Wednesday, 22 April 2015

[NAJIB! ANOTHER PROOF THAT STAR = DAP] ... The only thing missing is …

[NAJIB! ANOTHER PROOF THAT STAR = DAP] ... The only thing missing is …

… this baseball cap on his head, says Calvin Sankaran.
Calvin believes that the Christian employee (below) hired by the MCA media company “looks like your archetype,true blue Dapster“.
Pictured below is J-Star reporter Nicholas Cheng.
Recently on Sunday morning, Nicholas was assigned to cover the demo by Taman Medan residents against a new charismatic church in their neighbourhood.
“The sheer stupidity of those protesting” is Nicholas’ opinion about the group’s grouses against the big cross nailed on the church’s facade.
He then asked the Malay protesters, “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?”
Source : helen ang's blog

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