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Datuk Seri Syed Ali Alhabshee

IT'S obvious that his claims are baseless and mischievous.

Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry President, Tan Sri K K Eswaran is shooting off his mouth when he alleged that former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had done nothing for the Indian community.

This statement is false.

What is true is that Tan Sri Eswaran is trying to curry favor even further with Prime Minister YAB DS Najib Razak by coming up with ludicrous statements taking a whack at Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir has campaigned resolutely to maintain and strengthen racial harmony within Malaysia when he was the Prime Minister.

And during his premiership, Dr Mahathir had always made generous allocations for the Indian community through the country's economic plans.

He has many other feats to his name.

Malaysia's longest-serving Prime Minister transformed the country from one that depended on agriculture, cultivation of rubber and tin mining, into a vibrant economy based on trading and industrialization.

Malaysia now has high technology industries that have become competitive with other developed countries in the world.

Even in the late 1990s, Dr Mahathir had the foresight to establish the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), which emphasizes ‘Information Technology’ (IT) as a crucial asset for the country in the new millennium.

Dr Mahathir successfully handled the financial crisis in 1997, stabilized Malaysia's economy and made The country less dependent on neighbouring ports by building our own major ports like Tanjung Pelepas and West Port.  This helped to reduce foreign currency outflow.

Just because Tan Sri Eswaran supports YAB DS Najib, it does not warrant accusations and condemnation against Dr Mahathir.

I too support the Prime Minister but I do not whack Dr Mahathir, who was UMNO's former President and our former Prime Minister.

We cannot try to drive a wedge between the two leaders and Tan Sri Eswaran does not have the standing in whichever manner to do so either.

We have seen Dr Mahathir's contributions to our country. In comparison let's look at Tan Sri Eswaran's contribution to Malaysia.

He was the recipient of many funds and is yet to show detailed accounts as to how the money was used to benefit the Indian community.

Besides a few capacity building seminars, we don't know how the money was used to empower and push the Indian community forward.

YAB DS Najib is going the extra mile to uplift the socio-economic status of the Indians even further.

And since Dr Mahathir has also focused on emboldening the Indian community, I wonder as to why Tan Sri Eswaran has joined the fray to instigate deeper division between the former Prime Minister and YAB DS Najib.

Maybe Tan Sri Eswaran is forced to constantly be in the good books of the Prime Minister due to financial constraints.

In the 2013 financial statement, the Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN) that is 70 percent owned by Tan Sri Eswaran had registered a net loss of 36.2 million ringgit,  which indicates that the company did not make profits since 2009.

Malaysia's first digital cable network, ABN has failed to break the monopolised pay-TV segment, which is 90% controlled by Astro Holdings Bhd.

ABN, which recently shut down its news department, known as ABNxcess, has shown signs of dismantling due to intense competition.

It's therefore clear that Tan Sri Eswaran has a malicious intent for trying to deepen the divide between YAB DS Najib and Dr Mahathir.

Maybe he should instead focus on what he could do in his capacity as the MAICC president for the Indian community and stay out of dirty politicking.

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