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[A VERY INTERESTING TO READ INDEED!] ... Tun is not being personal about Najib

[A VERY INTERESTING TO READ INDEED!] ... Tun is not being personal about Najib

Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad yesterday declared the support of the ruling party Parliamentarians for BN chairman Najib Razak as well as accused former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad of being too personal in the latter’s criticisms of the PM. See ‘Dr M getting too personal‘ (FMT, 6 Apr 2015).
Support was similarly expressed today for Najib’s leadership by the Malaysian Senators Council.
Senators Council president Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman – click forFMT story
MCA again today reiterated its full support for Najib, saying the Chinese party refuses to entertain the criticisms that are homing in on the Umno prez like guided missiles. Last fortnight, the BN mosquito parties – MCA together with MIC, Gerakan, PPP, PBS, PRS, PBRS, LDP, SPDP, SUPP and Upko – all vowed to stand behind Najib.
Earlier, a reported 154 Umno division chiefs (out of a total 191 divisions nationwide) also pledged their SO-LI-DA-RI-TI with Najib.
So much consternation all around and such disarray arising from the mere blog jottings of an immortal 100-year-old. Mind you, Tun doesn’t even hold any official government position; he is ‘only’ the Proton adviser currently.
Zeus not happy

It is Najib’s boys who are personal

Dr Mahathir is not making personal attacks against Najib. It is the other way around – some of the “utter rubbish” that has been spewed and hurled at Tun is below the belt and beyond the pale.
They’re shooting the messenger (character assassination) while totally sidestepping the issues he raised. No satisfactory reply has been forthcoming from the Najib camp except for the personal attacks on Tun. In Dr M’s own words: “Najib cannot even answer and has not answered any question, beyond exercising elegant silence or saying the allegations are not true”.
On the other hand, all kinds of accusations have been trotted out by the macai-macai, including the fancy that Tun wants to pave the way for Mukhriz to become the prime minister. Marina responds to that one in her tweet below:

Apa lagi Tun mahu?

Those who know him have this to say about Tun’s character.
Zamkata beberapa hari lepas (‘Hubungan Mahathir dan Najib di Peringkat Paling Genting‘, 2 Apr 2015): “Saya tahu Mahathir sanggup untuk jadi apapun dan  sedia untuk apapun terjadi kepadanya kerana kepercayaannya”.
Sanusi Junid mengulas (‘Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad‘, 6 Apr 2015): “Tun Dr Mahathir tidak akan peduli apa yang orang kata padanya, atau caci hamun yang dilemparkan kepadanya, dia tetap akan menjalankan ‘pembedahan’ sehingga Umno sembuh semula”.
Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah memberitahu Astro Awani (‘Ku Li sependapat dengan Dr Mahathir, desak perkara sebenar didedahkan‘, 2 Apr 2015): “Beliau mencari jawapan, kebenaran, di sebalik segala yang berlaku. Kini masa yang tepat untuk jawapan sebenar didedahkan, dan kebenarannya daripada semua (isu) ini”.
It looks like nothing – absolutely nothing – will deter the implacable Tun from ferreting out what he feels needs to be exposed, including the latest query he tossed in his Chedet blog this afternoon – “Siapa dianya [Jho Low] yang diberi kepercayaan mengendali WANG 1MDB berbillion-billion ringgit milik syarikat Kerajaan?”
Jho Low Paris Hilton
The Penang Phat Boy
It’s nothing personal but burning questions demanding answers
Let’s look at some of Tun’s questions which his critics have deemed to be too personal.
Today (7 Apr 2015):
“Di mana datangnya ratusan million Ringgit untuk membeli bangunan-bangunan dan MELABUR dalam filem The Wolf of Wall Street oleh Riza Aziz, anak tiri Dato Seri Najib?”
On 15 March 2015:
“Pada mulanya duit Riza Aziz dikatakan warisan harta kekayaan dari keluarga Tun Razak. Kemudian dakwaan ini dinafi. Soalannya jika tidak dari keluarga Tun Razak dari mana datang WANG yang banyak ini. Apakah ianya hasil dari PERNIAGAAN? Jika ya, apa perniagaan, dimana? Sudahkah cukai pendapatan dibayar? Kepada Kerajaan mana?”
PELABURAN ratusan juta untuk filem The Wolf of Wall Street oleh Riza Aziz, anak tiri Dato Sri Najib datang dari mana?”
On 2 Apr 2015:
“Kemudian rumah-rumah ini dijual kepada anak tiri Najib dengan harga ratusan juta Ringgit bagi setiap satu kerana kononnya Jho Low telah jumpa rumah yang lebih indah di Hollywood yang harganya lebih tinggi.
“Dari mana datangnya duit beratus juta kepada Riza Aziz tidak dapat dijelas. Keluarga Tun Razak termasuk Najib menafikan duit ini adalah dari keluarga. PELABURAN ratusan juta dalam filem Wolf of Wall Street oleh Riza datang dari mana?”
“Sementara itu, walaupun Kerajaan menghadapi kekurangan wang yang besar dan terpaksa hutang, Dato Sri Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri membeli sebuah lagi pesawat mewah. Umum mengetahui pesawat ACJ319 yang sedia ada diguna bukan sahaja untuk tugas rasmi tetapi sebagai kenderaan peribadi untuk Dato Sri dan Datin Sri.”
Are Tun’s questions above personal attacks on Najib’s family (stepson and wife) or are they valid lines of enquiry?
Tun has explained his stand: “My disagreement is with the leader, not with the party. I criticised the leader, not the party. It is simply because I want to see the party win. It will not win if Najib is the leader”.
Church in Green Lane, Penang
Church in Green Lane, Penang
The church seen in daytime
The church seen in daytime

