jesus.

“Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam”

Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam

“time to take Subang for Jesus!”

Subang Rally website

“Subang for Christ”

“Subang for Jesus” (slogan on white T-shirt)
“Ignite for Christ” (slogan on red T-shirt)
Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) Facebook:
“How do we win our city for Jesus?”


“Mono religion” – Wong Chun Wai’s nightmare

Isma is deadly earnest about its ‘bumi Melayu Islam’ struggle.
Uber evangelista, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai in his 18 May 2014 column headlined ‘Slipping into our racial cocoons‘, demanded that Malaysians must celebrate diversity and pluralism as well as embrace multiculturalism.
Chun Wai ranted: “Seriously I find it disturbing that the voices of mono-ethnicity and mono-religion are becoming louder in Malaysia”. He’s alluding to Isma.
BELOW: The Isma billboard which the Shah Alam and Selayang city and municipal councils refused to approve
“Marilah kita sama-sama berjuang demi keagungan Islam dan kedaulatan bangsa Melayu di Tanah Melayu ini”
Isma billboard
BELOW: The ‘Anak Malaysia’, Malaysian First, Malaysia for Malaysians, Malaysian Dream pursuit of the DAP evangelistas
Hannah Yeoh isi borang her Keturunan as ‘Anak Malaysia’ when she applied for her daughter’s birth certificate. Similarly she insisted that her baby’s Keturunan was ‘Anak Malaysia’ and that there are “no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese”.
“Aku Anak Malaysia”
Keturunan: “Anak Malaysia”, Agama: Kristian
“Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia”
Twitter - hannahyeoh- Had a good time with Saya Anak

DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia is anti-bumiputera

The main objective of the DAP is to unite our society, which is culturally and religiously diverse, “based on a Malaysian Malaysia concept by forging Malaysian race with universal moral values”. Ketuanan DAP, in other words.
Its party policy on nation-building is to abolish the division of ‘bumiputera’ and ‘non-bumiputrra’.
Since the DAP’s stated and avowed aim is to implement “ethnic equality”, then it stands to reason that the DAP vision is to negate the Malay Special Position. This is the only logical conclusion to deduce.
Adun Subang Jaya
Hannah Yeoh – the Anak Bangsa Malaysia icon

1Religion, 1Race

Isma invokes the ‘Social Contract’ and interprets it as insulating Articles 3 and 153, among others, from any challenge.
Article 3: Islam is the Religion of the Federation
Article 153: The Malay Special Position (note: Isma is inaccurate to say “hak  istimewa Melayu”; it should be “kedudukan  istimewa orang Melayu”)
Isma Social Contract

Conquistadors hell-bent on conquering

It is probably Isma’s claim that “Melayu adalah tuan tanah” which prompted Wanita MCA to call for the Muslim NGO to be charged under the Sedition Act.
Malays are owners of the land is something that Isma seriously believes in. This belief is in direct confrontation against the “take Subang for Jesus” crowd.
Historically speaking, the Malay rulers would never have agreed for the non-Malay immigrants to be granted citizenship en masse if the Article 153 safeguard was not cemented in the Federal Constitution.
And pragmatically speaking, Article 153 cannot be removed as the two-thirds Parliamentary majority coupled with assent by the Council of Rulers for any amendment to be made is almost unattainable.
Isma’s position is preserving the status quo.

Mother of All Munafiqs

Hannah Ugly

Politics is the Art of Compromise

Back in the 1950s, the Chinese and Malays through MCA and Umno respectively achieved a compromise.
Today, the power sharing agreement between the Chinese and Malays in the BN has irretrievably broken down.
Twitter - hannahyeoh- Selangor MB @Khalid_Ibrahim
The Christians and Muslims through DAP and PAS respectively cannot achieve any sort of compromise. They cannot agree on secular state, hudud, apostasy and freedom to proselytize, ‘Allah’ Bibles, Jais-Mais jurisdiction and enforcement, Jakim sermons and a host of other sensitive religious matters.
Nik Aziz and his son Nik Abduh have also complained that DAP is bullying PAS – see Sinar Harian front page above.
DAP and PAS Aduns are even fighting over an invisible Deputy Speaker (II) chair in Selangor.
PAS kena buli

Evangelista Christian agenda

Hadi Awang in his rounding-up speech at the September PAS muktamar said, “Ahli-ahli PAS dan pemimpin-pemimpin PAS mesti tahu kita ada perbezaan ideologi dan matlamat perjuangan. Ini mesti faham.”
Referring to the PAS, PKR and DAP shaky compact, Hadi said, “Kita bukan satu parti. Ini arah kita tahaluf macam satu parti, nak tidur sama, nak makan sama. Ini silap. Ini batas tahaluf yang mesti kita faham.”
Hadi in the same speech also warned against the Christian agenda, saying, “Hari ini terdapat perancangan yang licik dan halus … menggalakkan adanya parti-parti Islam ala Kristian Demokrat, parti Islam sekular”.

Attempted robbery of kalimah Allah

Explaining the Allah controversy to the PAS muktamar delegates, Hadi said, “Dalam isu ini, saya ditunjukkan naskhah Bible yang dicetak. Memang saya lihat Bible yang dicetak itu diterjemah dalam bahasa Melayu kulitnya.Tujuannya ialah untuk mengelirukan orang Melayu-Islam.
“Allah itu satu sahaja. Rabbilalamin. DAP dan PKR secara mutlak seolah-olah tidak ada batas. Kita membenarkan kalimah Allah digunakan untuk mesej dakwah. Dibenarkan kalimah Allah digunakan untuk kebebasan beragama, tak boleh halang. Tak diizin kalau mengelirukan orang Islam. Ini mesti faham. Ini hukum dia,” said Hadi while at the same time complaining about the DAP’s lack of respect for ethical boundaries.
“Jangan langgar, ada batas kita!” the PAS president exclaimed.

Realpolitik is about real people

The crux lies in the question: What kind of people are they?
Longstanding Sino-Malay rivalry was prevented from exploding due to the tolak ansur arrived at between MCA and Umno. I mention MCA first, preceding Umno, because the minority Chinese are in greater teed for the majority Malay to bertolak ansur than the other way around.
Currently the bitter rivalry has shifted ground to one between the evangelistas and the Islamic fundamentalists.
One side looks down on the other side as stupid and low class. This kind of attitude is a scorched earth strategy leaving no more room for any negotiation or compromise.

Majlis Konsultansi Perpaduan Negara (MKPN) harus dibubar

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