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Ah Jib taking Che Det back to May 1969

Ah Jib taking Che Det back to May 1969

Najib Razak has specifically raised the matter of Tun losing his Kota Setar seat in the 10 May 1969 general election.
Since the BN chairman chooses to highlight this particular point at the Umno general assembly, I believe that we should indulge Ah Jib Gor and join him in revisiting the past.
Najib’s speech at closing of PAU:
“Ada wakil yang kata kita tak perlu pada undi orang Cina. Saya nak beritahu bahawa kalau kita tengok dari segi sejarah kenapa Tunku Abdul Rahman buat Perikatan kalau tak menguntungkan kita, tuan-tuan ingat Tunku buat Perikatan tak?
“Kalau pada tahun 1974 Tun Razak buat Barisan Nasional tak menguntungkan kita, tuan-tuan ingat Tunku buat Barisan Nasional?
“Kalau lepas Tun Razak, Tun Mahathir, Pak Lah, sampai zaman sekarang kita pertahankan Barisan Nasional, kenapa? Mestilah ada sebab. Kalau kita tak perlu kepada undi mereka, mengapa kita wujudkan Perikatan dan Barisan Nasional?
“Saya masih ingat lagi beberapa kali Tun Mahathir dalam perhimpunan ini sebut mengapa dia kalah dulu. Dia terangkan bahawa dalam ‘straight fight’ satu lawan satu, kalau dicabut undi – katalah 3,000 daripada kita – dibagi kepada pembangkang 3,000, defisitnya bukan 3,000 tapi 6,000. Sebab tulah dia kata dia kalah.
“Undi orang Melayu tak cukup nak ditampung sebab pada masa itu dia terkeluar ayat dia tak perlu kepada undi Cina, dia kalah. Itu satu pengajaran pada dia.”
BELOW: Ah Jib demands to know why Umno bloggers do not shoot at the opposition when instead he should be asking his friend Chun Wai why The J-Staris directing their sniper fire at Umno

Remember, remember 26 September

In 1969, Dr Mahathir Mohamad lost his Parliament seat to PAS challenger Yusof Rawa by 989 votes. On 26 Sept the same year, he was sacked from Umno for his stinging criticism of the Tunku.
The May 10 election took place 45 years ago – two generations have passed and many people have forgotten. Tun on the other hand may be a hundred years old but he has the memory of a woolly mammoth (elephant). His recall is still very sharp.
He can remember that he was right about the situation in 1969 and the Prime Minister was wrong. Tunku was an aristocrat who was divorced from the Malay ground and blur.
Today Dr M is once more reading the pulse of the nation quite correctly while the Prime Minister is woefully mistaken. Najib is a silver spooner who, like the Tunku, is similarly divorced from the Malay grassroots and clueless.
DrM house

Human nature does not change

What would have happened to Malaysia if the DAP succeeded in taking over Selangor in 1969?
They almost did, you know.
Gerakan was then an opposition party. Its four seats, combined with the DAP’s nine and an independent candidate’s one, gave the opposition altogether 14 seats in the Selangor state assembly.
The Alliance too had 14 seats: Umno (12), MIC (1), MCA (1)
May1969 Selangor election
Both sides were deadlocked 14-14 in the Selangor legislature.
Perikatan had failed to secure even a simple majority as indicated by the pie chart.


The DAP evangelistas are 3G + 1.
They are seekers of GOLD and self-GLORY and they have no qualms in exploiting the GOSPEL in order to feed their insatiable GREED.
Even today in Selangor, their greediness is on open display. DAP is already occupying the Speaker’s chair. They recently lost the Deputy Speaker post to PAS through a democratic vote taken in the House.
But because DAP is so very greedy, the party’s Selangor chairman evangelista Tony Pua now wants an additional post, Deputy Speaker II, to be created handed over to them.
BELOW: Tony with his kiasu Christian compatriots Hannah, Dr Cheah, Teresa and Guan Eng in a DAP meeting with the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship’s Rev. Wong Kim Kong and Christian activist KJ John just prior to the 2008 election

Pity the Umno bloggers

The volunteers and operatives defending Umno in cyberspace were publicly lambasted by Ah Jib Gor at the PAU on Saturday evening.
Truth to tell, these Umno bloggers are no match for the What-Kind-of-People-are-They. We can’t really blame them because it is simply not in the nature of the Malay to be able to do that kind of thing to other people which the Yahudi Yeohs are capable of doing.
The main weapon of the YYs is fitnah and sowing hatred. They do this and much, much worse without any compunction nor conscience.
Ah Jib Gor is singularly ill-equipped to fight a war against this kind of people – the Bintang Lima.
He’s harbouring a death wish, not to mention delusional, to keep harping on trying to get back the Chinese vote.
The man is obviously not thinking straight. How can he even entertain the thought that there could possibly be any Chinese swingback considering all the hate and contempt shown for Umno?

“Slow mo suicide” (sms) is what Najib’s committing (click)

source : helen ang's blog
kzso - najib, it's the chinese leaders/parties  who needed  Malay votes, not the other way around! why don't you strengthened the malays like your late father did when he set-up bn? the late tunb razak strenghtend the malays first and after that only he turn to chinese.

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