About the DAP evangelistas

I’ve been a victim too of online smear campaigns accusing me of making personal attacks against Hannah Yeoh and harbouring a hatred of Christianity and Christians.
I challenge anyone to point out where in my blog I’ve ever made any disparaging comments about Jesus Christ or God or the Pope and the Vatican or about the Bible or Christmas, Good Friday and the Easter bunny.
Instead I’ve been very specific in my criticism.
I’ve brought up the fact that the pastors of the City Harvest Church – founded and established by Singaporean missionary Kong Hee in December 1992 as a “society” and registered in October 1993 – are on trial in our neighbouring country for corruption and criminal breach of trust.
The controversial pastors are operating a cult.
Hannah Yeoh on stage at the City Harvest Church, Subang Jaya
Hannah Yeoh on stage at the City Harvest Church, Subang Jaya
Singapore authorities, in the course of their investigation, have revealed vis-a-vis the CBT court case what amounts to MONEY laundering through the church’sSubang Jaya affiliate. Malaysia’s English media – controlled by the Christians – have however chosen to bury this story.
The City Harvest Church has affiliates in the cities and big towns in Malaysia, including two in the Subang Jaya evangelical hub.
DAP Member of Parliament for Stampin, Julian Tan, got married in City Harvest Church. The DAP politicians, their operatives and propaganda apparatchiks are closely networked to the evangelical churches.
ABOVE: Immediately prior to GE12, DAP Christian politicians had a meeting with the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship. All the DAP evangelistas in the photo would be elected as YBs – (from left) Hannah Yeoh-Subang Jaya, Cheah Wing Yin-Damansara Utama, Teresa Kok-Seputeh & Kinrara, Lim Guan Eng-Bagan & Ayer Puteh and Tony Pua-Petaling Jaya Utara. Seated between them are Malaysiakinicolumnist KJ John and NECF sec-gen Rev. Wong Kim Kong.

Yeah, throw all the mud and hope some of it sticks

Aside from the allegation that I hate Christianity, I’ve been accused in the same vein of being anti-Christians.
Again I beg the question – there are almost two-and-a-half billion Christians in the world. Now please don’t tell me I’m anti 2,500,000,000 people. There are Filipino Catholic Christians, Russian and Greek Orthodox Christians, Lebanese Maronite Christians and many other denominations around the globe. Do I take issue with them?
Once more, I stress that I’ve been specific. My issue is the control of the upper echelon of the DAP by the Christian politicians with a strong evangelical bent.
DAP is ostensibly a secular party that supports secularism. If so, why is it playing the Religion card? – and in fact, they’re TRADING in two religious coins (Christianity and Islam).
DAP’s evangelista MP Serdang Ong Kian Ming stirring an empty pot in the surau
imokman @fendyhasni Insya-Allah

