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Sedition Act was war! Perjuangan yang belum selesai

Sedition Act was war! Perjuangan yang belum selesai

The Sedition Act was enacted on 19 July 1948. A day earlier on July 18, a state of Emergency had been declared in Malaya.
Hence the Sedition Act has a direct relationship with the war declared against the communist terrorists. Throughout 1947, the CTs were stepping up their propaganda and violence.
This morning the PM announced that the Act will be retained. In 1948, our forefathers were terrorized by the Bintang Tiga. Today we’re being terrorized by the Bintang Lima.
I hope that with his announcement, Najib Razak will grow a spine and take the fight to the enemy and not sit on his hands whistling Kumbayah as he has done the last six years.
Harold Briggs, Henry Gurney and Gerald Templer – the British colonial administrators fighting the communists – did not win the war against the insurgents by inviting Chin Peng to high tea at the Carcosa.
You don’t deal with communists using a “moderate” approach. “Moderation” does not work with brutal killers. What the British had was a body called the Federal War Council.
They were fighting a W-A-R.
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A Chamberlain or a Churchill?

Najib quoted a  famous saying “for evil to triumph, good men do nothing” in his presidential address to Umno delegates.
After doing nothing himself against our latter-day CTs the last six years, I hope that the PM will start doing something now.
Has Najib got the steel to be a war general?
Sorry to say but thus far he’s shown himself more in the mould of Neville Chamberlain – the British prime minister who capitulated to Hitler in Munich.
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Buying “peace for our time”

On 30 Sept 1938, standing outside 10 Downing Street, Chamberlain said:
“My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.”
Fearful of armed conflict, Chamberlain believed that by appeasing the Fuhrer, he will have successfully bought peace for his time and “with honour” too. Alas, nein.
The very next day (Oct 1), the German army marched into Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia. And the terror began for that small country.
PM Chinese support critical

Najib has been “buying” too

He has been buying expensive bad advice from consultants. He has been liberally dishing out money hoping to buy goodwill and LOVE.
With what does the 11th Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar now want to purchase Chinese support, pray tell?
staronline Twitter Najib Chinese support

Semangat setiakawan bukan jalan sehala

Takkan lah PM kita ni masih belum lagi ada kesedaran.
The long and short of it is, MCA has no capacity to deliver any electoral support to the BN, period. As for providing logistical support – such as field workers and party volunteers – go lah ask their Umno branch and division counterparts whether MCA ada turun padang tengok kawasan tak.
Even during the election campaign period, the MCA did not bother to send their own workers to man the pondok panas in the constituencies they contested. The pondok panas in my Cina totok area was manned by outsider Malays.
As far as any efforts, hopefully, to be made for the ruling coalition is concerned, jangan harap lah. The BN Chinese party is dead in the water.
Instead Najib should be more worried if those MCA biawaks might be prepared to be min yuen to the evangelical DAP.
Don’t forget that some months following the MCA’s losses in the 2008 general election, the party former vice president Jimmy Chua Jui Meng and Wanita MCA ex-deputy chief Tan Yee Kew jumped the BN ship.
Alahai DAPsters, tolong gunakan otak sikit, bolah tak?

Perang saraf kena guna otak, beb

On 21 Aug 1940, Britain’s wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill said the war he was fighting was “a conflict of strategy, organisation, technical apparatus, science, mechanics, and morale”.
(Needless to say, Chamberlain had been booted out of office already as he was incapable of leading his country.)
It was in this speech that Churchill immortalized the following line, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”.
While Najib was complacently hugging himself aka berpeluk tubuh and smoking his “moderation” weed, we (“the many”) were owing our debt of gratitude to the “so few” fighters – most particularly to the Ancient One.
Najib shrug

Dah lah, cukuplah tu!

In his PAU speech earlier today, Najib said,
“Dari itu, cukup-cukup dan sudah-sudahlah dengan sikap buruk yang merosakkan bangsa kita dari dulu sampai sekarang. Kita harus meninggalkan kisah-kisah Hang Nadim, Singapura dilanggar todak dan musuh dalam selimut.
“Waima, ada yang menjadi api dalam sekam, bahkan gunting dalam lipatan, tumpul di hujung tapi tajamnya menikam di dalam.”
Come on lah, if you know who the GDL is, then why have you not taken action to stem the treachery?

Why the PM sues Malaysiakini 

Statement by the prime minister’s Office (11 June 2014):
“These articles – which were based on reader comments selected and then republished by Malaysiakini - made a slew of false and defamatory allegations against the Prime Minister; including insinuating his involvement in serious crime.
“After the articles were published, the Prime Minister’s legal team wrote toMalaysiakini and requested that the articles be removed and an apology issued. Malaysiakini refused, and instead published the private legal letter and further articles.”
There PMO further said:
“There is a difference between legitimate criticism, and defamation. It is my legal team’s opinion that recent allegations by an online news portal overstepped the line.”
Najib’s lawyers asserted that he had the “fundamental right to protect [his] dignity and [his] good name from being recklessly attacked as a result of political beliefs”.
So have we all been recklessly attacked. Fitnah dan Evangelista berpisah tiada.

They were CTs then, they’re still CTs today

Fitnah is a form of modern day terrorism by the cucu cicit kominis.
During zaman Darurat, the communists terrorists (CTs) Bintang Tiga carried rifles and sprayed bullets at soldiers and civilians alike.
Today we’re confronted by cyber troopers (CTs) Bintang Lima who are character assassins spraying lies and slander. They are just, if not more, dangerous in the damage that they wreak on us all.
Earlier today, the Umno president gave a stern speech to placate his restive Malay grassroots. Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin, okay.
Was it truly a battle cry?
If yes, then we should be looking at a temporary respite from the implacable advance and assault by the Bintang Lima juggernaut.
Just do it!

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