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Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality

Najib / Ah Jib Gor – two sides of a split personality

The Najib consultants are like Rasputin giving Tsar Nicholas bad advice, so much so that the PM appears to be listening to BN’s enemies while he ignores sober voices in his own party.
History tells us that the tsar was the last emperor of Russia and on 25 Oct 1917, communist revolutionary Lenin seized power.

Grandpapa Dapster praises Ah Jib Gor, BN voters criticize Najib

orangkampung @2014/11/11 at 9:50 am says:
“The PM should beware – when your detractors become your no. 1 fans and the people who vote you in become your no. 1 critics, it’s time to take a step back and muhasabah diri, sebelum the rakyat ask you to step down.”
Orang kampung is referring to the enthusiastic support given by the DAP Mursyidul Am to Najib’s moderation agenda.
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i love pm

Umno president and his party at opposite ends

Umno is against any repeal of the Sedition Act.
Party deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin has stated that the Sedition Act should be retained. He is reflecting the view of an overwhelming majority of Umno divisions.
Wanita Umno that forms the bulwark of the BN vote want the Act to stay as well.

Umno is conservative, Najib is liberal

Calvin Sankaran @ 2014/11/11 at 9:48 am reminds us that Lim Kit Siang has resolved the question of why Najib “appears to be one person on the international stage and another on the local scene”.
In his press statement on 20 Oct 2014, Kit Siang said that Najib’s approach to moderation is split between the latter’s two contrary personalities.
There is, one, the good Ah Jib Gor and there is the Evil Twin – eldest son of Tun Razak, Malaysia’s second prime minister who presided over the country post-May 13.
It was Tun Abdul Razak Hussein who intensified the Sedition Act following the lifting of Emergency rule by the National Operations Council (Mageran). Now Najib intends to run full tilt against his father’s handiwork.
Gimik Bertudung Hannah Yeoh

Hannah’s personality disorder

Hannah Yeoh is constantly wearing tudung and going to the mosque but at the same time threatens anyone who says she’s Muslim with a police report.
This morning, she was very quick off the mark to snap at The J-Star for erroneously reporting that the Selangor Speaker’s chair is vacant. See her tweet below.
Hannah Speaker is from DAP
Hannah black tudung litupWithin minutes of Hannah’s irate reprimand,The EvangeliSTAR scrambled to correct their mistake – “PAS rep set to be Selangor state Speaker”.
But actually, most people would be easily forgiven for thinking that the Speaker is from PAS given her public image (pix left, in black tudung).
What the Prime Minister and the FirstLady Speaker have in common is their same salary – see pay scale comparison below. Malaysians must also worry that Najib with his split personality (as diagnosed by Lim Kit Siang) might soon descend into behaving like Kit Siang’s protege, Hannah Yeoh.

Star graphics
Star graphics – 28 Nov 2013

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