It is Hannah Yeoh who has politicized her family

Hannah Yeoh is the 2.0 face of her party and been extensively MARKETED and enthusiastically promoted by the Nest of Evangelistas – The J-Star editors tweeted 10 times her appointment as Selangor Speaker in the span of 24 hours.
She has a Twitter following that is as large as an American rock star’s. Her timeline of 106,000 twits is more than the circulation of most newspapers in Malaysia.
Given this scenario, is the topic of the Selangor Speaker something “personal” (like a supposed grudge on the part of the blogger) or is she a public figure like Najib and Rosmah or Mahathir and Marina who is constantly in the news?
Yeoh welcomes baby girl 2012-05-12 03-50-43
Hannah Yeoh on Twitter an appeal to @NajibRazak to allow my child
Malaysiakini‘s Kuek Ser Kuang Keng reported on 9 June 2011:
“Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh and her husband Ramachandran Muniandy (left), who failed to register their daughter’s race as ‘Anak Malaysia’, clarified today that the final choice of ‘Chinese’ was picked by the National Registration Department (NRD) officer.
“They maintained that neither Chinese nor Indian is inaccurate to define the race of their daughter, Shay Adora Ram.“ ‘Chinese’ was what the system/officer picked. We demanded for ‘Anak Malaysia’,” the couple said in statement to Malaysiakini today.
BELOW: Mr & Mrs Hannah Yeoh blamed the NRD officer for their daughter being listed as a Chinese in her birth cert
The DAP machinery went as far as to campaign in cyberspace so that Hannah Yeoh’s child could be registered as ‘Anak Malaysia’ in the Keturunan box and not as ‘Indian’ or ‘Chinese’.
In his press statement on 9 Jun 2011, sec-gen Lim Guan Eng said, “DAP is proud of both Hannah and Ramachandran for living and practicing DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia and Malaysian First spirit” and at the same time condemned how “clearly BN is so racist”.
Guan Eng said, “Full support for Hannah and Ramachandran’s quest for their child to be simply known as Malaysians”, adding that “forcing Hannah and Ramachandran to choose either Indian or Chinese is repugnant”.
Lim Guan Eng Full Support For Hannah

Dapsters and their super cyber bullying

If Hannah’s child and husband are fuelling the Race debate in the blogs, is it because bloggers are being “personal” or is it because the evangelista preacher has herself chosen to make political capital of her own family?
It is really the Dapsters who are making personal attacks against me and concocting nasty stories about me out of thin air because they are unable to counter facts, data and my rational arguments.
I’ve been accused of having some kind of tiff in the past with the DAP and hence my present negative views of the party. That’s a lie. I’ve no connection whatsoever with the DAP except voting for them in 2004 and 2008. I’ve never even been a member of any political party, ever.
A whole lot of the 47 percent electorate who voted BN in the last election do not like the DAP either. Are all of them having grudges against the party or dissatisfied due to some personal reason or other?
Malays dislike the DAP. Some Indians too and some of the Sabah Sarawak natives are rightly suspicious of the party. It’s actually racist of the Dapsters to claim that it is “unnatural” for a Chinese (me) to refuse to support the DAP.
Another allegation is that I’ve some kind of grudge against The Star from my past employment in the newspaper. Again this is plainly a piece of fitnah that is fabricated by the evangelistas unable to deflect or obscure the EvangeliSTAR‘s Gunting-dalam-Lipatan backstabbing.
Lots of Chinese are always slamming and bashing Utusan. They clamour for the paper to be banned and for Awang Selamat to be arrested for sedition. Just because they’re derogatory of the Umno Malay paper, are they going to be accused as well of having some personal agenda or past association with Utusan and its editors?
FYI, I left The Star more than a dozen years ago.
ramachandran_m lowclass TheStar and MCA
Twitter hannahyeoh Hubby & I both preaching in 2013-01-03 18-10-28

Valid concerns about Hannah and the evangelical Christianity of the DAP

My blogging is issues oriented. It just so happens that Hannah Yeoh is the face and locus of the politics of hate.
It’s undeniable that before the advent of evangelism in the DAP, our country did not suffer this kind of religious (essentially Christian-Muslim) conflict.
Perkasa was established in the aftermath of GE12 and the DAP’s New Politics. The Malay right wingers are a backlash to the Anak Bangsa Malaysia paradigm that swept the DAP’s young – mostly Christian – politicians into office as Yang Berhormats. Hannah is at the vanguard of that SABM tidal wave.
Likewise Isma only rose to prominence in the last couple of years. Their pronounced Islamic fundamentalism is a reaction to the Christian triumphalism that characterizes the DAP. This religious supremism of the DAP was never a feature of the MCA and hence the lack of Christian-Muslim tensions previously when MCA had more seats than the DAP.
Whether I continue to blog or not (today is just a brief comeback), we can’t get away from the pivotal role played by the evangelistas who are a major factor in our political development. Granted they are a numerical minority but nonetheless they’re loud, aggressive and powerful.
My lying critics are not only malicious to spin that the content of my blog is based on personal grudges but more seriously and dangerously, they are deluding themselves and deceiving the opposition sheeple.
Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

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