Monday, 20 April 2015

[DAULAT TUANKU : SOVEREIGNTY BRIDGE] ...  DYMM Sultan of Johor said it last month

[DAULAT TUANKU : SOVEREIGNTY  BRIDGE] ...  DYMM Sultan of Johor said it last month

Above is documentary proof of what Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan Ibrahim of Johor said in an exclusive pre-Coronation interview with the New Straits Times on March 22, 2015. That was about a month ago.

Please re-read DYMM Sultan Johor's own words HERE about the Johor Causeway, the bridge and quotes like 'even if we need to remove part of the causeway'. 

My advice to all those mainstream media editors and politicians who are overzealously in high gear to apple-polish their master,Don't cross the line!

Please do continue to support a failed leader at your own peril but don't drag the palace into politics.

Don't try to use or abuse the Royal Institution for your narrow self-serving politics.

Don't twist, turn and completely disfigure what our Malay Rulers say with the best interest of this nation and her people at heart.

If you happen to be a politician/ top editor who don't understand the English language, please get someone to translate the interview above and read it again for proper context.

p/s When you try to drag a Malay Ruler to appear on prime-time TV news to talk politics, please do remember that there are EIGHT other Malay Rulers in this beloved nation of ours. 


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