Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DISYORKAN BACA !! SIAPA ... Blogger Bangang, Con-sultan Dunggu - Semua Dapat Duit !!

DISYORKAN BACA !! SIAPA... Blogger Bangang, Con-sultan Dunggu - Semua Dapat Duit !!

Well folks, Dato Si Bengong has made another screeching, school boyish speech to the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Fan Club. As someone pointed out, absolutely no comment about 1MDB at all. Everyone was as quiet as a RM50 note inside an ATM machine on that one.

Bengong has now accused his own, paid, pro-UMNO Bloggers as 'bangang'. 

What a dumb thing to say. I say brader, ini Blogger awak sendiri lah. Awak yang bayar depa semua duit.  Now you call your own bloggers  'bangang' pula. 

First here is the news :

  • Najib menyelar blogger pro Umno yang menyerang pemimpin parti
  • Najib berkata .. mereka perlu tahu pihak mana yang membiayai mereka
  • Saya setuju kata Zahid bloggers kita ni kadang-kadang tembak kita
  • “Bloggers kita ni cari makan dengan siapa? 
  • ...Tak masuk akal. Bangang,” 
Yes brader. So boleh tak Dato Si Bengong jelaskan berapa banyak duit yang telah di bayar untuk membiayai Blogger pro UMNO yang bangang ini?

Satu juta Ringgit, RM10 juta, RM100 Juta? Sila jelaskan. 

Sekarang, sebab Dato Si Bengong sudah kutuk mereka sebagai bangang, jangan takut dedahkan kepada semua orang berapa banyak duit yang telah dibelanjakan untuk blogger bangang pro UMNO itu?

Nombor 2, tolong senaraikan berapa ramaikah blogger bangang pro UMNO ini semua sekali. 100, 1000, 10,000?

Dulu Dato Si Bengong kata dia bayar RM7 beliyon untuk membiayai con-sultan merepek yang telah menghancurkan negara, mematahkan semangat JPA dan malapkan masa depan orang Melayu. 

Sekarang dia kata dia upah blogger bangang pula? 

Why the h*ll do you do such dumb things man? Were you dropped on your head when you were little or were you just born that way? 

Kekawan blogger bangang.. err maaf ya ..kekawan blogger UMNO your 'Pembiaya' says you all bangang. 

When the news broke two days ago, some of the blogger bangang did react  and criticised their 'Pembiaya Blogger Bangang' for calling them bangang.

Then some of them began pointing fingers at others including me. They said that when he said 'bangang', Dato Si Bengong actually meant me, Dato Kadir Jasin and Apanama. 

I disagree.  Bengong said  "mereka perlu tahu pihak mana yang membiayai mereka"

I say kekawan jangan jadi bangang ok. You mean Bengong pays me money to call him bengong? Please get a brain. 

I do not get paid for writing my Blog.  This Blog is free, courtesy of Anyone can start up your own blogs.  You can do it from the kedai mamak, Starbucks, Cyber Cafe etc. 

And I am no more president of Bloghouse. I was the first president of Bloghouse - the bloggers association. However my second two year term ended last year. The Constitution (which I helped approve) only allowed  the president a maximum of two terms of two years each.  So my two terms sudah habis as of December 31, 2013.  I was president for four years and tak boleh extend lagi. I was not paid a single sen as president of Bloghouse for four years.  For our inauguration dinner (four years ago) we had suits made. Thats about it. 

I would strongly reccommend that the Prime Minister's post also be restricted to a maximum of two terms. O'wise a bengong can become PM and stay there forever.

I write what I wish to write.  

I used to be a Director of an IPP. We got hit by the Asian Financial Crisis in 2000. The GLC banks ganged up against us and so did Khazanah Nasonal and TNB (the other shareholders of the IPP). They put us into receivership.

Then things improved for the IPP. The IPP is now worth over RM2 billion. Unfortunately the GLC Banks did not give us back our IPP.  Under the receivership, the GLC banks sold it to a company led by Jamaluddin Jarjis - Dato Si Bengong's closest crony.  

When the Asian Financial Crisis hit us, Jamaluddin Jarjis was Chairman of Tenaga Nasional. As Chairman of TNB he had been keeping his eye on that IPP for some time.  He has now taken over our IPP and it will become his comfy retirement nest.    

Minus the IPP,  we had to reorganise our lives again. My wife and I run a jewellery business. We also design, build and sell outstanding houses.  I write a Blog. I still write books too.   If we still had our IPP,  I may not have as much time to write a Blog.  There is a balance to everything.

Since Dato Si Bengong has confessed in public that he has been paying money to "bangang bloggers",  maybe he is willing to 'buy over' my Blog.  

It will be a world first  :  'Bengong buys Blog'.

If I get paid enough  who knows - I  may go away on a sabbatical.  Maybe go to the UK and get another degree or something like that.  

How much is a Blog worth?   Well how much is our IPP worth?  If we still had our IPP and we had gone for a listing, I would be worth Porsches, Bentleys, maybe a yacht and that half acre lot that I have spotted quite near town  (I can see my Boss feeling uncomfortable there).  

But a Blog cant be worth that much.  Never mind lah. Cincai lah.  Just pay me 10 million.  The Ringgit is crashing.  So that will be US Dollars ok. 

Just kidding.

Folks the Pee Em is on his way out. This is more certain as the days go by. It is not because of the Blogs, the media, bangang bloggers or anything.  It is because of the Pee Ems own incompetence.

How can you stand on a podium in front of all the TV cameras and yell out that your own people, your own pro UMNO Bloggers, whom you paid money are 'bangang'? 

Its your team lah brader. You picked them. You paid them. If you picked bangang people to be in your team, it only confirms it is you who is bengong.


Anonymous said...
too harsh syed. we the malays practice moderate and humble schooling of the bangang types..lolzzz.. najib is an ingrate. what a bangang pm. now bangang is off the cuff. you said it at PAU which means unofficially it is no more what it use to be. now kids can do karangans and use bangang to showcase their minds. bangang la najib ni..pastu pegi merapu cita ada bajet untuk cybertrooper. talk about shooting your own foot. would have loved for him to add a few more words like cunt, twat and so on. ada ke pm guna bangang kat umum. langsung takde kelas. kau temakan banyak sngt serpih silver kot masa ada silver spoon dlm mulut kau jib?
Anonymous said...
Why I'm beginning to see Najib in the same light as Anwar?
The way Najib talks, the tone, is just like Anwar's,
In BM berdegar-degar sebab audience dia siapa lagi?
In English, tone kena ada slang gah, big words... Sophisticated konon. Just to hide his shallow knowledge.

Tun M is way beyond. Never had to jerit2 bercakap. Always sempoi, simple words, and people understand.

Najib is trying too hard.
Anonymous said...
"So boleh tak Dato Si Bengong jelaskan berapa banyak duit yang telah di bayar untuk membiayai Blogger pro UMNO yang bangang ini?"

Not only a fair question, but a question of public interest.

Where do these funds come from?

I have heard that the “bapak ayam” of one group of the GJB (Geng Jual Bontot) gets RM300K to disburse monthly?

Please don't say it’s in the national budget, because Umno is a political party.

So now the old Umno makciks are going to have their ant cyber-unit. And there’s UMB.

Are these all financed from taxpayer money???

And why does the PMO have a “Special Projects” allowance of 6bil?

Why is everything about this gomen so hazy and secretive?

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