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NAJIB ! READ THIS !! .. Umno’s old war horses saddle up

NAJIB ! READ THIS !! .. Umno’s old war horses saddle up

Between them, the quartet of Tun and Tan Sri ex-Umno ministers average 79-and-¼ years old.
Dr Mahathir Mohamad is 89, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (also a Tan Sri) is 77, Daim Zainuddin is 76 and Zainuddin Maidin is 75.
Najib No VotesVery recently, the four of them spoke up on the worrying state of the nation.
Zam being an Utusan man is a nationalist and he’s worried about Bangsa, Agama dan Negara. KuLi is worried about the country’s finances, Daim worried about the Malaysian economy and the Tun is above all worried about Najib losing it, methinks.
Umno is in such dire straits that it requires these veterans – whose collective age is touching 80 – to dust off their rusty armour and ride out on old battles horses.
Something is really terribly wrong with the current party president if septuagenarians and octogenarians are required to leave their gardening and grandchildren to personally take up arms.
We’re not talking here about calang-calang orang pushing some sort of agenda to undermine the ruling party but about the totems themselves stirring in the Umno inner sanctum.

KuLi is worried

Tengku Razaleigh is rightly acknowledged as one of Malaysia’s preeminent nation builders who was pivotal in the establishment of the country’s key institutions. He was the founding chairman of Petronas and Bank Bumiputera chairman prior to assuming the post of finance minister.
KuLi had also been the Umno treasurer who initially build up the party’s war chest. He is a serving Parliamentarian of 40 years’ standing, having been elected Ulu Kelantan MP in 1974.
Last week, he wrote a six-page letter “about some critical economic issues besetting our country today, affecting the rakyat and impacting on our future generations”, and distributed it to rest of the 221 MPs. For him to resort to doing that is something chronic.
Click Kinibiz below to read archived story ‘Daim: Najib is too soft

Daim is worried

Najib briefcaseLike KuLi, Tun Daim is another former Umno treasurer who was previously finance minister.
See, ‘1MDB should not park funds in Cayman, says Daim‘ (Yahoo! News, 7 Nov 2014)
A few days ago on Friday at a talk organized by MIDF, he reminded Najib how the government lost the popular vote and that voters in Selangor – Malaysia’s most populous and developed state – have twice rejected BN.
“If they are not careful, if things stay as they are, then I think Barisan will lose more seats,” Tun Daim was quoted as saying by the Malaysian Reserve.
“If I was the government I would be very worried,” he added.
But the Najib administration doesn’t appear to be worried despite that three former finance ministers (Daim, KuLi, Dr M) are very worried.
Me worried? Naaaah …

Zam is worried

The crux of the matter is that Najib’s current “Moderate” strategy is self-defeating if not suicidal.
Just a little while ago, Zamkata:
“Adalah dijangkakan tekanan semakin hebat akan didatangkan oleh Umno dari seluruh negara menjelang Mesyuarat Perwakilan Tahunan Umno tidak lama lagi  terutama sekali di atas konsep Kesederhanaan (Moderation) yang dikemukakannya yang lebih banyak mendatangkan kesan negatif terhadap kedudukan agama Islam dan maruah orang Islam di negara ini walaupun memberikan imej  baik keluar negara.”

Christian fanatics!

Malaysian Insider on Twitter- -Christian fanatics
A little earlier on Friday, Zam said that the Malay ground and Umno grassroots are very uncomfortable with Najib’s Moderation bid.
The former Utusan group editor believes that there is a time and place to be moderate but here and now is not it.
“Orang bukan Islam dan fanatik Kristian mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengeksploitasi konsep ini bagi terlihat memihak kepada mereka” – see Zam’s blog on ‘Luka terpendam akar umbi‘.
Najib shrug

Najib entrusted his Moderation concept to the J-Star … duh!

Like I’ve said before, Najib appears to have a death wish.
If Najib in his personal capacity wishes to commit harakiri, that is his own lookout. But he shouldn’t drag the BN and Umno along with him to the Valley of the Shadow of Death.
“Pengarah urusan The Star Datuk Wong Chun Wai telah tampil kehadapan menjadi juara dalam hal ini [Ibrahim Ali & Bible]. Star diberikan kepercayaan oleh Datuk Najib untuk mempromosikan konsep sederhana.
“Konsep sederhana ini telah menyebabkan orang Umno dan juga orang Melayu dan Islam berada dalam keadaan menyerah kalah kerana takut dianggap sebagai ekstremis malah Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib sendiri takut untuk mempertahankan seorang menterinya Nancy Shukri yang menyampaikan keputusan Peguam Negara itu.”

The stigma on your forehead [Bible verseGenesis 4:15-16] will be there forever, Hannah


Malays and Muslims put on the defensive

Seterusnya Zam kata lagi:
“… berikutan dengan berbagai masaalah perkauman dan penghinaan terhadap Perlembagaan Negara khususnya Islam yang berlaku sejak Najib menghapuskan ISA dan pendedahan hasratnya untuk meminda Akta Hasutan 1948. Dengan berbuat demikian beliau telah menjemput masalah demi masalah. [...]
“Sindrom sederhana ini menyebakan Melayu dan Islam berada dalam keadaan bertahan dan pihak musuh di pihak menyerang. Dalam peperangan bila berada dalam keadaan bertahan berarti sudah berada dalam kekalahan. Inilah yang sedang dirasakan oleh orang Melayu dan Islam sekarang.”
But alas, Najib does not heed Zam or Daim or KuLi or the Tun or the Umno grassroots.
BELOW: Najib listening to J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai

Salleh is worried about Tun’s attacks

Former Sabah Chief Minister Salleh Said Keruak blogged on Saturday:
“The concern is the attacks by Umno leaders themselves, past and present, in particular from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Daim Zainuddin. Tun Daim even said that if Najib is not careful 1MDB might result in his downfall.”
Besides 1MDB, there are a number of other issues just waiting to trip him. And aside from the two Tuns mentioned by Salleh, there are other Umno luminaries likely to step up their critiques against Najib soon.
He has been PM for 2,047 days and counting. His longevity is already double the 1,001-night period in the Arabian fable wherein Scheherazade’s execution was postponed by the Persian king night after night and this delay carried forward until the one thousandth and one night.
Arabian Nights

Moderation too costly for Najib in terms of votes

How long more can Najib’s magic last if he continues with his current wrong approach? Over the last 5 years, 7 months and 7 days of his premiership, he has been continually bleeding public support.
The soalan cepu emas is as follows: Has Najib’s moderation gained him votes or alienated the traditional BN voters instead?
Isn’t it that the more moderate Najib shows himself to be, the more the opposition naik kepala? And the more they naik kepala, the more the BN supporters pula jadi bengang dengan Najib whom they hold responsible for the oppo behaviour.
Moderation in the hands of the EvangeliSTAR and their ilk will only backfire on the Umno president.
Easter Island

Not happy with Najib

Easter Island row

More are not happy with Najib


Many, many more aren’t happy with Najib

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