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“Slow mo suicide” (sms) is what Najib’s committing

“Slow mo suicide” (sms) is what Najib’s committing

staronline Twitter Najib Chinese support
No, the BN does not need Chinese support anymore. GE13 results proved this.
See … the Perak state government is formed by 30 Umno Aduns and one sole MCA rep (who can even easily be dispensed with).
Despite being backstabbed by the MCA and its Gunting dalam Lipatan, and sucker punched by the Chinese tsunami, Umno was not bowled over.
BN is still standing.
A couple of days ago, The J-Star tweeted:
staronline Chinese support crucial
PM Chinese support critical

Udah dipikul lagi biawak hidup

What Ah Jib Gor says above only goes to show what a lousy tactician he is. As such, it makes him a poor war general. His suicidal strategies will surely lead BN to the jaws of defeat.
Read, ‘After two Chinese assaults in 2008 and 2013, Najib wants the third knockout punch’ HERE.
Niki Cheong

Don’t consort with idiots ‘cos the idiocy will rub off on you

How much more Chinese support can BN lose any further from what it has left? The Chinese voters have all but abandoned the ruling party.
Thus the Chinese electorate has forfeited its bargaining chip by putting all its eggs in the Pakatan basket. An aggressive and abusive 90 percent pro-DAP community no longer has any leverage with Malay pro-establishment voters who are really the ones keeping MCA on life support.
These Malay grassroots will definitely pull the plug on MCA in the next general election. Give MCA the Malay-majority seats to contest and BN might as well just offer its head on the chopping block.
And now the What-Kind-of-People are desperately trying to bamboozle the BN chairman.
Why is Najib supporting the J-Star ‘Moderation’ campaign when their Voices of Moderation showboat count among its officers on deck the “Just an idiot”-Niki Cheong (see his tweet above and as J-Star ‘Moderation’ poster boy, below).
CINABENG betoi ni
Niki Cheong
MCA is musang berbulu ayam; its EvangeliSTAR is api dalam sekam.
Umno supporters see both the MCA and its evangelista media as duri dalam daging.
Najib Razak listens to these musuh dalam selimut at his own peril.

Sila tonton

Jangan tak tonton!
Please watch the pregnant zebra being eaten alive by hyenas and its unborn calf torn from its bowel by the hungry, greedy pack. This is the nature of the beast confronting our country.
You have to steel yourself to watch the video because Najib Razak’s death wish is metaphorically leading us to be eaten alive by the Yahudi Yeohs.

source : helen ang's blog

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