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[A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE FOR NAJIB AND HIS APPLE POLISHER TO READ! ] ... The Easily Replaceable PM's Uninspiring, Mediocre And Lackadaisical Speech

[A VERY INTERESTING ARTICLE FOR NAJIB AND HIS APPLE POLISHER TO READ! ] ... The Easily Replaceable PM's Uninspiring, Mediocre And Lackadaisical Speech

Ok someone sent me the Youtube link. Thank you. We are now sailing from Porto Ferraio in Elba to Santo Stefanio closer to Rome. There is a couple of hours sailing time and I got nothing else to do.  

The PM's speech is so lacklustre, mediocre and uninspiring. I can see my good friend Hamdan Ahamu laboring through the Q&A. Brother Hamdan you know what this means. Another round of teh tarik bro. 

Dato Seri why are you so nervously twiddling your thumbs when you speak? Nervous ke? When Pinnocchio got nervous, his nose became longer.

Najib says he makes all the decisions. Ok. So can he give us the itinerary for that airplane ride to Indianapolis? Was that your decision entirely? The public has raised the question. You have not answered it. We just want to know : Who is running the country? 

Then when it comes to BRIM Najib tai chi pula. He says it was NOT his decision but the decision of the Jawatankuasa Fiskal pula. Dont believe me? Listen carefully at minute 12:22 on the video. So it was NOT his decision. We just want to know : Who is running the country?  And this guy is irreplaceable?

The BRIM is like Islam Hadhari. Some idiot thought it up, the PM blurted it out and it became policy. Then after that it became an ego thing. They dont know how to pull it back, just like Badawi did not know how to drop the Islam Hadhari bullshit. Sampai dia kena tendang keluar, Badawi was singing the Islam Hadhari song. Now nobody gives a sh*t about Badawi or Islam Hadhari. The same thing will happen to Najib and BRIM.

Najib says they paid BRIM because subsidies were cut. Subsidies were cut to cut "defisit kerajaan".  Ye ke? Habis pasal apa pula defisit kerajaan dok naik, naik dan naik. 1MDB sendiri pinjam RM42 beliyon. Yang saya faham, kalau kita pinjam duit, maksudnya defisit lah tu. Lagi hutang, lagi defisit lah tu. 

Najib says those earning RM4000 a month will also be eligible for BRIM. (The previous limit was RM3000).I say man, that is very near the 'high income threshold' already ie RM5000 a month. So under Najib, orang yang gaji M4000 sebulan pun terpaksa mengemis duit BRIM. Eloklah tu. Maybe in another two years orang yang dapat gaji RM6000 pun kena mintak sedekah BRIM. 

SPAD said taxi fares should go up. The Cabinet then said no.  SPAD said we are not morons (words to that effect). SPAD will not make such decisions unless someone higher (ie YOU) had given the ok. Then the taxi drivers said 'Go to hell. We are raising the taxi fares'.  The taxi fares have one up. My question is very simple Dato : 'What was the final decision and who made the decision?' That is all I want to know. Was it you, SPAD, the Cabinet, the taxi drivers? Or who? Who is running the country?

The PM shows total buffoon ignorance about how people live their daily lives. He says (about the GST) if you dont like one shop, then just go to another shop "sebab ada banyak kedai dan sebagai pengguna kita ada banyak pilihan". Well tell that to the housewife or ibu tunggal mother living in a tiny apartment near that 25 year old supermarket in Brickfields. 

Of course she can take the LRT, ERL, Air Asia, Bas Rapid, LRT etc and go shopping in PJ, Ampang, Guangzhou etc to find a better supermarket. Tapi budak2 dah pakai baju sekolah Dato. Nasi pun dah tengah masak atas dapur. Kejap nanti bas sekolah akan sampai. She has been going to the closest supermarket since her husband ran away. You really expect her to exercise her hak pengguna and find another supermarket simply because you dont know jack sh*t about the GST?  And you are irreplaceable?  

About Altantuya, I think Najib sengaja buat bodoh. No one accused him of killing Altantuya. I am fully convinced that Najib had nothing to do with Altantuya at all. The question Dr Mahathir asked is 'Who gave the Policeman the instructions to kill Altantuya?' Itu saja. Dr Mahathir was very, very precise.

In the 1970s there was a famous serial killer in New York called Sam Berkowicz. He said he received instructions to kill people from his neighbour's dog (or some sh*t like that). So similarly, the question is 'Who gave the Policeman the instructions to kill Altantuya?' A simple question. Hang sumpah kat masjid ke, hang main guli atas ikan paus ke, itu semua kami tak peduli.

If you dont want to answer this question, fine. That is your right. But this question has to be answered. Altantuya is dead.  Sirul has been sentenced to death. By the way, you are the Prime Minister? Yes or no? You are the Head of the Government? Yes or no? If the head of gomen is not interested in finding the answer, then who is running the country?

Yes Altantuya died in 2006?? But Sirul made this allegation only now in 2015. He did not say anything about this in 2006. And now in 2015 you are the head of gomen. It HAS BECOME your responsibility - whether you like it or not.

As for 1MDB the PM exhibits total ignorance about business, fiduciary liability, gomen guarantees, letters of support etc. He says 1MDB's paid up capital is only RM1 million compared to PNB for example whose paid up was in the hundreds of millions.

Who ask you to give PNB so much capital? Buat macam 1MDB lah. Let the paid up capital remain at RM2 (dua Ringgit sahaja) then pump in 10 beliyon, 20 beliyon through gomen guarantees. Sama juga. It is still capital. Dalam bahasa Melayu it is called modal.

Issue a gomen guarantee to me and I will get off the boat I am in (we just docked at Santa Stefanio) and I will go to the nearest Italian gelateria (ice cream shop) and raise the money for you. At 5% or 6%, with a Malayian gomen guarantee attached, everyone will stampede to lend you money. Apa susah sangat?  And I will do it without US500 million commission. Khidmat untuk negara. That is why you dont like me so much. Saya tak makan duit haram macam awak.

Arent we all getting tired of all this crap. If I have the interest I will continue. We have just berthed at another beautiful Italian harbour, called Santa Stefanio. Time for ciocolatta and gelato. 

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