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IT'S GETTING HOTTER AND HOTTER!! ... 1MDB's Lodin Offered To Resign?

IT'S GETTING HOTTER AND HOTTER!! ... 1MDB's Lodin Offered To Resign?

Someone said that the Singapore PM visited South Korea for two days. Indon president Jokowi visited South Korea for three days (he will not be coming to KL). 

But when our Mr Protoplasm and her husband visited South Korea they spent four days. Maybe they needed an extra day to gyrate with the Korean K Pop bands. Plus the Mrs even bought his wife a birthday dinner.

That Police report by that UMNO Bahagian Batu Kawan chap against 1MDB is stirring up plenty of chatter.  

Few people know (even I did not know) that Mukriz Mahathir the MB of Kedah has been quietly dropped from the Majlis Tertinggi UMNO.   

MB's are appointed to the MT. Mukriz has been replaced by Joe Derhaka (Johari Baharom) who stabbed Dr Mahathir in the back in Kubang Pasu during the time of Badawi.  Whats going on?

Obviously there are things happening in the background. I feel that Mr and Mrs Protoplasm are beginning to lose it. Their biggest problem?  They just dont have it.

The bangang bloggers have also been told to go after Shafiee Apdal and Mukriz Mahathir. Shafiee the Sabahan does not do the 'tabik Tuan' very well. Has a mind of his own. His team are known to be critical of 1MDB.  So he is regarded an enemy.

For some reason (it should not be) Mukriz is seen as a threat. Folks say the banggang bloggers sabotaged Mukriz and UMNO in the Sg Limau By Elections in November last year.  UMNO lost the seat.

The banggang bloggers appeared suddenly and used ugly tactics in Sg Limau which turned off the kampong folks against UMNO. A really low class example was putting up an effigy of the fomer Kedah MB's amputated legs.  They are not called banggang bloggers for no reason. They can even sabotage UMNO.

Or maybe Mukriz is being used as a punching bag to rein in his father Tun Dr Mahathir. Big mistake. Very very big mistake.

Today Dato Kadir Jasin's latest blog about 1MDB is making waves as well. 

Simple titled : UMNO leader lodges police report against 1MDB  Kadir makes some interesting points :
  • 1MDB saga took a sensational and potentially dangerous twist with police report 
  • similar complaint with Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission may follow
  • complaint likely to be investigated under the purview of (CBT)
  • culmination of weeks of controversies surrounding so-called sovereign fund
  • On Dec 4 Chairman Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, board member Ismee Ismail and COO Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman grilled By Tun Dr M. Ismee is also ED and CEO of Tabung Haji
  • Dec 10, cabinet chaired by Muhyiddin discuss 1MDB. Najib away to South Korea..
  • Dr M grilled 1MDB team on modus operandi. 
  • the way company funds its businesses 
  • paid-up capital only RM3.4 million
  • assets worth RM51.4 billion 
  • borrowings – totalling RM49.1 billion
  • losses of RM665.3 million 
  • staggering finance costs of RM2.4 billion 
  • (RM1.6 billion previous financial year)
  • The Overpriced Penang Purchases
  • They were asked about price of land in Penang 
  • Six days before GE, 1MDB bought land for RM1.4 billion from two Chinese
  • land purchased currently occupied by squatters 
  • Guan Eng say 1MDB paid 95pc higher than valuation in December 2011
  • purchased a third and final piece of land on September 23
  • Dr M feels obliged because many parties inform him about goings-on in 1MDB
  • disappointed 1MDB not seriously discussed at Umno General Assembly
  1. How could they when resolutions on the economy were drafted for debaters
  2. Jamaluddin Jarjis inspired the speeches. 
  3. debaters were literally ordered to read the texts he and his team - including key officers from Khazanah Nasional Berhad – wrote.

  • A Meeting With The Governor
  • 1MDB team also met Bank Negara Governor Zeti
  • 1MBD requested BNM to extend (NPL) from three to six months
  • If not massive default & Tier 1 banks would have to make huge provisions
  • could lead to downgrading of the local banking system
  • depends whether can bring home RM7 billion in Cayman Islands 
  • NST reported 1MDB postponed RM8.4 billion sukuk bonds to next year
  • delay seeking an extension of two months on (RM11.2 billion) power plant 
  • harsh words and frightening warnings like “somebody is going to jail” uttered 

End of Kadir's blogpost.

My comment :  "somebody is going to jail" ?? Who is going to jail? I think if anyone is going to jail it will be the stupid macais. 

Kan saya sudah bilang - macais, you better jump ship now. Go ahead. Be a rat. Be the first to leave the sinking ship.  Jangan nak jadi hero.  No one will give a damn about you.  They have made their pile of moolas.  Do you think they will come and visit you in jail?

Think.  Jangan jadi lembu di cucuk hidung.

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