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The politics of ‘kill or be killed’ and Najib’s inability to go for the jugular

The politics of ‘kill or be killed’ and Najib’s inability to go for the jugular

Najib Razak does not have the killer instinct. You can see from the photos below.
This man loves animals. He’s got a big soft spot in his heart.
The Prime Minister, his cat and her four five kittens

Dapsters only understand the language of force

Yesterday Zunar’s cartoon (below) appeared in theWashington Post. It depicts the PM as “too weak”.
Najib’s kindness is mistaken for weakness. It is not a quality appreciated by the Malaysian Chinese whose political idol is a kuku besi leader like Lee Kuan Yew.
Instead the Dapsters take advantage of Najib’s moderation and his willingness to accommodate.

What kind of people are they?

There is no appeasing Dapsters who are impossible to reason with.
They are not rational people. More than 80 percent of my 815 poll respondents believe that Dapsters are “perpetually hysterical” and “quite delusional actually”.
They are also a cruel people.

Putar-belit media

Recently on March 7, Malaysians Fong Kong Meng and his wife Teoh Ching Yen were sentenced to hang for starving their Indonesian maid to death. Aside from being beaten, the domestic worker Isti Komariyah was also deprived of food and weighed barely 26kg when she died.
Yet surprisingly – or maybe not – news aggregators in the English language reported the killer couple to be “Malay” despite their names being ‘Fong’ and ‘Teoh’.
Google News Malaysia listed the Telegraph story (cited and screenshot above) – under its own Google-modified headline that said “Death for Malay couple who starved maid”.
BELOW: Google News aggregation for Malaysia

Putar alam DAP evangelista

The maid killers are Chinese but ‘mistakenly’ reported in the news headlines as Malay.
In other words, this is just like how the DAP evangelistas operate. They point the finger at their opponents for being “racists” (Lim Guan Eng calls Umno “Nazis”), “extremists” (pro-oppo political analysts call Perkasa “Klu Klux Klan”) and “religious bigots” (accusation levelled at Isma).
DAP evangelistas are so successful in controlling public perception that 9 out of 10 Chinese buy into their dakyah.
Najib and Umno are losing the battle of perception. Very soon they will lose the war.
Within the next couple of weeks, Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter following will hit the 100k mark. This means that the brainwashed worshippers who are Hannah’s twits army will soon be bigger in number than the circulation of the NST(95,860 copies distributed daily).
Hannah Yeoh has consistently demonised Umno and their supporters as “racist” and “extremist”. Her latest tweet today is the war cry “Race-based BN must go“.
Twitter - hannahyeoh- Race-based BN must go


Najib Razak simply has no idea how cruel his opponents can be. He cannot fathom the cruelty due to his aristocratic background and silver spoon upbringing.
He just cannot imagine from where his rivals come. Take Lim Kit Siang’s father. He “castrated pigs and poultry so that they could grow faster for consumption”. That’s what Lim Sr did for a living, according to Kit Siang in a 6 June 2011 interviewwith The Nut Graph.
There is nothing in the personality make-up of the cat-loving Najib that can enable our prime minister to understand, for instance, how a Chinese can take a shovel and beat a dog to pulp. Najib is not equipped to deal with opponents who are cruel for sport.
Dog eradication in Sichuan, China — photos from Weibo

The Bintang Tiga abuse of Chew Mei Fun

MCA candidate for the Kajang by-election Chew Mei Fun has been the target of a most vicious smear campaign. The vilest and most outrageous lies have been fabricated about her.
The efforts to tarnish Chew’s reputation is sheer cruelty. Slandering someone with the kind of fitnah that they have cooked up against her is crueler than punching someone in the face.
The present-day Bintang Tiga have also been calling Chew a “bitch” and labelling her “Umno running dog” as well as throwing the vilest canine adjectives at her. Yes, a dog is an animal but Chew’s detractors are beasts in human form. Their language and behaviour is like that of the communists during Emergency.
Dapster-Dapster ialah cucu cicit komunis dan sama kejam.
This dog was the companion of the vagrant who is sitting hunched on the pavement

Bintang Lima terrorism

Why the passive, tacit and even approving support?

Some blog readers have asked me WHY DON’T the rest of the Malaysian Chinese – those who are not evangelical Christians or who are not DAP members or the party supporters – speak up against what the DAP evangelista leadership is doing.
Please look at the dog-killing photos on this page. What kind of people are they?!
Why did the many onlookers – photo above – do absolutely nothing to stop the uniformed men from beating the helpless dog to death?
Look at their expressions as they watched the act of killing. Some have got faint smiles on their faces, a few look pleased and others amused.
Now compare the reader feedback in The J-Star recently when the paper published the news that Wanita MCA vice-chairman Lim Bee Kau had died of cancer. A total of 60 percent of the J-Star readers were HAPPY, INSPIRED and AMUSED at the news of Lim’s death.
The vagrant (see below) in Sichuan, China did nothing to stop the uniformed men from beating his canine companion to death.
You can apply the same analogy to the Chinese in Malaysia.
    Minority Chinese remain passive to the cruelty
Minority Chinese remain passive to the cruelty

Chinese in thrall to the DAP 3.0

Why – except for a small handful of MCA insiders – do the vast majority of the Chinese maintain a deathly silence at the verbal abuse of Chew Mei Fun by the Dapster-evangelistas?
I’m sure all of you by now are familiar with the extremely vicious language that the hardcore Chinese supporters of the DAP are fond of using. So please reflect seriously on the mentality of those people who are capable of hurling that kind of abuse daily.
If such venom can spew out of one side of their mouth but at the same time they can still hypocritically posture, “My heart is so troubled” (ref. ‘MH370: Condolences, but …‘)
And yet they have been successful in brainwashing the public by the hordes, then what chance do you think Najib-Umno-BN stand in fighting the cruel, conniving menace that is the Evangelista Bintang Lima?

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