Monday, 20 April 2015

[THE SHIPS SINKING ... WHAT PENJILATS AND...] ... What Should Hishamuddin Do?

[THE SHIPS SINKING; WHAT PENJILATS AND...] ... What Should Hishamuddin Do?

There is a joke 'god chooses your relatives but thank god we can choose our friends'. 

Well I dont quite believe in this joke. You always have the freedom of choosing what is good for you, whether it is relatives, friends, politics, career or whatever.  

Whatever you choose must be real. Do not waste your life 'choosing' things that cannot be proven. 

Dont waste your life choosing from your imagination or from your imaginary friends. That is where the satan dwells - inside an idle mind.   

I am addressing you grown ups and adults ok. The PhDs among us, the school teachers, doctors, housewives, MPs, ministers etc.

Well, back to the story. Yesterday Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has used Tun Dr Mahathir's  'Criminalise War' forum to express his support for Dr Mahathir. A clever play on words that has sent a big signal throughout the country.

Because the latest I hear is that Shafie Apdal from Sabah has said that Dr Mahathir just wants his questions about 1MDB answered. That is all. Dr Mahathir is not referring to the price of kangkung, the cost of all the flowers at that wedding - well not yet. (Was it RM5 million, RM20 million? Just the flower decorations alone).

This is certainly a pro Mahathir statement by Shafie Apdal.  This is also to tell Salleh Keruak to stop making an ass of himself.

Zahid Hamidi of course has maintained an 'elegant silence'.  He has not said much of anything about defending Najib against Dr Mahathir. Clever, clever.

So the Deputy President and two out of three Vice Presidents  of UMNO are now at arms length from the President.

Najib is now in Kazakhstan, enjoying himself again at the wedding party with his in laws. Do you all know who Al Capone was? A friend said that each time Najib is out of the country, NO ONE speaks up for him. Only when he is in Malaysia then the hangers on speak up loudly.  Just watch - they are quiet now. When he comes back, the cheer leaders will start their high kicks again.

Folks say that Bung Mokhtar from Kinabatangan has also back pedalled a little between Najib and Dr Mahathir. Bung has gone neutral - like some pre paid Bloggers. 

There is a consensus developinhg that Najib will be gone. This is beginning to seep in among the UMNO leaders like Muhyiddin, Zahid, Shafie Apdal and others.

The crew is beginning to realise that the ship is going down. Better grab your life vests. Here is a suggestion : the crew will abandon ship faster if they are given life vests. Tak payah pikir panjang. Looking at it another way, even the crew of a pirate ship deserve to be saved from drowning. Just dont let them crew another ship.

What about Hishamuddin Hussein Onn vice president and the cousin of the party president. 

Hisham is between a rock and a hard place.  Blood is thicker than water they say. 

Hisham has to choose carefully. When in doubt bro, choose that which is right. Sometimes it is difficult to see right from wrong. 

But when it is clear as daylight, then do not hesitate.

Blood is thicker than water. That which is right is so much thicker than that which is wrong.  That which is right is also much thicker than blood and water.

Time is running. The consensus view is that if Najib goes, it will also spell the end of Hishamuddin Hussein Onn. Will that be the case?

Doing what is right will never wrong anyone.

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